Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200: Intense Battle


After the cold cry of Old Mu Gu sounded, countless numbers of dark-black chains made from an unknown material rushed out of the black fog in all directions. After which, they crossed each other before ruthlessly restricting the large body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. The chains shook and they firmly pestered the Three Thousand Burning Flame.


The Three Thousand Burning Flame erupted into a furious roar after being sealed by these chains. Its large body wildly struggled. The purple-black flame continuously surged out of its body and burned the dark-black chains.

The purple-black flame lingered over the chains and many sharp, miserable cries were emitted. Waves of black fog continued to surge out of the chains as they went all out to block the burning flame.


Under this all out struggle by the Three Thousand Burning Flame, some dark-black chains were broken. Black fog surged at the spot where the chains broke. Some vague, tiny, savage faces appeared in the fog, causing them to appear extremely strange.


Old Mu Gu’s expression changed slightly when he sensed the great pressure that had suddenly unfurled. He had indeed underestimated the Three Thousand Burning Flame’s strength. However, he was also well prepared for their actions today. He immediately let out a cold snort as he sternly cried out, “Biting Soul!”

The other three black-clothed individuals slightly nodded upon hearing his stern cry. Their hand seals changed. Murky, black fog suddenly poured out of their sleeves. Finally, it transformed into a countless number of souls with ferocious expressions that cried out in a miserable manner. After which, they collided against the enormous body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame from all directions.

“Bang bang bang!”

The ferocious souls, with black fog surrounding them, had just touched the body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame when they were burned by the purple-black flame into nothing. Even though they were burned up, their numbers were unusually terrifying. Tens of thousands of souls controlled by the black fog appeared just like moths pouncing into fire as they charged toward the Three Thousand Burning Flame with a suicidal craziness.

Xiao Yan’s expression was slightly ugly as he watched the screeching souls burn to nothing by the Three Thousand Burning Flame. These fellows from the Hall of Souls were extremely cruel and evil. They used souls as cannon fodder, a tragic method.

“These bastards…”

Qiu Ling’s expression was green as he grit his teeth and cursed.

Xiao Yan was quiet. Although this method of the Hall of Souls was cruel, it must be said that its effect was quite good. Dealing with the suicidal attack of the souls from all directions, the Three Thousand Burning Flame, which had exhausted a great amount of energy escaping the seal placed by the three great heads, purple-black flame gradually weakened on its body.


The Three Thousand Burning Flame had clearly sensed the flame weakening. Immediately, a bright redness surged within its dragon eyes. A roar resounded over the empty space and its enormous body was just like a gyro as it began to wildly rotate. Immediately, a hundred-foot-large fire storm was formed within this black fog.

“Crack crack crack!”

The purple-black flamestorm swept all around. The dark-black chains that were pestering the Three Thousand Burning Flames all crumbled. A terrifyingly hot suction force surged out of the storm, wildly absorbing the black fog that permeated the air around it. After which, the lingering purple-black flame completely vaporized it into nothing.


This intense retaliation by the Three Thousand Burning Flame also caused the expressions of Old Mu Gu’s group to change. That terrifying heat was transmitted through the chains to their hands, forcing the four of them a couple of steps back. Only then did they stabilize their bodies. They raised their hands and discovered that their entire hand had been charred black.

“I have indeed underestimated this beast…”

Seeing that the combined effort of the four of them was still unable to seal this Three Thousand Burning Flame, a grave expression flashed across the face of Old Mu Gu. Immediately, he inhaled a deep breath and a savage look flashed across his eyes.

“Sacrificial Life Soul Lock!”

The remaining three black-clothed figures’ hands became sluggish upon hearing Old Mu Gu’s cry. They looked at each other before looking at the terrifying suction force of the fire storm. They could only violently clench their teeth and change their hand seals as fast as lightning. Immediately, a stern cry was emitted from their mouths.

“Life Soul Lock, appear!”


Their stern cries had just sounded when a wave of unusually clear, metallic sounds appeared

Xiao Yan’s group was surprised to see four black fogs, ten feet in size, suddenly erupt from Old Mu Gu’s four men group. Black fog dawdled as four dark-black chains, a hundred feet in size, appeared like four savage pythons.

The dark-black chains appeared extremely majestic. The surface of the chains were filled with strange seals. Countless faces, filled with mournful expressions, gathered on the chains. The moment the chain was unleashed, a terrifying, deafening cry continued to be emitted, causing Xiao Yan’s group to slightly frown.

“Even the Life Soul Lock has been formed. Looks like these fellows have also ended up in a battered state because of the Three Thousand Burning Flame.” A gloating smile flashed across Qiu Ling’s face as he spoke after watching what was transpiring.

