Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0415

Chapter 415: The One Inch Longer, One Bit Stronger!

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The Coiled Dragon Golden Spear spun in the air as it dashed toward Hao Ren.

“Holy Sh*t! Even if you’re passing a weapon over to me, you don’t have to throw it at me with the sharp spear pointing toward me… How do you think I can catch it!” Hao Ren thought.

Hao Ren looked at the golden spear that was spinning rapidly at him. On the inside, he was screaming for help.


Wang Xi lifted his black sword and used it to hit the spinning spear, and the spear bounced off.

Little White was staring at Wang Xi cautiously. It bit onto the golden spear with its mouth and flew over to Hao Ren.


Hao Ren took the golden spear from Little White. He was saying that to both Little White and Wang Xi.

If it weren’t for Wang Xi stopping the momentum of the spear, there was no way that Hao Ren would have been able to catch it!

“Let’s see how long you can last!” Wang Xi said while waving his black sword and charging toward Hao Ren.

Hao Ren only knew how to use his fists and not swords in close-range combat. After fighting with Wang Xi for a while, his arms were feeling a bit sore.

After receiving the spear, he held the front of the spear with his left hand and the back end with his right hand without thinking and attacked Wang Xi as if the spear were a snake that was trying to capture its prey. Hao Ren successfully hit the body of Wang Xi’s sword and made it go off trajectory.


The cultivators outside the arena simultaneously cheered for Hao Ren. They subconsciously became supporters of Hao Ren. They all hoped that the underdog could win against the stronger adversary.

Dang! Dang!

The two weapons collided once again.

Wang Xi was forced to take half a step back when faced with the long sharp spear.

The one inch longer, one bit stronger! This was the iron rule in the close-range combat. This golden spear was half a meter longer than the black sword.

Hao Ren pierced at Wang Xi using his spear forcefully and redeemed himself!

Although Hao Ren didn’t learn how to use a spear systematically, he learned how to use his fists from practicing the fundamental boxing techniques. From the perspective of martial arts, both spears and fists were similar in principle.

This golden spear was delicately made and was created with tough materials. It was once Zeng Yitao’s natal dharma treasure.

Since it was meant to be the West Ocean Dragon Palace’s Crown Prince’s natal dharma treasure, the spear was really powerful. However, when Zeng Yitao was imprisoned by the East Ocean Dragon Palace, his natal dharma treasure was confiscated.

Hao Ren lacked an appropriate weapon to fight against Wang Xi. While watching the battle, Premier Xia suddenly remembered that this golden spear was in his storage ring and thus passed it to Zhao Yanzi.

Hao Ren breathed heavily as he held the end of the spear and used it to fight.

The tip of the spear was extremely sharp, and it was being used by Hao Ren effectively, giving Wang Xi a hard time to approach Hao Ren.

The Coiled Dragon Golden Spear had incredible powers and was a great treasure. It allowed smooth passage of nature essence. The materials that were used in the Coiled Dragon Golden Spear even exceeded that of Su Han’s White Jade Sword in terms of quality.

Dang! Dang!

The golden spear and the black sword kept colliding with each other, creating a ton of sparks due to friction.

While Hao Ren used sufficient nature essence to fight against Wang Xi, Zeng Yitao who still had connections with his natal dharma treasure was suffering from the pain of Hao Ren’s battle.

Hao Ren used Zeng Yitao’s natal dharma treasure to fight against a Xun-level cultivator. Each time the Coiled Dragon Golden Spear was damaged, Zeng Yitao’s physical body and mental mind would both be hurt even though he was far away. It was killing him!

Piercing, thrusting, pounding, twirling, circling, pointing, pulling, pushing… The soldiers at the East Ocean Dragon Palace used long spears. Hao Ren saw their training many times, and the fundamental boxing technique and the fundamental spear technique were from the same branch of techniques. Therefore, Hao Ren was able to increase his confidence in battle, and he fought more and more fiercely!

Spear was the king of cold weapons!

Wang Xi knew he couldn’t win within a short amount of time and was agitated. He wanted to reserve his nature essence for later battles, but he infused his Xun-level nature essence into the black sword and pierced it at Hao Ren after losing his cool.

The impact of the collision of nature essences made Hao Ren’s dragon core vibrate.

Pa, pa, pa… A few openings were forcefully unblocked in this extreme situation.

“I don’t believe I can’t defeat you!” Wang Xi thought that there was no way he can take the humiliation of being defeated by a Gen-level cultivator. He continued to use more power, and the yellow light around his sword became even brighter.

Dang! Sparks flew all over the place.

Hao Ren backed off three steps. However, another three openings were unblocked.

He finally understood what it meant to level up and get stronger during battle.

Hao Ren felt like his entire body was burning. The new openings needed more nature essence to nurture them.

Dang, dang, dang… The sword and spear collided with each other even faster.

“I’ll see how long you can hold off!” Wang Xi was like a mad dog as he attacked Hao Ren ferociously. Wang Xi’s black sword was unharmed, but Hao Ren’s golden spear had strips of scratches on it.

As Hao Ren backed off and withstood Wang Xi’s attacks, he had reached 152 openings!

That was close to mid-tier Gen-level.

In the midst of this tense battle, Hao Ren was both anxious and thrilled.

Even though he could be defeated at any moment, his strength was increasing every second.

“Hao Ren’s nature essence is overflowing. He should have surpassed Gen-level, right?” Outside the arena, Zhao Hongyu turned to Zhao Guang and asked.

“He is practicing the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll which is different from normal techniques. The amount of nature essence that he stores in his body far exceeds any normal cultivator at his level,” Zhao Guang explained.

Ever since Zhao Guang found out that Hao Ren’s technique was unique and powerful, he transferred the training scroll to the purple-grade level, which was the highest level in the Profound Cultivation Palace. He didn’t want other cultivators to have easy access to it.


