Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236: Finding Trouble

The main aim of their trip this time around was the Soul Baby Fruit. If there was no special circumstances, Xiao Yan also did not wish to create problems that could complicate the matter. However, there are some things that was impossible to avoid even if one wished to do so…

Following the increasingly good relationship between the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the current Wind Lightning Pavilion, the latter had become increasingly arrogant. It had vaguely really think of itself as the big boss of the four pavilions. This time around, they had forcefully snatch the campsite that the Falling Star Pavilion had found beforehand. This was undoubtedly giving the Falling Star Pavilion a slap. If the Falling Star Pavilion chose to ignore this manner, it would definitely end up being a joke of others. It was necessary to endure and give in occasionally when establishing a sect. However, one must not be weak when it came to things related to principles. Otherwise, it would not only be a great blow to one’s reputation but it would also cause the morale of the disciples within the sect to decline.

Currently, Yao Lao was already the pavilion chief of the Falling Star Pavilion. Although Xiao Yan felt a little helpless at the title of junior chief that had inexplicably fell onto him, he naturally needed to be responsible now that the title had fallen onto him. This time around, Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe had given him the authority to lead the group on this trip. This was a kind of trust and test for him.

If they were facing the Hall of Soul, a great being that was far stronger than the Falling Star Pavilion, they might only be able to endure for now and wait for the opportunity to take revenge in the future. However, in Xiao Yan’s heart, the Wind Lightning Pavilion did not possess the qualification that could cause him to withdraw.

When he had just arrived at the Central Plains back then, he had dared to challenge the Wind Lightning Pavilion with just the strength of a Dou Huang. Even less needed to be said now.

The strength of a mere Lei zun-zhe was not even a match for Feng zun-zhe. Forget about there being two people with the strength of a three star Dou Zuns beside Xiao Yan. Even if he was to act personally, this Lei zun-zhe would not be in a position to gain any advantage.

This action by Xiao Yan had undoubtedly immediately won the support of all the young disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion, who were present. By being able to become the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion, they were clearly not some useless people. Yet, they had suffered such humiliation in the hands of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Base on the impulsive character of these young people, it was likely that they would forcefully charge forward even though they knew that they were no match for their opponents. They would let everyone know that their Falling Star Pavilion was not some softie.

If it was not because of the stern scolding by the two Elders today, it was likely that they would have long since exchanged blows with the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Originally, they thought that there was nowhere for them to vent this anger. Unexpectedly, this junior chief, whom they felt a little unfamiliar with in their hearts, was this fiery hot the moment he appeared. In an instant, the position of Xiao Yan in the hearts of these young disciples had directly rose. At times, gaining the support of others was such a simple task.

The two Elders were startled in the face of this action by Xiao Yan. They hesitated for a moment and saw the bright red faces of the young disciples around them. That hidden demonic flame within their hearts also rose at this moment. Damnit. The Wind Lightning Pavilion had gave the Falling Star Pavilion a slap in front of so many experts. If they did not get back at them, it was likely that they would really lose all of these old faces of theirs.

Although they were uncertain about the strength of Xiao Yan, they clearly understood the strength of Little Fairy Doctor, Tian Huo zun-zhe and Xiong Zhan behind. These three were genuine elite Dou Zuns. What was just a mere Lei zun-zhe worth?

“We will listen to junior chief’s orders!”

The two Elders cupped their hands together in a grave manner. After which, they waved their hands and took the lead to fly out. A large group of Falling Star Pavilion disciples followed closely behind. That rising murderous aura like manner attracted quite a number of surprised gazes.

There were quite a number of mountain peaks standing near the middle area of the Bone Mountain Range. Due to this place being close to the ancient remains that had appeared, these better locations were mostly occupied by some of the stronger factions. Some of those experts and small factions could only choose to find other places.

The interior of the Bone Mountain Range was currently filled with human figures. Loud noises and curses continued to linger beside one’s ears. Due to there being too many people and that this place was not managed by anyone, it had resulted in the Bone Mountain Range to be completely chaotic. It was extremely common for those present would summon their friends over some small matter and end up engaging in a big fight.

There was one mountain amongst those near the middle area that was currently occupied by many figures. A large flag was dancing in the wind at the peak of the mountain. “Wind Lightning Pavilion”, three shiny silver large words, were present on it. Looking from a distance, the flag appeared quite domineering.

One after another, snow white tents stood on the top of the mountain. There were vaguely some long drawn breaths being emitted from within the tents. Clearly, they belonged to some stronger experts. From the looks of it, the Wind Lightning Pavilion had activated quite a great amount of strength for this ancient remains.

There was an exceptionally grand large tent located at the middle of the many tents. Quite a number of Wind Lightning Pavilion’s experts were standing with cold stern cautious expressions outside of it. Some laughing voices were occasionally emitted from within the tent.


The cover at the entrance of the tent was suddenly pulled opened and a silver robed person with a the scent of wine strided out. Those surrounding guards hurriedly bowed and greeted upon seeing this.

“Northern Pavilion Chief.”

“Yes.” The silver robed figure responded faintly. His appearance was that of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s northern pavilion chief, Fei Tian, who had chased Xiao Yan with the intention to kill the latter back then. There was not much change in him during these two of three years. However, his aura was vaguely becoming richer. There was a strange feeling of having half a foot into the next level.

