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Chapter 417: Don’t Want to See Anyone

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Qin Shaoyang saw the elixir pill as he was yawning, and he shivered and almost stood up.

This pill was dark, and it contained the power that belonged to the ancient immortals!

In this Dragon God Shrine’s general exam, it was surprising a primitive ancient dharma treasures were used, and even a godly elixir pill!

These items from the Nine Dragon Palace were extremely powerful and could help one win the battle if the match was close!

Zhao Kuo put the elixir in his mouth and swallowed it.

Right at this moment, many of the cultivators were shocked and opened their eyes widely.

Hao Ren had gone to the Nine Dragon Palace to retrieve a few bottles of elixirs, so he knew there were five types: Detox Elixir Pills, Foundation Establishment Elixir Pills, Essence Replenishment Elixir Pills, Realm Elevation Elixir Pills, and Empowerment Elixir Pills.

The Empowerment Elixir Pills could increase ones’ nature essence in a short amount of time, and it was incredibly useful during a deadly battle!

However, most cultivators believe that it was a waste to use such a precious elixir even if it were for the Dragon God Shrine’s general exam.

The special usage of the Empowerment Elixir Pills was during Heavenly Tribulations. It could enable one to successfully overcome the challenge through increased nature essence!

Pong! After eating the Empowerment Elixir Pill, Zhao Kuo’s power and aura increased immensely. There were now 720 sword energies buzzing and resonating with each other!

“Dong!” Zhao Kuo stepped back heavily with his left foot. He looked as if he were an arrow that was about to dash toward the wood-elemental cultivator.

The Kun-level cultivator had a soft flash of light in his hand.

An array of light came into existence from the wooden stick. The light, like a willow, grew many branches.

Spring gave birth to all!

The wood-elemental cultivator had incredible skills!

Although he looked like a chubby young man, he had cultivated for over 400 years! The unique feature of wood-elemental techniques was that the practitioner could stay forever young!

Zhao Yanzi looked anxious as she pulled Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu toward Hao Ren. Where Hao Ren was standing was closer to the arena, so they were able to see it more clearly.

Little White had transformed into its snow lion form, and Zhen Congming was sitting on its back; he looked relaxed as if he were on the back of a cow. Since Little White was no longer a secret, it no longer had to stay in Hao Ren’s necklace.

“Uncle, the thing the Third Uncle used was a godly elixir pill, right?” Hao Ren asked Zhao Guang as he walked over.

“Yeah…” Zhao Guang frowned.

“Third Uncle is at Dui-level now. Is it ok for him to use it?” Hao Ren asked worriedly.

When Hao Ren retrieved the elixir pills from the Nine Dragon Palace, Zhao Guang and the elders had carefully examined and researched the elixirs. They concluded that if a low-leveled cultivator used the elixir pills, their bodies would not be able to bear the power and would have the risk of self-exploding!

Therefore, most elixir pills were stored in secret. Only a small proportion of the elixir pills were given to the strongest elders of the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

Zhao Guang remained silent. He stared straight at the arena, frowning even more; he was extremely worried.

In the arena, the 720 sword energies that were tied by the willow-branches-like wood-elemental nature essence suddenly exploded.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… The loud noises of explosion sounded as the wood-elemental nature essence was crushed. The impact of the blast shook all the cultivators surrounding the arena and made them take half a step back.

The Kun-level cultivator suddenly turned pale.

The wooden stick was his natal dharma treasure, and he was injured when the nature essence of it got damaged.

The strong impact of the explosion impressed the cultivators who were watching!

Zhao Kuo was only a Dui-level cultivator who had eaten an ancient godly elixir, but he had successfully pushed a Kun-level cultivator to the brink of defeat.

“What if the Kun-level cultivator or even a Qian-level cultivator ate the Empowerment Elixir Pill? They could probably get halfway to the Heavenly Dragon Realm!” They thought.

“Great! Third Uncle should win for sure now!” Zhao Yanzi who was standing next to Premier Xia let out the breath that she was holding and said.

“Third Lord is strong and fierce. He’s going to win,” Premier Xia said as he went along with Zhao Yanzi and nodded his head.

However, Hao Ren thought of other problems. He turned to Zhao Guang and asked, “Where did the Empowerment Elixir Pill come from?”

Hao Ren had gone through the burden of retrieving a few bottles of godly elixir pills from the Nine Dragon Palace. However, at that time, Zhao Kuo had left the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Therefore, there were only two ways that he could have gotten the elixir pill. The first possibility was that Zhao Kuo sneaked back to the East Ocean Dragon Palace and took them, and the second possibility was that Zhao Kuo sneaked into the Nine Dragon Palace and got his own elixir pills!

“I stored the godly elixir pill secretly; we shouldn’t lose them,” Zhao Guang responded. As he thought for a moment, he said, “But I put five godly elixir pills in Kuo’s palace.”

“So, Zhao Kuo did come back, but he just didn’t want to see us,” Zhao Hongyu said.

“Sighs… If only he had the godly elixir bills back then. He might be able to become a Heavenly Dragon with their help,” Zhao Guang said lightly.

Premier Xia suddenly came over and said, “Dragon King, although there are still godly elixir pills in storage, the power of these elixir pills is so strong that if one ate one pill, he or she wouldn’t be able to eat the same type within 100 years… The Third Lord has eaten the Empowerment Elixir Pill now, that means…”

Zhao Guang thought for a few seconds and was worried.

