Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248: Huang Xuan

The large skeletons were connected with the head of one touching the tail of the other, coincidentally forming a circular loop that encircled this plains. This enormous stone altar was coincidentally at the middle of this circle.

While Zi Yan’s eyes were observing the bones below with shock, Xiao Yan’s group had also noticed this point. Immediately, they inhaled a deep breath of cold air. Their voice began to be emitted one after another. Ancient Void Dragon. Ancient Heaven Phoenix. These ultimate Magical Beast that basically only existed in the legends had actually appeared in this kind of place. Although they were only a set of bones, it was already sufficient to cause one’s heart to be shaken.

“No wonder the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit is borned. An Ancient Void Dragon and an Ancient Heavenly Phoenix had actually died here…” Xiao Yan muttered.

“The Ancient Void Dragon and the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix are all the ultimate existences within the Magical Beast world. However, the two are completely incomparable. They would fight wherever they meet. I think that the both of them had ended up dying in this place from injuries after experiencing a big battle.” Zi Yan opened her mouth and said.

“However, the lifeforce of the Ancient Heavenly Phoenix is clearly inferior to that of the Ancient Void Dragon. Otherwise, the Heaven Phoenix aura should be the dominant one in this beast spiritual barrier…”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He looked towards Zi Yan and asked, “What do you plan to do now?”

This so called Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit was obviously an extremely important thing. It was something that Xiao Yan had never even heard of despite his experience. Hence, he was also unaware of what should be done now.

“I must definitely bring this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit away. Otherwise, should the Heaven Demon Phoenix obtain it, they will be able to evolve into a true ultimate beast that possessed both the bloodline of a dragon and a phoenix. At that time, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would be threatened.” Zi Yan’s small face was grave as she spoke.

Xiao Yan’s expression also became serious when he heard this. He was obviously on bad terms with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. The stronger the latter’s strength was, the more disadvantageous it would be to him.

“Take it quickly.”

Zi Yan nodded. She swiftly turned around and was about to act when the expression on her face changed. She sensed an intense ripple suddenly being formed in this space. Soon after, numerous auras entered it at the same time.

This unexpected change was naturally also sensed by Xiao Yan’s group. Immediately, their eyes followed the source of the fluctuation and glanced over. Their hearts sunk. A crack line was being torn opened on the beast spiritual barrier. Immediately, a group of people charged in fiercely. If one was to carefully look at them, they were surprisingly the members of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.

Feng Qing Er and the rest, who had barged into this place, swept their somewhat loss eyes all around them. After which, their eyes were paused on the altar at the middle of the plains. Due to them currently being high up in the air, they were able to immediately see the dazzling strange fruit on the altar. Their expressions immediately became dull.

“Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit?”

The dullness lasted for an instant before a scream that was filled with extremely shock suddenly resounded over the place!

The expression of the white haired man beside Feng Qing Er suddenly changed upon hearing this scream. His eyes were startled as he looked at the top of the altar. An extremely wild and violent heated expression surged into his eyes.

After hearing Feng Qing Er’s scream, Zi Yan’s small face became cold as she withdrew her hand. Attempting to remove the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit required a complicated procedure. If they did not send away these unwanted guest, it was likely that she would be unable to calmly remove the fruit.


Xiao Yan also exhaled gently. His eyes looked at the group that had barge in and softly said, “Prepare to fight.”

Xiao Yan’s heart was clearly aware that since Feng Qing Er’s group had also recognised the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, they would definitely not easily give it up. A bloody battle was unavoidable.

Everyone also slowly nodded when they heard this. Xiong Zhan rubbed his large fist, parted his mouth and laughed ferociously, “It’s just as well. Perhaps it is because of the bloodline in my body but the old me also see these bird fellows as extremely unpleasant…”

“Xiao Yan, immediately bring your people and leave the altar. Else, all of you shall be buried here today!” Feng Qing Er’s eyes were cold and sharp as she cried out in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan glanced at her before completely ignoring her. His eyes swept over the other party’s group and involuntarily frowned slightly. This group of theirs not only had Lei zun-zhe from the Wind Lightning Pavilion but there was also the tribe leaders of the Great Earth Tiger tribe and the Silver Moon Wolf tribe whom Xiao Yan had met on the mountain top back then. These two people were also genuine two star Dou Zun.

Moreover, other than these two people, there was also that white haired man and a black robed elder. Xiao Yan had already met the former and had only just discovered the latter. However, the strength of this elder was clearly quite strong. That hidden aura was likely not weaker than anyone else. In this way, just this group of theirs would have five Dou Zun class experts. This lineup could be considered frightening.

“Five Dou Zuns…”

Xiao Yan rubbed his finger gently. He counted a little before sighing in relief. This lineup was indeed quite strong but if his side added the Sky Demon Puppet and the ten puppets he had just obtained, they would be able to block six Dou Zuns. Although the other party still possessed quite a number of experts at the peak of the Dou Zong class, they were not considered heavyweights.

