Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0413

Chapter 413: Xun-level, Trump Card!

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Hao Ren looked around but still didn’t see Su Han.

“After you!”

Wang Xi yelled again.

Hao Ren nodded slightly and was about to get ready when he saw Su Han flying out of the Dragon God Shrine.

Wearing an inspector’s silver robe which had two dazzling three-clawed golden dragon embroideries on the shoulders, she immediately caught people’s eyes when she flew out of the Dragon God Shrine.

No matter if it were dragon cultivators or human cultivators, females generally had weaker cultivation strength, and the percentage of female inspectors was unusually low in the Dragon God Shrine.

That was why everyone’s eyes lit up at the appearance of Su Han, a beautiful inspector.

In her fluttering silver silk robe, Su Han crossed the grand arena and landed by Zhao Hongyu’s side.

Hao Ren looked at her expectantly, hoping that she would come over and remove the Five Mountains Bracelets from him. However, she just stood by Zhao Hongyu’s side coldly, seeming to have forgotten about Hao Ren’s Five Mountains Bracelets.

“After you!”

Wang Xi yelled again, and his tone was laced with anger.

“After you!”

Hao Ren finally answered.

“Wang Xi from the Wuyi Mountain Dragon Clan!” Wang Xi shouted his name while his body gradually emitted a yellow light.

“Hao Ren from the East Ocean Dragon Clan!” Hao Ren said while dozens of sword energies slowly rose from his back.

The atmosphere around the arena instantly tensed up.

This was the first of the six matches, and everyone wanted to see the strengths of the top 48 cultivators. After all, they had gained the titles of assisting inspectors, and their competitions in the grand arena would be judged by seven level 4 inspectors.


Wang Xi’s aura abruptly rose.

Mid-tier Xun-level!

The violent air currents spread outward and blew up the dust in the 900 square meters arena.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies twirled at full speed close to his clothes, forming an impenetrable shield which engulfed Hao Ren like a cocoon.

Gazing at Hao Ren, Wang Xi took out a black sword and held it cautiously with both hands.

“Wow… What sword is that? So ugly.”

“It’s crooked. Is it useful in battles?”

Around the arena, some cultivators talked among themselves in surprise and bafflement.

The black stone sword in Wang Xi’s hands looked as if it had been made in a hurry with an ordinary rock. The body was crooked, and the blade was not sharp

However, Zhao Hongyu was surprised.

The cultivators including the elders from the smaller clans were not as knowledgeable as Zhao Hongyu who knew that the sword was a dharma treasure from the Nine Dragons Palace!

The dharma treasures from the Nine Dragons Palace looked crude, but their powers far surpassed ordinary dharma treasures!

Wang Xi was holding a primitive dharma treasure!

The Nine Dragons Palace was opened by the four ocean dragon clans every 50 years, and it would descend to the First Heaven after opening, attracting countless human cultivators and dragon cultivators to take the risk and break into the palace. That was why some of its dharma treasures came out of the palace in the past hundreds of years!

The Wuyi Mountain Dragon Clan had acquired this primitive dharma treasure from somewhere and gave it to Wang Xi, a junior in their clan, to use in this exam!

In the arena, Hao Ren stared at the black stone sword in Wang Xi’s hands with caution.

He had been to the Nine Dragons Palace and knew that Wang Xi’s stone sword was definitely a dharma treasure from there judging from its mysterious and primitive presence.


A commanding energy burst out of Wang Xi’s black sword and mingled with Wang Xi’s earth-elemental nature essence, dashing toward Hao Ren!

The sword energies surrounding Hao Ren spread before his chest like lotuses that were suddenly blooming, and the 320 sword energies rushed toward the sword energy released by Wang Xi one after another.

Hua… Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies were instantly scattered by Wang Xi’s sword energy!

The black energy together with Wang Xi’s earth-elemental nature essence hit Hao Ren’s chest and sent him flying.

The scattered sword energies immediately flew to Hao Ren’s back and supported him, preventing him from falling out of the arena.

One attack! It was only one attack!

Wang Xi’s aura overshadowed Hao Ren’s power and almost defeated him!

At this moment, Wang Xi swung out his hands and turned his stabbing movement into a chop.

It looked like a small movement, but the sword energy that was gushing out of the black sword looked like a solid sword that was hacking toward Hao Ren’s head.


Dust flew up everywhere.

Deep cracks were cut into the hard surface of the arena, and white debris and chipped stones rained all over the arena.

Such power astonished some level 2 inspectors since the arenas at Dragon God Shrine were made with special rocks which were unbreakable with ordinary dharma treasures!

“Hao Ren!!” Zhao Yanzi widened her eyes and yelled anxiously.

Xie Yujia lifted her clenched fist to her chest, and she felt like her heart was in her throat.

The white debris gradually settled down.

Hao Ren wasn’t lying on the crack but stood in the air with two grey sword energies beneath his feet. His sword energies gave him a narrow escape.

Hovering in the air, Hao Ren’s face was pale as if he had lost a lot of physical strength and nature essence.

