Battle Through The Heavens – Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292: Refining

Yun Yun did not extend her hand to receive the chief’s jade token as she watched it being suspended in front of her. She was really not interested in this sect chief position. Moreover, due to the shadows from those matters back then, the thing that she was most unwilling to do was to be some chief of a sect…

“Take it.”

Xiao Yan urged when he saw the hesitation on Yun Yun’s face.

It was still alright if he did not open his mouth. The moment he did so, however, Yun Yun could not resist glaring at him. She gritted her silver teeth and said, “Receive it? And allow you to try and act mightily again?”

Xiao Yan was involuntarily a little embarrassed when he heard this. He said, “It has been so many years, yet you still remember these matters. No one was right or wrong in the incident back then. Although I have destroyed the Misty Cloud Sect, the Misty Cloud Sect has also caused my Xiao clan to suffer great losses. I am aware that this matter is unrelated to you but I must still account for certain things…”

“I do not know about all of these great reasons.” Yun Yun’s eyes reddened a little when she mentioned this matter. She was also aware that Xiao Yan was not wrong in that matter when looking from his perspective. However, the Misty Cloud Sect was after all a place that had groomed her for many years. Yet, it was disbanded back then just because this felllow had said so.

“If you wish to find a quiet place to stay, you will not achieve true peace by living under someone else like in the past. Additionally, you have received the inheritance of Granny Hua. If you do not take this position, it will end up causing the Flower Sect to ultimately descend into an internal fight. I think that Granny Hua would be unwilling to see such a thing, right?” Xiao Yan asked softly.

Yun Yun was startled. She hesitated for a moment before finally nodding her head. After which, she raised her head and looked towards the white haired old woman in the sky. She spoke respectfully, “First Elder, Yun Yun can temporarily take the position of the sect chief. You can just inform me if you feel that there is a more suitable person.”

“Ha ha, you can be rest assured that this old woman greatly trust the eyes of the previous sect chief. Since she had passed on all her Dou Qi to you, it is likely that you are the perfect candidate in her heart.” The white haired old woman laughed.

Hua Jin’s face became dark and volatile when she heard the words of this old woman. A moment later, she spoke in a deep voice, “First Elder, I have worked hard for many years in order to get the Profound Sky Sect to show signs of joining hands with our Flower Sect. Now that the sect chief is changed and that Xiao Yan had even injured Yao-liang (lover), I think that this cooperation will not only end but the Profound Sky Sect would also not let this matter rest, given the way they do things.”

The threat in Hua Jin’s words were also quite obvious. If the chief was changed to Yun Yun, not only would they be unable to cooperate with the Profound Sky Sect but it would instead cause the Profound Sky to view the Flower Sect with enmity.

The white haired old woman knitted her brows slightly. Although the Flower Sect and Profound Sky Sect were equally ranked as the ‘two sects’, the former’s strength was not as strong as the latter. Additionally, the Profound Sky Sect was really too strong. It had been expanding rapidly during these years. The sect had numerous number of experts. An ordinary faction would not dare to offend them even a little.

This Yaohua Liangjun was a member of the Profound Sky Sect. Originally, they planned on getting Yaohua Liangjun and Hua Jin to marry to improve the relationship between both sects and hence form an alliance. The Flower Sect and the Profound Sky Sect might be called the ‘two sects’ but there were many factions on the Central Plains which could match these two sects. However, these factions did not wish to be as publicized as them. Nevertheless, the foundation of these sects would not be any weaker than the two sects…

“If one accompanies a tiger, one will ultimately end up being its meal…”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He ignored Yaohua Liangjun’s densely cold eyes as he spoke faintly, “First Elder, I think that you should be clearer than me when it comes to the way the Profound Sky Sect does things. If the two sects form an alliance, it is likely very difficult for a true equilibrium to be reached. Sooner or later, a situation where the guest will try to take over the position of the owner will occur. At that time, the Flower Sect will likely become another branch sect of the Profound Sky Sect.”

“Xiao Yan, you should stop uttering nonsense!”

Hua Jin cried out. Her expression changed upon hearing this.

Xiao Yan completely ignored this woman. His eyes looked towards the white haired old woman and said, “If First Elder do not mind, my Falling Star Pavilion can perhaps be a reliable ally of the Flower Sect in the future. I’m sure that First Elder will not have any doubt given the trustworthiness of my teacher, right?”

“Ke ke, Yao zun-zhe’s reputation is extremely great. Who in the Central Plains do not know about his trustworthiness. Naturally, no one can doubt him.” The white haired old woman smiled. Immediately, she nodded. Her eyes were a little stern as she looked towards Hua Jin. She spoke in a deep voice, “From now onwards, Yun Yun is the chief of the Flower Sect. There shall be no more argument!”

This First Elder had made up her mind once Xiao Yan’s words sounded. If it was in the past, a Falling Star Pavilion did not possess the weight to cause her to ignore everything else. However, things were currently different. The Falling Star Pavilion had produced an elite Ban Sheng like Yao Chen. Its strength would definitely soar. At that time, even the Profound Sky Sect will not dare to do anything to it.

