Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196: Star Realm, Three Thousand Burning Flame!

Xuan Kong Zi’s words had just sounded when a white-robed figure slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. His gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s group before pausing on Old Mu Gu. After which, he faintly said, “The old me is the First Elder of the Pill Tower, Qiu Ling. I will be leading all of you into the Star Region this time around. Remember, all you need to do is follow me after entering. The old me has the right to revoke the right of anyone who does not follow the rules.”

Xiao Yan and the others slightly nodded upon hearing his words. He clearly understood in his heart that First Elder Qiu Ling was leading them because Xuan Kong Zi’s group was worried about Old Mu Gu.

The corner of Old Mu Gu’s mouth moved under the focus of Qiu Ling. Immediately, he withdrew his hands under his sleeves. His expression was indifferent.

While the few of them spoke, the fluctuating spatial door had fully stabilized.

“Let’s go.”

Qiu Ling exchanged glances with Xuan Kong Zi’s group upon seeing this. After which, he slightly nodded. Qiu Ling waved his hand and took the lead to step into the spatial door before disappearing in the blink of an eye. Xiao Yan and the others hurriedly followed.

Numerous figures continuously disappeared into this fluctuating space. Within less than a minute, eleven people had disappeared in front of a countless number of gazes.

When the last person entered the spatial door, the sternness on Xuan Kong Zi’s face was slightly reduced slightly. His eyes looked down from above before he commanded in a deep voice, “Pay more attention today. Do not allow any trouble to occur.”

“The experts from the Pill Tower have been arranged by us in to be in Holy Pill City. They are awaiting orders. If any unexpected changes occur, they will immediately come and lend a hand.” Tian Lei Zi nodded as he replied.

“There are still some experts that have good relationships with the Pill Tower currently in Holy Pill City. I will dispatch someone to inform them to help us keep an eye on things…” Xuan Yi softly informed them.

Xuan Kong Zi only nodded upon hearing her words. His eyes looked at the large spatial door and sighed. “Hopefully everything will be smooth…”


The empty space suddenly fluctuated. Immediately, ten plus figures slowly appeared…

Xiao Yan immediately felt a hot vapor rushing to him when he appeared. At the same time, the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame within his body suddenly became hot at this moment. This kind of situation caused his heart to beat faster. It was a situation that only occurred when he met other Heavenly Flames…

“This place is indeed where the Three Thousand Burning Flame is located…”

Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself within his heart. His eyes suddenly glanced at Old Mu Gu only to see that his eyes also had a heated expression. Clearly, the Sea Heart Flame within his body had also sensed this change.

Xiao Yan swiftly shifted his gaze from Old Mu Gu and began to observe this so-called Star Region. Due to him having anxiously rushed in last time, he did not have much time to pay attention.

The so-called Star Region was a space that had been forcefully torn open by the three giant heads of the Pill Tower. This kind of space was naturally unable to compare with the Pill Realm or the Gu Realm since those were unique places. Moreover, the Star Region appeared quite desolate. The faint hot fog that permeated around the region released a somewhat weak light that seeped into this space, causing the light here to appear quiet cool.

Xiao Yan’s hand randomly grabbed at the weak light. The area that his hand came into contact with was ice-cold. His eyes narrowed, “This is… the light of the stars?”

“This Star Region is not able to prevent the strength of the stars from seeping through it. However, daytime is when the strength of the stars is at its weakest. Therefore, we can only choose to enter at this time…” The First Elder called Qiu Ling explained in a faint voice at this moment.

Xiao Yan and the others came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this. The Three Thousand Burning Flame was said to be the fire of the stars. It was born from agglomerating the strength of the stars. As long as there were enough stars, it would never die. There was seldom any time that the strength of the stars completely disappeared from the world because the strength of the stars existed even during the day. However, it was just comparatively weaker.

“Follow me. Don’t get lost. This Star Region exists within the spatial tear. There are some places within it that are connected to the void. If you end up barging in, all of you should understand the results.” Qiu Ling waved his hand. His body moved, and he swiftly rushed forward. Xiao Yan and the rest behind hurriedly followed.

The size of the Star Region was unable to compare with the Pill Realm. However, that was relatively speaking. Based on Xiao Yan’s guess, this place would likely not be smaller than the incomparably large Holy Pill City. They were unable to see any edges despite having flown for over ten minutes. From this, it was possible to gain some clues as to its size.

Although he was still unable to see their target despite flying for so long, Xiao Yan’s group could clearly sense the surrounding temperature grow warmer. In the end, Song Qing and the rest had no choice but to summon their Dou Qi in order to resist the grilling of the high temperature.

