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Chapter 420: Unexpected Apperance

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Su Han’s long robe had two three-clawed golden dragons embroideries on her shoulders. She strolled through the crowd to Hao Ren’s side.

Since level 3 inspectors were only lower than level 4 inspectors, the nearby cultivators around the arena immediately made way for her.

Standing before Hao Ren, Su Han didn’t speak; she turned toward the grand arena.

Bang! Another violent collision sounded in the arena.

The Dui-level cultivators who entered this round were not inferior to ordinary Xun-level cultivators.

The Dui-level cultivator wearing the ‘Ding Yin’ identity token engulfed the area within hundreds of meters in a pale blue soft light

Seeing the color emitting from this cultivator, Hao Ren judged him to be a member of a river branch of the water-elemental Dragon clans.

Since the water-elemental dragons were the largest group, they were divided into branches of stream, river, lake, and ocean. Ocean branch included the four ocean dragon palaces while there were a lot more dragon clans in the other branches.

“This water-elemental cultivator is the only son of the Third Elder in the Tongtian River Dragon Clan. He has cultivated for over 200 years,” Zhao Hongyu looked at the arena and said in a low voice.

“How about the fire-elemental cultivator at Xun-level?” Hao Ren continued to ask.

“I don’t know about him.” Zhao Hongyu shook her head.

With the East Ocean Dragon Palace’s resources, they could find out the background of the Xun-level cultivator, but it wasn’t necessary.

“The man standing over there is the Third Elder of Tongtian River Dragon Clan,” Zhao Guang nodded toward another direction of the arena and said.

Hao Ren looked toward the direction Zhao Guang indicated and saw an old man who was wearing a green and observing the match in the company of some other cultivators.

The old man seemed to be close to Kun-level, and Tongtian River Dragon Clan should be a big force from the sound of its name.

He was one of those who hoped their juniors could enter the Dragon God Shrine to get more experience and better resources for future development.

After reaching a high realm, the juniors could come back to the clan and act as elders even if they quit their position as inspectors. In short, they would have more options.


Another violent collision sounded from the arena.

After entering the top 24, they wouldn’t compete with martial arts techniques, and both parties would unleash their full strength and fight with nature essence.

The fire-elemental cultivator at Xun-level released clouds of fire, spreading them into the sky.

Water and fire were nemeses. In the sky above the arena, the fire clouds and water waves looked quite pretty.

The Dui-level cultivator used an Eight Gate Water Light Mirror, which was the most powerful dharma treasure of the Third Elder from Tongtian River Dragon Clan. Activated by water-elemental nature essence, it could release endless water without stopping.

With a painting scroll in his hand, the Xun-level cultivator was trying his best to absorb the water around his fire clouds. Although his dharma treasure was less powerful than the Dui-level cultivator’s, his realm was higher than his opponent.

Boom! A fire dragon rushed out from the Xun-level cultivator’s palm.

Hua! Hua!

The Xun-level cultivator waved both hands and released five more fire dragons!

Swoosh… The Eight Gate Water Light Mirror released eight strong light beams.


The Li Xia Arena where the Dui-level cultivator was standing on shattered instantly.

He couldn’t dodge the power of the six fire dragons!

Still, he raised the Eight Gates Water Light Mirror in the air, but his feet were on the ground.

Even the nearby cultivators felt the violent heat waves that were as hot as thousands of degrees!

If not for the protection of the top-tier dharma treasure, Eight Gates Water Light Mirror, the only son of the Third Elder of Tongtian River Dragon Clan would have had his hands and feet burned off.

“The winner is Wu Mao!”

Qin Shaoyang stood up and declared.

Upset, the Dui-level backed out of the arena while his identity token of ‘Ding Yin’ automatically flew into Qin Shaoyang’s hand.

The Third Elder from Tongtian River Dragon Clan cupped his hands at the Xun-level cultivator standing in the arena, saying, “Brother Liu, thank you for your mercy!”

“You are welcome. Your son has great talent, and he will have great prospects in next year’s Dragon God Shrine’s general exams!” the Xun-level cultivator said to the Third Elder of Tongtian River Dragon Clan.

Hearing their conversation, Hao Ren knew that they were acquaintances.

Graciously, the Xun-level cultivator wearing the ‘Wu Mao’ identity token slowly walked down from the arena. Immediately, several cultivators from his clan hurried toward him to hand him water and dry his sweat for him.

“The second match! Si Yin vs. Gen Yin!” A deputy examiner on the stand called out.

Bang! Bang!

Two Xun-level cultivators went into the arena at the same time.

One emitted yellow light while the other emitted green light.

“The last match was fought with care since both parties were acquaintances. But in this match, I’m afraid they will fight viciously,” standing by Hao Ren, Zhao Hongyu said.

Sure enough, the moment she said those words, the two cultivators abruptly released their nature essence; they were both at mid-tier Xun-level.

Meanwhile, a wooden ship engraved with dragons and phoenixes suddenly appeared in the sky above the arena.

All the cultivators looked up, including the two cultivators in the arena.

The wooden ship slowly landed on the Xia Zhi Arena, and Zeng Xin, Zeng Yitao, Premier Lu and twelve elders of the West Ocean Dragon Palace walked out!

Their group was even bigger than that of the East Ocean Dragon Palace’s! Among the twelve elders, six were at Qian-level, and the other six were at Kun-level!

At the appearance of the West Ocean Dragon Palace, Qin Shaoyang was surprised, and he was about to stand up from the armchair when he thought of his title as the main examiner and remained seated with forced calmness.