One was an old faction, which had some ill intentions and would sooner or later bite at them. Another was a new and rising faction that possessed an enormous potential and trustworthiness. It was actually not difficult to choose between the two.

Seeing the white haired old woman hardening her heart with the intention of allowing Yun Yun to be the sect chief, the expression of Hua Jin also became ugly. However, she did not continue to say anything. She also understood that it was pointless to say anything now.

“Since First Elder has made such a choice, this venerable self can only hope that you will not end up regretting in the future…”

Yaohua Liangjun’s expression was also quite ugly. Today, he had not only lost face but had even ruined a big matter. It would definitely not be easy for him to report this matter when he returned this time around.

“You need not be concerned about this matter…” The white haired old woman waved her hand and spoke faintly.

The corner of Yaohua Liangjun’s mouth twitched slightly. The matter had already been decided and it was pointless for him to remain here and embarrass himself. Immediately, he swung his sleeve, turned around and rushed out of the Flower Sect. When he turned around, his eyes were filled with a sinister and vicious expression as they looked at Xiao Yan. Clearly, after having lost a great amount of face today, he had completely hated Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of his eyes. A six star Dou Zun was indeed powerful but he was currently not an ordinary person either. Even if this fellow wanted to use some tricks, XIao Yan would not be afraid of him.

Hua Jin saw Yaohua Liangjun left in a furious manner. She wanted to retain him but was unable to say anything. After clenching her teeth, she did not follow him. Instead, she turned around and rushed towards a mountain, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The eyes of the white haired old woman slowly swept over the entire place when she saw these two people leaving. She softly said, “From today onwards, Yun Yun shall be the new chief of our Flower Sect. All the disciples of the Flower Sect must obey her orders. Otherwise, they will be punished according to the sect rules!”


When the voice of the old woman sounded, those densely packed Flower Sect disciples on the square also hurriedly knelt down. A respectful voice resounded over the place.

“Greeting to the sect chief!”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he watched the densely packed disciples kneeling down. He looked at Yun Yun, who was feeling some panic and said, “Congratulations, sect chief Yun Yun…”

Yun Yun rolled her eyes towards him. She immediately sighed in a distant manner. Each time this fellow appeared, it would cause some changes in her life…

“He is really an ‘enemy…”

The ceremony for Yun Yun obtaining the chief position was not very grand. However, with that First Elder of the Flower Sect presiding over it, everything was done in a standard manner. After the ceremony was over, Yun Yun had formally become the next sect chief of the Flower Sect…

Xiao Yan was not in a hurry to leave after the ceremony was over. Instead, he got Yun Yun to help him find a quiet room. The hidden resistance within the Bone Chilling Flame had already completely disappeared. It was the best opportunity to swallow and refine it. Moreover, this Flower Sect also possessed quite a number of experts present. This was indeed not a bad place to refine the Bone Chilling Flame.

With the increase in the strength of the experts whom Xiao Yan had come into contact with, he needed to raise his strength as quickly as possible. Although he no longer needed to be afraid when facing an expert like Yaohua Liangjun, his enemy was not Yaohua Liangjun but the Hall of Soul…

Xiao Yan had already witnessed the strength of the ninth Tianzun and eighth Tianzun of the Hall of Soul. He clearly understood in his heart that it would likely be an intense big battle should he meet anyone of those two. Most importantly, even after the intense fight, his chances of victory was not high…

Although Yao Lao had advanced to an elite Ban Sheng, it was impossible for Xiao Yan to always follow behind Yao Lao. Therefore, raising his own strength was the most important thing!

A faint fragrance was being emitted from a cauldron within the quiet room, causing a smoke to linger within it. When one inhaled a gentle breath, all of one’s distracting thoughts would disappear from one’s mind at this moment.

Xiao Yan was quite satisfied with this quiet room. He nodded slightly before sitting down on a stone bed. However, he did not immediately attempt to swallow and refine the Bone Chilling Flame. His use of the Annihilation Fire Lotus when fighting Yaohua Liangjun earlier had exhausted quite a lot of his Dou Qi. Refining the Bone Chilling Flame was not a relaxing task. He naturally had to be well prepared.

This training continued for around half an hour before Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were finally slowly opened. His eyes had once again regained its calmness. At a glance, they appeared just like an abyss that was without the slightest fluctuation.


A mouthful of turbid air was slowly spat out from his throat. A faint glow also surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. Both of his eyes were blinked and traces of dense white flame spread out from deep within his eyes. In the blink of an eye, both of his eyes were already covered by the densew white flame…

“Refinement… begin…”

Xiao Yan muttered softly in his mouth. The seal formed by his hand changed. Both of his eyes were slowly shut. Following the shutting of his eyes, the temperature of the room also rose slowly.

Xiao Yan’s heart possessed quite a great amount of anticipation towards the refinement this time around. Although a Heavenly Flame of the Bone Chilling Flame ranking was no longer considered some sumptuous meal after he had swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame, it was also not something that he could underestimate… most importantly, the current Flame Mantra was already at the Di class high level. He wondered if, after swallowing the Bone Chilling Flame, it could leap and become… a Tian class Qi Method?

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