“What is this thing?” Xiao Yan asked out of curiosity.

“The tactics of the Hall of Souls are extremely mysterious. I am not too certain about this so-called Life Soul Lock. However, I do know that this is the final move of the Hall of Soul’s Honorable Elders. The Life Soul Lock is connected to their souls. If this thing is damaged, they end up facing extremely serious damage to their souls. Therefore, they will not take out the Life Soul Lock unless they have no other choice. This thing might indeed be powerful, but the risk is too great…” Qiu Ling glanced at the battleground before replying.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded after hearing this. This Hall of Souls was indeed mysterious. It was actually able to practice such a strange thing.

“Form the Life Soul Lock formation!”

A fierce glint flashed across Old Mu Gu’s eyes as he cried out loud when the Life Soul Lock appeared.


The cry had just sounded when four incredibly large, black chains immediately penetrated through the air while being accompanied by an earth-shakingly miserable screech. They appeared outside of the fire storm in a flash. After which, they emitted ‘puff’ sounds as they shot into the fire storm!

Sizzle sizzle sizzle sizzle!

The enormous locks surged into the fire from one side and exited from another. After which, they found another direction to enter it. This continued for just a couple of times before the four enormous chains had firmly entangled the storm!


The firestorm’s wildly rotating speed was forcefully reduced because of the entanglement of the four enormous chains. Finally, it completely stopped…


The storm halted and the Three Thousand Burning Flame within it immediately appeared in the eyes of Xiao Yan’s group. One could see that its large body had been penetrated by the four enormous chains. The chains passed through its body and meandered over it, trapping it.

Seeing that Old Mu Gu had forced the Three Thousand Burning Flame to such an extent, Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air. The combined strength of four Dou Zuns was indeed terrifying.

“Hee hee…”

Old Mu Gu stared at the flame, which had gradually ceased struggling after being trapped by the chains. A strange smile involuntarily appeared on his face. His heart rejoiced a little. Fortunately, the Three Thousand Burning Flame had been exhausted when it had tried to escape the seal of the three great heads. Otherwise, the four of them would have really found it difficult to completely subdue this untamable beast.

“All of you should lock it. I will take its essence flame!”

Excitement flashed across the eyes of Old Mu Gu as informed the other three. When he looked at the Three Thousand Burning Flame, it was struggling in a weak manner.

“Be quick. The Life Soul Chain is barely able to trap it. We will not be able to endure for long…” A black-clothed person replied in a deep voice. His tone revealed a frailness. The level of difficulty in dealing with the Three Thousand Burning Flame was far beyond their expectations.

Old Mu Gu nodded. A deep-blue flame surged out of his body. Finally, his body moved, and he arrived in front of the head of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. He looked at the flame, who was struggling with all its strength. He involuntarily and ferociously laughed, “You have refused to comply when asked nicely. This is your fate, beast. Do you regret it?”

Old Mu Gu did not pause while he uttered these words. He appeared at the forehead of the Three Thousand Burning Flame, where the broken dragon scale was. At that spot, there was a five-foot-black hole. The Three Thousand Burning Flame’s essence flame was hidden within it.

Old Mu Gu’s eyes looked at the black hole. The green in them became even richer. However, just as he was about to charge over, the Three Thousand Burning Flame ceased its struggle. A fierce glint flashed across its enormous dragon eyes.


When the Three Thousand Burning Flame ceased struggling, an uneasiness rose within the heart of Old Mu Gu, but before he could ponder what it was doing, a small, purple-black dragon rushed out in a lightning-like manner. Along the way, the purple-black flame still felt suppressed like its body. Following this suppression, the purple-black flame swiftly rotated, transforming into a dark-black color that chilled one’s heart. A destructive aura was vaguely emitted from the little, dark-black dragon’s body.

“This beast is crazy. It dares to take its essence flame out by its own accord…”

Old Mu Gu’s expression drastically changed upon witnessing this scene. Before he could recover, the dark-black, little fire dragon had flashed in front of him. After which, it violently collided with his body.


This collision, which did not appear to be fierce, caused Old Mu Gu’s face to turn pale. A mouthful of bright-red fresh blood was spat out. His body also flew backwards after appearing to have suffered a serious blow.

“Grab it!”

Old Mu Gu wildly roared in a furious manner after being violently sent flying.

“A good opportunity!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes had landed on the small, dark-black dragon with lightning-like speed after Old Mu Gu’s roar had just sounded. A wild joy surged across his eyes!

The Three Thousand Burning Flame that he had dreamed of had finally appeared within his reach!

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