Zeng Xin led Zeng Yitao, Premier Lu, and the twelve elders through the arena toward Hao Ren and the others.

“It’s the West Ocean Dragon Palace…”

“Both East Ocean and West Ocean are here. What’s the matter?”

“It’s said they had a war recently…”

All kinds of gossip circulated the place.

“Oldman Zeng is really trying to act tough. He brought out all the remaining senior elders of the West Ocean Dragon Palace. The West Ocean Dragon Palace is vulnerable to sneak-attacks now,” Zhao Hongyu said in a low voice.

Despite her words, she was alarmed at the appearance of the West Ocean Dragon Palace; she locked her eyes on Zeng Xin.

Boom! As he approached Zhao Guang and the others, Oldman Zeng suddenly released the pressure of mid-tier Qian-level!

This violent presence overshadowed the presences of the two Xun-level cultivators in the arena!

The cultivators standing near Hao Ren immediately retreated several meters.

After all, it was no fun if the East Ocean Dragon Palace and the West Ocean Dragon Palace began to fight on the territory of the Dragon God Shrine.

“Don’t worry! Oldman Zeng is bluffing, and his real realm is not so high! He is probably at Dui-level, and the pressure he released is not stable, probably the result of secret elixirs!” Suddenly, Zhao Kuo’s deep voice came from behind Hao Ren and the others.

“Oldman Zeng is only at Dui-level?”

Astonished, Hao Ren looked at Zeng Xin who was walking toward them and found it quite unbelievable that this old dragon king of West Ocean was only at Dui-level.

However, Zhao Kuo must have his reasons to make such a judgment. After all, he had once been a master at peak Qian-level, only one step away from the Heavenly Dragon Realm. Thus, his judgment on realms was usually accurate.

“Hehe, Elder Zeng, why are you here?” Zhao Guang took half a step forward and asked with a smile.

“Humph! You East Ocean is here. There is no reason that I can’t be here!” At a wave of Zeng Xin’s hand, the wooden ship in the Xia Zhi Arena shrunk into the size of a fist and flew into his hand.

This dharma treasure of Zeng Xin’s seemed as powerful as Zhao Hongyu’s dharma treasure, River-Mountain Qian-Kun Painting.

Zeng Xin looked refreshed and high-spirited while Zeng Yitao by his side looked pale as if someone had just beaten him.

Standing by Hao Ren, Zhao Yanzi glared at Zeng Yitao with disdain.

“I just remembered that our Yitao’s dharma treasure is still in your hands, right?” Zeng Xin looked at Zhao Guang coldly.

The hundreds of cultivators standing nearby all looked at Zhao Guang and Zeng Xin instead of the two cultivators in the arena.

“Premier Xia, since they asked, you may return it to them,” Zhao Guang turned to Premier Xia and said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Premier Xia drew out the golden spear from his back and placed it in the hands of Premier Lu who was standing by Zeng Xin’s side.

Seeing the scratches on the body of the golden spear, Zeng Xin’s expression changed.

Yesterday, Zeng Yitao who had been staying in the West Ocean Dragon Palace suddenly rolled onto the ground in pain and suspected that it was because of his natal dharma treasure.

Then, Zeng Xin received the intelligence report, saying that the dragon king of the East Ocean Dragon Palace used the excuse of Hao Ren taking the Dragon God Shrine’s general exam and gone to the Dragon God Shrine. Oldman Zeng who had been recovering his strength couldn’t remain still anymore. He summoned the remaining ten plus elders of Qian-level and Kun-level and flew immediately toward the Dragon God Shrine.

Zeng Xin put the Coiled Dragon Golden Spear into Zeng Yitao’s hand, and his face changed again at the sight of Zhen Congming who was riding on the back of Little White behind Hao Ren.

The kid left him nightmarish memories!

His gaze turned to the other people around Zhao Guang, and he suddenly spotted Zhao Kuo.

Since the East Ocean Dragon Palace released the news that Zhao Kuo had passed the Heavenly Tribulation, no one had ever seen Zhao Kuo! Thus, the West Ocean Dragon Palace believed that Zhao Kuo failed the Heavenly Tribulation and died in the process!

That was why the West Ocean Dragon Palace decided to suppress the East Ocean Dragon Palace!

But now, Zeng Xin saw Zhao Kuo!

“Zhao Kuo is still alive, which means… Heavenly Dragon Realm… Zeng Xin, who had been trying his best to bluff, suddenly lost his courage, and his legs turned to jelly.

“Your Majesty, Zhao Kuo is now only at Dui-level,” a Qian-level elder leaned toward Oldman Zeng and whispered.


Oldman Zeng looked at Zhao Kuo again. Just a moment ago, he was startled at the sight of Zhao Kuo and looked away immediately. Now, upon a closer look, he found that Zhao Kuo was indeed only at Dui-level!

“Hahahaha!” Oldman Zeng’s courage returned immediately.

Zhao Kuo was not dead, but he didn’t succeed in passing the Heavenly Tribulation and was reduced to Dui-level! The East Ocean Dragon Palace was just an empty house now!

They had found the trick of the East Ocean Dragon Palace on their risky trip to the Dragon God Shrine!

Smugly, Oldman Zeng waved at the elders behind him, “Let’s go!”

If the East Ocean Dragon Palace could negotiate with the Dragon God Shrine, then the West Ocean Dragon Palace do it as well! After all, the West Ocean Dragon Palace had resources such as the West Ocean Mystic Ice!

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