It was another fierce attack. The impact sent Hao Ren backing for five steps, and he tightly squeezed the golden spear that had scratches all over it.

“Little White!” Hao Ren shouted.


Little White flew over and lifted Hao Ren with colorful flames under its paws.

“Go!” Hao Ren pointed the spear at Wang Xi.

“Auh!” Little White gave out a weird and excited roar. Without hesitation, it dashed toward Wang Xi violently.


Hao Ren pierced fiercely with the golden spear, and Wang Xi was only able to defend himself in time. However, he was lifted and thrown to the back as a result.

Boom! Wang Xi’s entire body emitted a golden yellow light. He firmly stood his ground in the arena and stopped himself from going anywhere.

Hao Ren swung the golden spear as Little White charged to the other side of the arena where Wang Xi was.

Hao Ren was charging toward Wang Xi from the sky, and impact under the boost of Little White’s speed was far from just ‘terrifying’.

Wang Xi finally was forced dodge instead of defending, and he quickly rolled to his right to escape the attack.


The golden spear made a massive hole in the floor of the arena!

Hao Ren pulled the spear out from the big hole that it had created. He then looked at Wang Xi with a much calmer expression.

Little White’s claws released a colorful light while its legs were golden, and its body was white. It looked extremely cool.

Hao Ren was riding on the back of this level 2 snow lion, and he looked even more dashing

Suddenly, he used his long spear to pierce!

As Little White moved forward, Hao Ren’s golden spear once again pierced ahead.


A loud noise echoed through the arena. The golden spear put a long scratch that was lit bright-red like fire on the black sword.

With the movement of the spear, it glided right toward Wang Xi’s throat.

Hao Ren shook his wrist, and Wang Xi was quickly pushed more than ten meters away by the powerful impact.

Hao Ren and Little White were like great partners that could read each other’s minds. In the battle between Hao Ren and Wang Xi, Hao Ren was like a cavalier, and Wang Xi was like a foot soldier. Hao Ren was in the advantage!

Wang Xi clenched his teeth. He knew he couldn’t overpower Hao Ren with the strongest flight dharma treasure since the snow lion was too fast.

The cultivators around them all knew that Hao Ren could target Wang Xi’s throat in the last attack, but Hao Ren showed mercy!

The even stronger cultivators were able to tell that Wang Xi had little remaining nature essence left at this point since the black sword was powerful but also consumed a large amount of energy.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

Little White landed in the arena. With flames around its paws, it left burnt marks on the white stone floor as it ran.

After transforming into its snow lion, Little White weighed over 200 kilograms. Yet, it was able to run like lightning!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Hao Ren thrust forward three times in a row.

Wang Xi held his sword tightly, but his wrist was almost broken. Then, his hand finally let go of his black sword.

Hao Ren stepped onto Little White’s back and leaped forward, grabbing onto the black sword.

The vast power of ancient times immediately rushed inside Hao Ren’s mind.

Buzz… The black sword resonated.

“Let me try!” Hao Ren stabbed the golden spear into the ground and took the sword before striking forward with it.

Boom! The black sword let out three times the power compared to when Wang Xi was using it.

A mark that was more than 20 meters long was left on the arena.

“How is this possible?” Wang Xi was shocked.

Hao Ren was only at Gen-level but was able to use the black sword better than him, a Xun-level cultivator.

He didn’t know that the black sword was a primitive ancient dharma treasure. The Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll made Hao Ren cultivate all five elemental essences, and the combination of the five-elemental essences was the hundun energy. It was a power that was best suited for the black sword!

Not only was Wang Xi shocked, but all the cultivators around the arena were speechless.

Hao Ren’s clothes were torn, and he had blood dripping from his body. However, when he took the black sword that was crooked and dented, he looked like an ancient god!


When Hao Ren wasn’t paying attention, Wang Xi took advantage of this time and rolled over to the golden spear before pulling it out.

Dang! Wang Xi used all his remaining nature essence and aimed the spear at Hao Ren.

Hao Ren, with only 40% of his nature essence, swung the black sword and blocked the attack.

Puff! Wang Xi spat out a mouthful of blood and was pushed away for more than ten meters. He was like a loose kite, swaying down toward the earth.

More than a dozen elders from the Wuyi Mountain Dragon Clan rushed to catch the falling Wang Xi.

Wang Xi was half dead at this point, and the presence of a strong Xun-level cultivator was nowhere to be seen.

“Good fight!” Hao Ren cupped his hands in front of his chest and threw the black sword lightly toward the elders from Wuyi Mountain.

The black sword was a valuable treasure, but Hao Ren was not the type of person to take other people’s treasures!

An elder of Wuyi Mountain caught the black sword. He looked at Hao Ren and thought for half a second before saying, “The Wuyi Mountain Dragon Clan admit defeat. You won fair and square.”

From the simple fact that Hao Ren returned the black sword to Wuyi Mountain, he showed better manners than Wang Xi!

Wang Xi had always been conceited. Now that he lost to a Gen-level cultivator and almost lost a valuable treasure, his cultivation path would probably end here at the Dragon God Shrine and would not increase any further.

Meanwhile, at the West Ocean Dragon Palace, Zeng Yitao who still had connections with the golden spear finally passed out from the pain.

The golden spear and the black sword had collided in the battle for over 20 minutes. While Hao Ren was able to unblock new openings, the Coiled Dragon Golden Spear was scratched and hurt, and Zeng Yitao who was far at the West Ocean Dragon Palace handled and took on the pain.

On the side of the arena, a faint smile appeared on Su Han’s face.

The main examiner on the viewing platform, Qin Shaoyang, looked awful. He let out a cold snort, waved his hand, and announced, “Next battle!”

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