Although Zhao Kuo ate an Empowerment Elixir Pill in battle, there were still more at the East Ocean Dragon Palace, so they weren’t anxious about the waste of treasures. However, Zhao Kuo now could no longer eat another Empowerment Elixir Pill within 100 years. If Zhao Kuo returned to peak Qian-level, he no longer could rely on the Empowerment Elixir Pill to surpass the Heavenly Tribulation!

In reality, Zhao Kuo reached peak Qian-level in just 200 years. If he were to retrain, he shouldn’t take too long. Maybe in 100 years, he would be able to return to peak Qian-level and perhaps even charge at the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

Hao Ren stood next to Premier Xia and Zhao Guang, listening to their conversations and thought how strange the situation was.

If Zhao Kuo only wanted to increase his realm through battle, he didn’t need to waste a godly elixir pill, especially if it meant that he would lose the ability to use another Empowerment Elixir Pill within 100 years.

In the arena, the wood-elemental cultivator rapidly stepped five steps back. In his hand, a light had appeared once again, and the wooden stick was once again reborn. It turned into vines and covered the whole battlefield.

“F*ck off!” Zhao Kuo shouted. He was in the center of his sword energies as they spread out in all four directions

The 720 sword energies rapidly expanded like blazing fire, burning every bit of the vine!

Zhao Kuo opened his eyes widely, and his brown robe puffed up with the impact of the explosion. It seemed as if his body couldn’t withhold such strong and wild nature essence!

Although the realm of Dui-level wasn’t low, it also wasn’t high. Zhao Kuo eating the godly elixir pill at the Dui-level was risky!

His body could explode at any moment!

After seeing how Zhao Kuo was willing to risk his life for the battle, Hao Ren suddenly realized why Zhao Kuo entered the Dragon God Shrine’s general exam; He was probably aiming for the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus!

The last time Zhao Kuo failed in the Heavenly Tribulation, his dragon core exploded, and his realm was destroyed. Although Zhen Congming saved his life with elixirs made from snow lotuses, his dragon core was barely repaired, and his mystic crystal had been completely destroyed!

Now that he cultivated the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll which required all five elements to be absorbed together, he would want the best mystic crystal, which was located right in the Dragon God Shrine!

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

In the arena, the sword energies were like a raging storm, destroying everything in its way!

The wood-elemental Kun-level cultivator didn’t get the chance to use his powers to recover, and he was already under Zhao Kuo’s sword energies’ attack!

Hua, hua, hua…” The 720 sword energies merged and became one enormous sword!

The sword was over 40 meters long!

Zhao Kuo accumulated sufficient nature essence while his eyes opened widely.

As he pointed ahead, an enormous sword dashed forward with a piercing light. All the cultivators had to close their eyes!

Hao Ren who was standing near the arena had to use his nature essence to keep his eyes open to witness what was going to happen.


The sword energy slashed down.

The grand arena that was 300 meters wide, 300 meters long, and one meter thick got cut into two.

A hole that was 200 meters long and 50 meters wide appeared in the arena, and one could see the bottom of the ground. Black dirt was visible!

Zhao Kuo’s strike completely destroyed the grand arena!

Little White was standing in front of Zhao Yanzi, blocking the little rocks that blew over from the explosion. It was protecting its Little Zhumu.

When the audience started to open their eyes, they saw the chubby wood-elemental cultivator slowly climbing out of the hole and waving his hand.

He was admitting defeat.

“Humph.” Qin Shaoyang raised his arm and pulled over the identity token from the Kun-level cultivator’s waist, and it turned black immediately.

“Third Uncle! Third Uncle!” Zhao Yanzi shouted out while waving her hands at Zhao Kuo.

Zhao Kuo had defeated two Kun-level cultivators in a row.

In her mind, her third uncle was the best!

Zhao Kuo stepped out of the collapsing arena and went outside.

“Third Lord!” Premier Xia rushed to greet him.

“I don’t want to see anyone before the general exams are over!” Zhao Kuo waved, and a sword energy was released, pushing Premier Xia five steps back.

“The cultivators that have made it to the final round are Yi Mao, Ding Yin, Wu Mao, Ji Yin, Geng Yin, Ren Yin. You shall fight again tomorrow at seven in the morning!” Qin Shaoyang and the other examiners announced together. Then, they followed the silent main examiner, Qin Shaoyang, out toward the Dragon God Shrine.

Anyone could see that the main examiner Qin Shaoyang was in a terrible mood!

At the same time, the six level 2 inspectors walked to the six finalists respectively. They led them to their rooms to rest.

The cultivators who were beside Hao Ren’s room during the written exam were now in the crowd, staring at Hao Ren in amazement.

Who would have thought that a Gen-level cultivator would be able to get himself into the top six in the east exam area out of tens of thousands of cultivators!

The difference between cultivators was so large!

“Please follow me.” A level 2 inspector who wore a long silver robe walked in front of Hao Ren and led them to a room in the outskirts of the Dragon God Shrine.

Zhao Kuo was led toward his room by another Inspector.

The top six cultivators, along with their support teams, were going to live in the same building!

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