Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240: Opening of the Remains

Xiao Yan was suspended in the night sky. His eyes looked towards the spot where the black shadow had disappeared towards. He frowned slightly. This person did not directly exchange blows with him. Therefore, he was unable to probe the other party’s strength. However, that unusual green light caused him to feel some danger.

“I wonder where this person has come from. Why did she attack Zi Yan?”

Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. Currently, an increasing number of experts were attracted to the ancient remains. There was an unknown number of hidden experts amongst them. It seemed that they really needed to be careful during this trip.


A couple wind splitting sound suddenly appeared while Xiao Yan was in deep thought. Immediately, a couple of figures swiftly rushed over. Their bodies paused when they were passing by. Their sharp eyes swept over Xiao Yan.

“There is the aura from that person here. Do we need to bring these people back for interrogation?”

The few figures paused. A fierce looking young man’s nose twitched slightly. His eyes contained a fierce glint as he suddenly looked towards Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan’s eyes carefully observed these four people, who had appeared. All of their auras were quite strong. Three amongst them had reached the peak of the Dou Zong class. The one leading them was already in the Dou Zun class. An obvious dark and chilly aura lingered over them, causing one to be afraid of slighting them.”

“Members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe?”

Xiao Yan swept his eyes before pausing them on the special vertical pupils of these people. He narrowed his eyes as he muttered to himself within his heart.

“That scent has fled into the mountain forest. It is likely that she has exchanged blows with this person…”

The gray robed old leader glanced at Xiao Yan in a hesitant manner. He could sense that the latter was also an elite Dou Zun. It was best not to cause any additional trouble at this moment. Hence, he shook his head and directly turned his eyes towards the mountain forest, where the black shadow had disappeared towards. He waved his hand and said, “Chase!”

He took the lead to move after uttering those words. His body transformed into a black shadow that rushed towards the forest. The three large men, with a murderous aura all over their bodies, closely followed from behind.

“The tribe members of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python are a little overbearing…”

Xiao Yan sent off this group with his eyes while laughing coldly within his heart. If his strength was a little weaker today, it was likely that these people would really choose to bring him back first before talking.

“Looks like the black shadow person from earlier should be the mysterious person, who has turned the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe upside down recently. However, why would she attack Zi Yan?”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment while carrying this doubt within his heart. After which, he turned around and return to the mountain top. At this moment, everyone on the mountain top had already been awaken due to the unexpected situation from earlier. Little Fairy Doctor’s group hurriedly went forward to meet Xiao Yan upon seeing the latter’s return.

Xiao Yan landed and explained the matter earlier. Everyone had stunned faces when they heard that the attacker earlier was the mysterious killer, who had caused an uproar recently.

“Doesn’t that fellow purposefully target the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe? Why has she suddenly placed her focus on Zi Yan?” Little Fairy Doctor knitted her brows slightly and softly asked.

Xiao Yan also shook his head. He glanced at Zi Yan and laughed, “Perhaps the other party has treated this girl as a Nine Serene Deep Ground Python…”

“Pooh, who would be those smelly large snakes.” Zi Yan curled her mouth. She immediately rubbed her brows and a solemn expression flashed across her small face. She said, “When the green light from that fellow shone over earlier, I feel like I was almost controlled by it. However, it is fortunate that I have the protection from my bloodline. Even though I will not be completely controlled by her, I will still lose my defensive ability for a short period of time.”

Xiao Yan’s group was clearly startled when they heard these words. Zi Yan had merely come into a single contact with the black shadow person earlier. Yet she was actually nearly controlled by the other party?”

“This person is really strange. She is actually able to control one’s mind. Since when did such a mysterious expert appear in the Central Plains? Why have I never heard of such a person before?” Tian Huo zun-zhe frowned and said.

“Damnit, I will definitely burst her head the next time the old me meet her. If anything happen to this little grandaunt, the old me will also get into trouble.” Xiong Zhan cursed.

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. He exchanged looks with Little Fairy Doctor and softly said, “Zi Yan should avoid running around during this period of time. She will follow beside us. This person is too strange. Moreover, she has an unknown origin. We must not allow her to gain any opportunity. Base on my guess, those experts from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, who had disappeared, have likely been controlled by her…”

“What?” Everyone’s faces paled from shock when these words sounded. There were some Dou Zun class experts from amongst those Nine Serene Deep Ground Python experts that had disappeared. If that person was even able to control a Dou Zun, that would be a little to terrifying.

“Originally, I am able to stop her. However, an elite Dou Zun has stopped me at the critical moment. That elite Dou Zun’s Dou Qi is tilted towards the dark and chilly side. It is similar to the expert from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe earlier. Therefore…” Xiao Yan voiced his thoughts.