This kind of temperature did not cause Xiao Yan any discomfort. He possessed the protection of a Heavenly Flame. Therefore, his ability to resist fire was far from what an ordinary person could compare with.

The entire group swiftly flew through this empty space. This continued for around ten more minutes…

After the second ten minutes had passed, everyone present, with the exception of Xiao Yan, First Elder, Old Mu Gu, and old demon Qing Hua, had to use their powerful Dou Qi to protect their bodies. The temperature of this place had already reached quite a high one.

“It seems that we are about to arrive…”

Xiao Yan glanced at the rest while he flew. A thought suddenly passed through his heart as his gaze shot into the distance in front of him. The Glazed Lotus Heart Flame within his body had suddenly churned at this moment. This was the first time in all these years that it had shown such a reaction.

While Xiao Yan had sensed something, a glow was suddenly emitted on the face of Old Mu Gu. Old Mu Gu licked his lips. His face was filled with desire and greed.

Although the other people had not sensed the Heavenly Flame, they were still able to sense the surrounding temperature sudden increase. They understood in their hearts that they were about to arrive at their destination…

While a caution had risen in everyone’s hearts, a hot, intense glow suddenly appeared in the distant empty space. The intensity of the light appeared like a bright sun, causing one’s eyes to involuntarily feel a piercing pain.

“We have arrived. All of you should be careful. Remember, if anyone does something out of line, the old me has the right to kill him here and now!”

The body of the leading Qiu Ling suddenly paused for a moment. He turned his head and his sharp eyes swept over everyone. Finally, they landed on Old Mu Gu as he coldly spoke.

Only after saying these words did Qiu Ling slow down and slowly drifted to the area in front of him. Xiao Yan and the others swiftly followed behind him.

Upon their gradual approach to the cluster of glaring light, the being within the light clearly appeared within their sight…


The expressions of Xiao Yan’s group became dull when they clearly saw the interior of the light. Their throats moved as they swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. A completely shocked expression filled their eyes!

There was an enormous dragon that stretched on endlessly within the light. The large dragon’s eyes were shut. Its body was curled as it lay on the ground. Strange purple-black flames lingered all over its huge body. When the flames rose, the surrounding space distorted…

The enormous dragon lay within this vast empty space. Purple-black flames continued to seep out of its body, burning tirelessly. This kind of spectacular scene caused one to feel a shock that was difficult to hide.

Although Xiao Yan had already seen it once during his spiritual tour back then, he had only gotten a hurried glance. Only after having approached did he clearly sense just how frightening this ancient wonder was. Everyone appeared just like ants when standing in front of this large dragon. A feeling of being tiny rose within their hearts.

“This… is this that Three Thousand Burning Flame…”

A person’s voice softly muttered amid the silence. Although the large dragon’s eyes were shut, its rich dragon’s might caused everyone’s legs to have the impulse to tremble. This kind of size was really too shocking.

Old Mu Gu was also shocked by the size of the Three Thousand Burning Flame for a moment. However, he was at the very least an elite Dou Zun and a tier 8 alchemist. His experience was extraordinary. Hence, he managed to swiftly recover. The greed in his eyes became denser.

After the first person opened his mouth to speak, the others gradually recovered from their shock. They looked at each other and quietly felt speechless. This thing was really a little too frightening.

Xiao Yan looked at this large dragon in front of him. His palm suddenly became heated. At that moment, a thought passed through his mind and his eyes glanced over without leaving a trace. He discovered the dragon seal that Zi Yan had planted was beginning to show signs of heating up at this moment.

“Looks like what Zi Yan has said is true. A dragon seal has been also planted within the body of this Three Thousand Burning Flame…” A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s heart when he sensed the change in the dragon seal.

“This is the Three Thousand Burning Flame. However, it is currently being sealed. Next, all of you should step forward and try to see if you can use some gentle tactics to subdue it.” Qiu Ling spoke in a deep voice. “Remember, use gentle tactics. Do not wake it from its slumber!”

Qiu Ling’s eyes were filled with a chill when he spoke. His gaze focused on Old Mu Gu. From the looks of it, he was cautious and disliked Old Mu Gu.

Old Mu Gu merely gave a cold smile in the face of Qiu Ling’s eyes, but he did not say anything to refute the First Elder.

Qiu Ling slowly withdrew his eyes when he saw Old Mu Gu’s noncommittal response. After which, his eyes gently turned to Xiao Yan as he said, “Xiao Yan, you are the champion of this Pill Gathering. Therefore, you should be first…”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Xiao Yan after Qiu Ling’s words sounded.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change in the face of these gazes. He hesitated for a moment before slightly nodding. After which, he inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly walked toward the large, slumbering dragon!

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