Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288: Meeting Yun Yun Again

Dense white flame filled both of Xiao Yan’s eyes. It was a long while later before they slowly paled. Following the disappearance of the flame, his eyes also once again recovered it clearness.


A turbid vapor was being exhaled from Xiao Yan. His face was covered by a layer of faint fluorescence. There was a joy that could not be hidden vaguely present on it. He had never expected that he would actually be able to successfully remove the resistance within the Bone Chilling Flame towards him within this short dozen over days.

“Currently, the Bone Chilling Flame has already completely merge with me. It can be swallowed anytime…”

Xiao Yan’s revealed an expression of deep thought. The time needed to refine and swallow the Bone Chilling Flame would definitely be quite long. If one counted the time of their journey, they should be arriving at the Flower Sect soon. It was clearly not the best time to swallow it now.

“I should wait for Yun Yun’s matter to be settled before swallowing and refining it.”

Xiao Yan made up his mind and relaxed. He suppressed the fiercely burning Bone Chilling Flame between his brows before turning his gaze towards Nalan Yanran by the side. He asked, “How long more will it be before we can reach the Flower Sect?”

“It should be within these two days. We have already entered the north-eastern area and are close to the Flower Sect…”

“Yes, Qing Lin, increase the speed a little and try to reach the Flower Sect as soon as possible.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly while his eyes turned towards Qing Lin and said. As they became increasingly closer to the Flower Sect, there was a kind of anxious feeling vaguely present in his heart. He wondered just how that person, whom he had not meet for many years, would be like now?

Qing Lin by the side also smiled and nodded. Her small hand patted the snake back under her. That snake figure shook and the speed at which they shuttled through the sky was suddenly increased.

Three days later, Xiao Yan’s trio, who were weary from the travel, had finally slowed down while they were in air above a mountain range that stretched endlessly. Nalan Yanran’s eyes swept in all directions. Finally, she slowly landed. A flower petal shaped thing shot out from within her Storage Ring.

That flower petal shaped thing had just shot out when it entered the space in front of him. A strange ripple was emitted from that space. A moment later, an enormous spatial barrier appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group’s eyes.

“Such a large spatial barrier, what grandness…”

A surprise also flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw this spatial barrier. This Flower Sect might not possess the strength to create a realm but this kind of technique to use a spatial barrier to hide the location of the sect did not appear insignificant.

The spatial barrier slowly fluctuated. Immediately, it split apart and formed a spatial crack line. Nalan Yanran beckoned Xiao Yan and Qing Lin. After which, she took the lead to walk in. Qing Lin hurriedly kept the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python and swiftly followed her with Xiao Yan.

Their eyes were dazzled when they entered the spatial barrier. A kind of unusually dense flower fragrance came pouncing at them. The interior of this kind of flower fragrance vaguely appeared to be filled with an extremely powerful natural energy.

“What a mysterious place…”

Xiao Yan was in the midair. He looked at this world that was hidden behind the spatial barrier. A surprised gasp and expression appeared on his face.

An endless number of flower mountains appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group. These mountains were filled with bright coloured flowers. Looking from a distance, it appeared just like a sea of flowers. When a breeze blew, the beautiful flower petals would dance in the sky. This scene appeared just like paradise.

“How beautiful…”

Qing Lin’s face was intoxicated as she muttered while looking at this paradise scene.

“This sea of flower should be a formation of sorts…”

Xiao Yan’s watched this sea of flower that spread to the horizon. A ripple appeared within his eyes. He could sense that this sea of flower hid an extremely majestic energy. Even the flower petals that danced in the sky vaguely had a kind of special mysterious orbit.

Nalan Yanran nodded when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She smilingly said, “This is the sect protecting formation of the Flower Sect. If one does not have a method to enter it, one will end up getting lost in this sea of flower. A person will be forever trapped inside without anyone to lead him.”

“These flowers should be Ecstasy Flowers right? Unexpectedly, there is actually so many of this kind of extremely rare flower in the outside world in this place…” Xiao Yan sniffed the flower fragrance in the air and said.

“It does not completely consist of Ecstasy Flowers. There are also some strange flowers that can be use to greatly strengthen the effect of the Ecstasy Flowers…” Nalan Yanran smiled slightly. Her words had just sounded when a faint ‘gong’ sound was vaguely emitted from within the sea of flowers.

“This ‘gong’ sound… the match is about to begin. Quick, follow me. Do not take a wrong path. Otherwise, you will end up being lost within this sea of flowers.”

Nalan Yanran’s expression changed slightly when she heard this ‘gong’ sound. She immediately urged with her words. Her body moved and she rushed towards the sea of flowers. Her flying path was quite strange. It was not a straight line. Instead, it took a couple of curves. Xiao Yan and Qing Lin, who were behind, let out a bitter laughter when they saw this. They could only hurriedly follow Nalan Yanran’s flight path and swiftly gave chase.