“This kind of ability to control others is something that I have never heard before. Even some of those sonic Dou Technique that could confuse one’s mind would have difficulty completely controlling an elite Dou Zun.” Little Fairy Doctor shook her head and said.

Xiao Yan also nodded. This world was indeed filled with mysteries. It was likely that the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe would suffer greatly by provoking such a mysterious person.

“Everyone should be more careful during these few days. The ancient remains will open the day after tomorrow. At that time, we will enter it at the earliest possible time. Otherwise, things will be troublesome if the Soul Baby Fruit ends up being taken by someone first.” Xiao Yan looked all around him and spoke in a deep voice.


Everyone replied in usion upon hearing this.

After that night’s chaos, no other unexpected situation occurred. The sea of people on the Bone Mountain Range multiplied. The noise similar charge into the clouds. Countless number of people were waiting for the ancient remains to open…

Two days quietly flowed by like the sand between one’s fingers amidst this anticipation from the tens of thousands of gazes…

By the time a ray of morning light scattered down from the sky and broke through the darkness covering the mountain range two days later, the mountain range, which had become a little quiet, had basically erupted into an earth-shaking liveliness in an instant. Rushing wind sound appeared from all directions. Numerous human figures rushed towards the middle of the mountain range like locust.

Xiao Yan’s group on the mountain top was also fully prepared. Due to the entry into the ancient remains being too dangerous, only Xiao Yan’s small group would be entering it. The disciples from the Falling Star Pavilion and the two Elders would remain here and wait for them.

Although many felt regretful at not being able to enter this rarely seen ancient remains, no one objected to Xiao Yan’s order. Currently, the latter had gradually established his own prestige within the Falling Star Pavilion.

Xiao Yan stood at the side of the mountain top and looked at the human figures from all directions. He involuntarily shook his head. It was unexpected that this ancient remains actually had such a frightening attraction.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan did not hesitate much. He waved his hand and his body took the lead to transform into a ray of light that rushed towards the middle of the mountain range. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest followed closely behind him.

At this moment, a liveliness that was quite shocking had undoubtedly erupted in the Bone Mountain Range. The origin of these lifeforce was the countless number of human figures flying in the air. Under this kind of frightening atmosphere, even the kind of dark and cold aura unique to the Bone Mountain Range had been forcefully diminished.

With Xiao Yan’s exceptional perception, he could sense those vague aura around the mountain range, which had been silent for a long time, beginning to move at this moment. They turned into numerous rays of light that hurried to the mountain top.

“This ancient remains is truly going to have an intense fight…”

Even Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed softly upon sensing the strength of these aura. The difficulty of trying to successfully obtain the Tian class Dou Technique in front of these many experts was quite large.

It was not difficult to imagine just what kind of earth-shaking bloody battle would erupt in this Bone Mountain Range in order to obtain the Tian class Dou Technique…

The mountain peak that Xiao Yan’’s group was at was already near the middle of the mountain range. Hence, after a mere couple of minutes, a distorted space appeared in front of their group’s eyes.

Xiao Yan’s body moved as he watched the distorted space a short distance in front of him. He landed on a gigantic tree. After sweeping his eyes, he finally realised that this place had a five hundred kilometre large basin. However, the current basin had already been filled by countless number of dense bones. Looking from a distance, the sea of dense white bones appeared quite glaring. It caused one to feel as though one’s pores would stand…

At this moment, some densely packed human figures stood around the sea of bones. Numerous heated eyes stared intently at the distorted space within the sea of bones. Once that spatial seal disappear, countless number of people would surge in continuously like a great wave.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the surrounding sea of people. After which, it paused over some areas. His eyes were a little solemn. After a brief glance, he discovered that there were at least five elite three stars Dou Zun.

“A Tian class Dou Technique does indeed possess an endless allure. Even elite Dou Zuns are unable to withstand this allure…”

Xiao Yan sighed softly in his heart. He also possessed some desire towards the Tian class Dou Technique. However, he also understood within his heart just how difficult it was to successfully snatch the Tian class Dou Technique from this kind of place. The possessor of it would be a magnet for trouble. Even if an elite Dou Zun was to obtain the Tian class Dou Technique, whether he could successfully leave this Bone Mountain Range would also be a question.

“I wonder whether my Annihilation Lotus Flame or the Tian class Dou Technique is stronger?” Xiao Yan blinked his eyes. A curiosity also rose within his heart.


This entire sky suddenly erupted into a slight ripple while Xiao Yan was quietly thinking within his heart. The eyes of countless number of people suddenly turned towards the sea of Bones. Some ripples had already been formed in the space there.

The ancient remains was finally going to see the light of day again…

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