Outside the arena, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were worried. Knowing the arrays that were restricting his nature essence, they were afraid that he would be killed with the huge difference in strength that existed between him and his opponent.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” Seeming to have sensed the fear in Hao Ren’s support team, Wang Xi said to Hao Ren.

Killing an opponent would be crossing the line, and the killer would be disqualified from future exams at the Dragon God Shrine.

Outside the grand arena stood some cultivators who had battled with Wang Xi before.

Seeing the power of his two attacks, they were astonished and frightened. When Wang Xi fought them, he didn’t take out this sword. It was clear that he was saving it for stronger opponents such as Hao Ren.

“Dragon Breaking Ninth Heaven!”

Holding the sword with both hands, Wang Xi emphasized each word as he used this technique.

Overwhelming energy exploded from his black sword and swept toward Hao Ren in the air like a tornado.

Such a powerful energy even affected the surrounding cultivators, and some low-leveled ones couldn’t even keep their balance!

Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies looked like colorful toys in this situation while his body was swept up into the high sky before the sword energy viciously dragged him to the ground.

Bang! Hao Ren’s body crashed into the rock-hard arena, creating a shallow crater.

If his body had not been tempered by heavenly lightning, he would have died in the crash.

“Ah… Eh…” Hao Ren groaned while he pushed himself up.

Outside the arena, the cultivators looked at Hao Ren with wide eyes, thinking, “Is this guy a monster? An ordinary Gen-level cultivator would have died or at least be crippled after falling onto the hard arena from the high sky! However, this Ren Yin 246 can still stand up!”

With a trace of blood dripped down the corner of her mouth, Hao Ren brushed off the dust with stiff hands as the five-colored sword energies flew out of his body again.

At this sight, Xie Yujia was heartbroken while Zhao Yanzi’s eyelids fluttered. On the stand, Qin Shaoyang snorted with his arms crossed before his chest.

“Humph! The East Ocean Dragon Palace is weak after all!” With the black sword in his hands, Wang Xi moved closer to Hao Ren.

The sword energies around Hao Ren’s body began to move swiftly.

“Useless. They are useless against my dharma treasure,” Wang Xi said confidently.

Looking at Wang Xi in alarm, Hao Ren finally knew why his confidence came from. The primitive dharma treasure from the Nine Dragons Palace was his greatest weapon!

Outside the arena, Zhao Yanzi suddenly turned her head to Zhao Hongyu and said, “Mom, we also have dharma treasures from the Nine Dragons Palace!”

Zhao Hongyu smiled helplessly. Indeed, the East Ocean Dragon Palace had quite a few primitive dharma treasures from the Nine Dragons Palace, but they rarely used them. Also, she thought it was quite unfair to use them against other cultivators during the general exams at Dragon God Shrine since East Ocean Dragon Clan had the advantage in having easier access to them.

Bam! Another loud sound came from the arena.

Hao Ren slipped back almost six meters while hundreds of sword energies scattered.

The dharma treasures from the Nine Dragons Palace were primitive treasures and were not made of the five elements. It meant that Hao Ren couldn’t use his lightning power against it.

In theory, the hundun godly lightning could deal with the primitive dharma treasures, but Wang Xi’s realm was way higher than Hao Ren’s!

The Wuyi Mountain Dragon Clan put all their hopes on Wang Xi. After returning from East Ocean City, Wang Xi broke through to Xun-level, and 16 senior elders in his dragon clan spent 36 days pushing Wang Xi’s realm to mid-tier Xun-level before the Dragon God Shrine’s general exams!

Bang! Another sword energy shot out of the black sword, and Hao Ren slid out another four meters on the arena before standing up.

Around his body, the sword energies got dimmer.

The blinking light of the sword energies showed the suppression of the Five Mountains Bracelets.

“Assisting Inspector, is this the best you can do? So, you got the title of the assisting inspector just because you come from the East Ocean Dragon Palace?”

Different from Hao Ren’s sword energies, the earth-elemental nature essence released by the black sword added the power of the black sword itself, and it was as powerful as Hao Ren’s sword array!

Another cut appeared in Hao Ren’s shoulder while his robe was torn; the silver dragon embroideries on his shoulder were cut into pieces, revealing the bloody flesh underneath.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili shook with rage. However, they quenched their anger since they had to abide by the rules, and Hao Ren was not in deadly danger yet.

“Main Examiner, Ren Mao’s dharma treasure is too powerful! We are selecting inspectors, not dharma treasures!” Su Han couldn’t contain herself anymore. She suddenly flew up and yelled at Qin Shaoyang.

“The combat exams don’t rule out dharma treasures,” Qin Shaoyang said with a lazy wave of his hand.

Meanwhile, another wound appeared on Hao Ren’s shoulder as he tried to stand up!

A few drops of blood splashed onto his own face. Hao Ren swayed, but he didn’t admit defeat.

Roar! Little White suddenly flew out from Zhen Congming’s storage space!

It rushed into the arena in its level 2 snow lion form!

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