There was an extremely majestic mountain range at the end of the sea of flowers. Clouds lingered on the mountain. Fresh flowers adorned it. Most of these perilous cliffs had some buildings standing on them. One could vaguely see some alluring figures and hear the laughter of ladies.

There was a towering mountain standing at the middle of the mountain range. The mountain was extremely wide. Numerous buildings stood on it. The top of the mountain was an enormous square that spread apart. The square was built using green rocks. There were images of flower petals around it while an unusual fragrance lingered.

At this moment, there were quite a number of figures standing around the square. Their eyes looked towards the square and the atmosphere was quite serious.

A man and a woman were standing on the middle of the square. The woman was wearing a graceful dress. There were flowers sewed using golden threads on the clothes. At a glance, it seemed that her status was quite high. She also possessed quite a great appearance. However, her somewhat thin red lips vaguely revealed a meanness.

A man was standing lazily beside this woman. His hand was holding onto a fan with beautiful women drawn over it. This man was tall and possessed a handsome face. There was an evilness vaguely being emitted from him. A fresh blood like bright red spot between his brows had caused this evilness to be magnified by countless number of times.

“Yun Yun, time’s up, you should reveal yourself!”

When the ‘gong’ slowly sounded, the long eyes of the gracefully clothed woman also narrowed slightly as she coldly cried out.

A rushing wind sound was emitted from the midair when the cry of this gracefully clothed woman sounded. Immediately, a white figure gently drifted over. After which, he legs gently landed on the square.

When the white figure landed on the square, all of the eyes present turned towards her. Even though it was not the first time seeing her, a surprised expression still surfaced in the eyes of many.

The woman in the square was wearing a white blouse and skirt. Dark black ink like long hair were scattered down like waterfall and reached her waist. That extremely beautiful appearance appeared just like a flower fairy in the mountains that did not bother about the mundane and was filled otherworldly enchantment. When both of her eyes rotated, they seemed to possess a clarity that seeped deep into one’s bones. There was not the slightest desire to compete.

Such a woman can only be described by two words.

Peerless bearing.

Who else could possess such a bearing other than Yun Yun, who had been separated from Xiao Yan for many years? The few years had caused her to be just like the wine that was brewed deep underground, causing her to be increasingly intoxicating. It even gave one the impulse of not waking from the intoxication…

That comfortable cloud like elegance caused quite a number of Elders within the Flower Sect to quietly nod their heads. No wonder the sect chief would hand over the position to Yun Yun before she died. Just on this point alone, there was clearly a great gap between these two women.

The evil looking man beside the gracefully dressed woman had a fiery hot expression flashing across his eyes when he saw the white dressed woman. Such an exquisite beauty had a lethal allure towards someone who loves beauty like his life.

The eyes from around the place that had suddenly gathered onto Yun Yun also caused the gracefully clothed woman to tighten her hand. A deep jealousy flashed across her eyes. She coldly laughed, “I thought that you will not dare to come today.”

“Sect chief, I do not have any desire for the position of sect chief. Why must you force me in such a bitter manner?”

Yun Yun knitted her brows slightly. She looked at the aggressive gracefully dressed woman and said.

“Hmph, if you wish to remain safe, you should hand over the previous sect chief’s Dou Qi. This sect leader has kindly accepted you back then. It is unexpected that you actually dare to try and lay your fingers on my Flower Sect’s chief position!” The gracefully dressed woman coldly cried out.

“If I was aware that Granny Hua was the chief of the Flower Sect, I would not have rescued her…” Yun Yun shook her head and softly said, “As for that Dou Qi seal, it had been left behind in my body by Granny Hua. If you really want it, you can come and get it…”

“Hmph, do you really think that this sect chief is afraid of you?”

The gracefully clothed woman laughed coldly. Immediately, she glanced at the evil man, only to see that the latter was staring at Yun Yun. A fury immediately surged within her heart as she cried out, “Yao-liang (liang is like a lover), attack with me!”

“Yun Yun, you possess the inheritance of the old sect chief. I think that you should have no problem fighting two alone. You are also aware of the Flower Sect’s rules. A couple can fight together.” The gracefully clothed woman turned her eyes towards Yun Yun and laughed coldly. “Do not say that I am bullying you. If you have a companion, you can also call him along!”

The brows of quite a number of Flower Sect’s Elders were knitted slightly when they heard these words from the gracefully clothed woman.

A slight smile appeared on Yun Yun’s face. She slowly shook her head and softly said, “Sect chief can just attack. I do not…”

Before Yun Yun had finished speaking, a rushing wind sound was suddenly transmitted from the sky. Immediately, a figure hurried over from the distance with lightning like speed. Within a couple of flashes, the figure had already appeared beside Yun Yun on the square. After which, the figure grabbed Yun Yun’s hand in front of many stunned eyes. At the same time, an extremely nauseating teasing voice sounded, causing Yun Yun’s face to redden almost instantly.

“Little Yun-er, I’m not late, am I?”

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