“Little girl, your tone is really arrogant. If you wish to snatch something, you should first get past this old me!”

Xiong Zhan laughed ferociously. He let out a roar towards the sky and his body swelled rapidly. In an instant, he had become a ten metre tall large man. A fierce auar spread immediately, caused some of the experts below the Dou Zun class to have a slight change in expression.

“So it’s a Ancient Dragon Bear. You actually dare to act arrogantly by relying on just a little dragon bloodline. You really overestimate yourself!” The white haired man glanced faintly at the large Xiong Zhan and laughed coldly.

“What about this…”

The cold voice had just sounded when Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe stepped forward in usion. They appeared in the midair away from the altar. The vast and mighty aura of being at the peak of the three star Dou Zun class swept out without restrain, causing this entire space to fluctuate slightly.

“Humph, do you really think that our side doesn’t have any Dou Zuns?”

Seeing this, Lei zun-zhe let out a cold laughter. He stepped forward together with the tribe leaders of the Great Earth Tiger and the Silver Moon Wolf tribes. Majestic aura spread out in an uncompromising manner. In an instant, the atmosphere of this entire place became extremely tense.

Xiao Yan was expressionless. He glanced at the ferocious aura of Lei zun-zhe’s group. After which, he flickered his finger and the dark golden Sky Demon Puppet appeared. He subsequently waved his hand again. Ten Earth Demon Puppet appeared in midair. Gold and silver light crossed each other, causing one’s eyes to feel a little piercing pain.

The eleven puppets had just appeared when the faces of Lei zun-zhe’s group involuntarily twitched slightly. The might of the ten puppets was something that they had personally witnessed before entering the remains. The combination of those ten puppets could fight against a two star Dou Zun.

“Today, I shall see just who can snatch the thing from this altar!”

Xiao Yan’s figure slowly rose into the air. Purple-brown flame surged out from his body in all directions. Immediately, it gathered in the air above him and formed a large fire dragon. The roar of the fire dragon shook the entire place.

Feng Qing Er’s expression changed slightly when she sensed Xiao Yan’s unusually powerful aura. She gritted her teeth. There was an unwillingness to accept this in her eyes. When she had met Xiao Yan back then, the latter was completely unable to be compared with her. However, after only having not met him for a short couple of years, the latter had already tossed her far behind him.

Wave after wave of vast and mighty aura spread over the sky. The aura of nearly ten elite Dou Zuns erupted at that same time. This spectacular scene caused some of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s experts to be stunned. They had never seen this kind of scene.

The white haired man’s icy cold eyes stared at Xiao Yan in the midair. Looking in terms of aura alone, their side was clearly somewhat at a disadvantage. Xiao Yan’s group might not be large in numbers but all of their auras were quite powerful. It was extremely difficult to deal with them.

“Elder Huang Xuan, it looks like we can only invite you to intervene this time around…”

The white haired man inhaled a deep breath of air. His eyes suddenly turned towards the black robed old man, who had ultimately never utter a single word, and spoke respectfully.


The black robe elder nodded gently. His eyes looked towards the distant top of the altar. Those deep eyes of his contained a fiery heat leaping within. He muttered, “Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit. Ke ke, it seems that the heavens really wish to bless our tribe. We have actually meet such a legendary mysterious item in such a place…”

The black robed old man slowly took a couple of steps forward after his laughter sounded. After he stepped forward, the obscure majestic aura suddenly soared. By the time he took his fourth step, that aura of his had actually broke through to the five star Dou Zun level!

“Younger generation, the old me can still allow all of you to leave alive if you go away now!”

The faint voice of the black robe old man was just like the furious thunder of the heavens. It shook this entire space until it trembled.

“Five star Dou Zun…”

Xiao Yan’s group had a somewhat ugly expression as they stared at this black robed elder. Their hearts sunk slightly. Unexpectedly, this seeming inconspicuous old man would actually be the strongest amongst those from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s group. No wonder that Feng Qing Er had such confidence…

“This old fellow has hid very deeply. What should we do now?” Tian Huo zun-zhe frowned slightly. His eyes looked towards Xiao Yan. The gap between every star within the Dou Zun class was extremely great. This Huang Xuan had turned the situation around by just revealing himself.

“What else can we do? Even if we have to destroy this kind of mysterious item, we must not leave it for them.” Xiao Yan laughed coldly and said, “Moreover, just a five star Dou Zun does not have the qualification to force me back!”

Xiao Yan’s final sentence was not hidden in any way. It was directly spread by being accompanied by the wild wind.

“Stubborn fellow. In that case, just remain here!”

The black robed old man shook his head. That dead tree like face of his gradually turned densely cold. With his five star Dou Zun’s strength, it was sufficient for him to overlook everyone present. Although he did not wish to fight, the other party could not blame him for being vicious given that they refuse to take his kind offer.

“Attack, do not leave anyone of them alive!”

The dense voice of the black robed old man had caused this entire place to be filled with a monstrous murderous aura!

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