“The pavilion chief is receiving important guest within the tent. Do not allow anyone to disturb him. All of you should pay a little more attention…”

Fei Tian felt the cold wind before glancing at the experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion around and spoke in a deep voice.


Everyone hurriedly replied upon hearing the order.

Fei Tian finally nodded with satisfaction upon seeing this. He was about to turn around and return to the tent when he suddenly frowned slightly. His eyes looked towards that mountain road that led down the mountain top. There was vaguely some noise being transmitted from over that side.

“What happened?” Fei Tian frowned slightly and demanded.

“This… northern pavilion chief, please calm your anger. This subordinate will go and take a look.” An expert, whose strength had reached the strength of a Dou Huang, moved his body and rushed towards the bottom of the mountain.


This Wind Lightning Pavilion expert had just charged down the mountain when a muffled sound suddenly appeared before Fei Tian could even recover. Immediately, a human figure was shot backwards while being accompanied by a miserable cry. Over a dozen tents collapsed along the way.

“Who dares to find trouble in the territory of my Wind Lightning Pavilion? Are you seeking death?”

This scene instantly caused many experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion on the top of the mountain to change. The expression of Fei Tian also slowly turned gloomy.

“Capture them, dead or alive!”

Hearing the cry from Fei Tian that contained a great fury, the many experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion also cried out furiously. Immediately, their figures flashed and they rushed down the mountain while accompanied by waves of rushing wind and fierce expressions.

Fei Tian also slowly took a step forward when he saw so many experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion attacking together. He would definitely teach that person who had caused trouble a good lesson after capturing him!

Boom boom boom boom!

However, Fei Tian had just took a step forward when a wave of low and deep flesh colliding sound suddenly appeared. Immediately, those Wind Lightning Pavilion’s experts that had rushed down fiercely were sent flying back. Blood wildly spluttered as they heavily landed on the top of the mountain. Moans appeared continuously.

This scene directly caused Fei Tian’s footstep to stiffen. A solemness surged up his gloomy face. By being able to finish off all the numerous experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion with such swiftness, it was likely that the one who had come was not some weakling.

“May I know which friend has attacked? This is the campsite of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Hopefully, on account of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s face…” Fei Tian’s eyes were focused on the mountain road as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Ha ha, pavilion chief Fei Tian, we have not met for a couple of years but you still like to use the name of the Wind Lightning Pavilion…”

Before Fei Tian could finish his sentence, a laughter was slowly transmitted from below the mountain top. Immediately, a large group of figures slowly appeared in Fei Tian’s sight. The young man leading them directly caused Fei Tian’s eyes to shrink abruptly.

“Xiao Yan?”

Seeing that face that left a deep impression in Xiao Yan’s mind, a dark and chilly expression instantly surfaced on Fei Tian’s face. Back then, Xiao Yan had once caused him to lose his face. Even until now, that matter would occasionally be used as a joke by others. This caused the desire to kill Xiao Yan to become increasingly rich within Fei Tian’s heart. It was unexpected that he would meet Xiao Yan again in this place today.

“I thought who it was. It is actually the people from the Falling Star Pavilion who has just been chased away…” Fei Tian glanced at Elder Hu and Elder Qi at the side. A ridicule flashed across his face as he spoke.


The expressions of the two Elders instantly turned green upon hearing those words. A fury surged within their eyes. If it was not because the two of them were no match for Fei Tian, it was likely that they would not be able to control themselves and attacked.

“Why? You have found some helpers and are prepared to get back at us?’ Fei Tian merely smiled when he saw this. The mockery in his smile grew denser. Although he was unable to see through Little Fairy Doctor’s group, he did not treat them as elite Dou Zuns. One was that the latter was too young and the second was that his heart thought that Xiao Yan did not have the qualification to befriend Dou Zuns given his ability.

“Fei Tian, resolve any trouble quickly. Do not disturb the pavilion chief’s good mood!”

Two figures suddenly rushed out from within the tent. They immediately landed beside Fei Tian and spoke in a deep voice.

“Yes, I will leave the others to you. Leave Xiao Yan to me. I will let this brat properly return the debt from back then!” Fei Tian revealed a ferocious expression and spoke in a low voice.

Fei Tian did not wait for the response from the two others after uttering those words. Silver glow flashed under his feet and he actually disappeared into nowhere.

A slight arc was lifted on Xiao Yan’s calm face the moment Fei Tian disappeared. His foot took half a step forward. After which, his hand aimed at the space in front of him and clenched gently.

After this hand was his was clenched, the space in front of Xiao Yan immediately converged in a lightning like manner. A figure also appeared in the converged space. If one was to carefully look at it, it was surprisingly Fei Tian, who had just disappeared. However, the face of Fei Tian was currently already replaced by shock and terror.

Using a hand to collapse space. This kind of ability… only an elite Dou Zun could do this!

“Lei zun-zhe, aren’t you afraid of causing your Wind Lightning Pavilion to lose face by letting such little kitten and puppy come out?”

Xiao Yan did not even give Fei Tian a glance after having restrain the latter with a random palm. His eyes directly looked towards the tent and smiled slightly. After which, he flicked his finger. The chest of Fei Tian, who was within the converged space, was bent inwards by half an inch. A mouthful of fresh red blood shot out. His figure also flew backwards like a cannonball. After which, it violently smashed into the interior of the spacious tent in front of the shocked eyes of the two other Wind Lightning Pavilion’s pavilion chiefs…

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