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Chapter 421: Third Uncle, Please!

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Oldman Zeng, who was walking toward the Dragon God Shrine, stopped at the entrance for a moment before two inspectors led him, Zeng Yitao and Premier Lu into the Dragon God Shrine. The rest of the elders could only stay outside.

As West Ocean Dragon Palace’s people entered the Dragon God Shrine, Zhao Guang showed a hint of concern. The East Ocean Dragon Palace came to the Dragon God Shrine to regain something that belonged to them, and the West Ocean Dragon Palace came to the Dragon God Shrine too…


While everyone was looking toward the Dragon God Shrine, the two Xun-level cultivators started fighting in the arena.

The appearance of the West Ocean Dragon Palace not only concerned Zhao Guang, but also the two cultivators on the arena.

In the past, the four ocean dragon palaces were never involved with the Dragon God Shrine, and cultivators from the four ocean dragon palaces never appeared in the general exams at the Dragon God Shrine either.

However, this time, not only did the East Ocean Dragon Palace sent their Fuma, but the West Ocean Dragon Palace also appeared at the Dragon God Shrine on the last day!

This meant that the four ocean dragon palaces might send their own cultivators to the general exams at the Dragon God Shrine in the future!

There were a lot of cultivators in the four ocean dragon palaces. If they decide to join the general exams, future competitions would become more intense than ever!


The two cultivators’ nature essence collided with each other in the middle of the arena.

The appearance of the East Ocean Dragon Clan and West Ocean Dragon Clan threatened them and made them fight even harder! If they lost this round, they would only have a one-year contract as an assisting inspector, which meant that they would have to compete against the cultivators from the four ocean dragon palaces in the future.

The fierce nature essence swiped through the east exam area, and the pressure suffocated the low-level cultivators. The two cultivators in blue robes constantly changed their positions. Each time they collided with each other, the low-leveled cultivators experienced chest pain!


Another small arena was bombarded by the nature essence and became a pile of gravel.

The wood-elemental Xun-level cultivator and the earth-elemental Xun-level cultivator both exerted all their strengths and used everything they got!


Another splash of nature essence flew out from the chaotic battle.

A young cultivator at the front was caught off guard and got knocked out by the nature essence.

Wa…. Shoo… Shoo…

The wood-elemental nature essence and the earth-elemental nature essence collided with each other fiercely, and all kinds of chaotic energy flew in all directions.

As they fell into an intense battle, the two Xun-level cultivators, who were determined to defeat their opponents, didn’t care about the audience.

The low-leveled cultivators could not stand the repercussions of the Xun-level cultivators’ attacks. Even though they all backed up immediately, a lot of the low-leveled cultivators still got hit on the faces, shoulders, and heads.

Suddenly, two dashes of nature essence that contained wood-elements and earth-elements glowed as they flew directly toward Hao Ren.

Zhao Yanzi, who was standing next to Zhao Hongyu, panicked as she suddenly saw two razor-sharp arrow-like energy flying toward her.


Hao Ren’s right hand suddenly shielded Zhao Yanzi’s face, and the two dashes of nature essence hit Hao Ren right in his palm.

Hao Ren caught the two dashes of energy with his hand at lightning speed!

Zhao Yanzi’s shrugged shoulders slowly relaxed as she sighed.

She turned around and looked at Hao Ren.

At that moment, she didn’t know what to say.

“It’s too dangerous here. You should go to the back…” Hao Ren said to Zhao Yanzi.

Zhao Yanzi, who was confused, heard Hao Ren’s comment and suddenly showed her teeth and said, “I don’t want to! I am not scared of those things anyway!”

As she finished, two more dashes of nature essence flew toward her again.

Hao Ren withdrew his right hand intentionally.

Zhao Yanzi bent over and screamed as she saw the two dashes of nature essence flying toward her. Suddenly, Hao Ren reached out and caught the two dashes of energy at the last moment.

Zhao Yanzi, who was holding her head, looked up at Hao Ren before she suddenly pouted her lips and lightly punched Hao Ren.

“Jerk! Stop playing tricks on me!” she said.

Xie Yujia could not help but smile as she looked at Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi.

Bang! Bang!

Both the south-east corner and the south side of the grand arena collapsed.

The turbulence along with the scattered rocks of the arena flew toward all directions like bullets. Cultivators below Dui-level had to hide to avoid getting injured.


Zhen Congming, who remained quiet, formed a cyan colored energy sphere.

The energy sphere surrounded Hao Ren and the rest of them. All the scattered rocks turned into dust as they hit the energy sphere.

Most of the dragon cultivators weren’t good at forming energy spheres and array formations. The only energy sphere they could create was the red energy sphere that could hide them from mortals’ sight.

At that moment, without any preparation, Zhen Congming suddenly formed a protective array formation and grabbed many other cultivators’ attention.

“Useless. let me show you what I can do!” Zhen Congming, who was sitting on Little White’s back, snapped his finger.

Suddenly, the cyan light glowed brighter and formed two rapidly expanding light walls, covering the grand arena and other small arenas in the surrounding.

The nature essences and rocks that hit the light walls immediately turned into dust!

Zhen Congming effortlessly formed a huge energy sphere that covered the entire east exam area!

Elders from different clans looked at Zhen Congming and thought, “The East Ocean Dragon Palace, no wonder they have such a well-deserved reputation.”

It was at this moment when Oldman Zeng walked out from the Dragon God Shrine along with Zeng Yitao and Premier Lu.

The two inspectors from the Dragon God Shrine led them to the entrance and did not go any further.

Oldman Zeng greeted the elders who stayed outside by the entrance and led them toward the arena.

As Oldman Zeng was about to step into the viewing area, a bright light suddenly raised at the tip of his foot.

Energy sphere!

Inside the arena, the green and yellow nature essence shook continuously.

The energy sphere that Zhen Congming formed was created by absorbing the scattered nature essences from the two Xun-level cultivators.

As Oldman Zeng was blocked by the energy sphere, his face turned pale and was embarrassed.

The elders behind him stepped up and were about to break the energy sphere, but Oldman Zeng suddenly yelled, “Stop!”

However, right after he yelled, the energy sphere that covered the entire east exam area suddenly collapsed.

During the fierce battle between the two Xun-level cultivators, the nature essence from both sides broke out at their peak. As the energy sphere suddenly collapsed, all kinds of scattered nature essences and rocks flew toward the crowd of cultivators.

All the cultivators who laid down their guards because of the protection of the energy sphere were caught off guard and got wounded.

Even the elders from some clans were thrown into a panic!

In an instant, all cultivators looked toward Oldman Zeng who just walked out from the Dragon God Shrine. Their stares were filled with anger!

“Just because the West Ocean Dragon Palace wants to enter the viewing area, they broke the energy sphere and caused many injuries among the cultivators from different clans. They do look down upon weaker clans… As expected, the West Ocean Dragon Palace does handle things rudely and unreasonably!”

Oldman Zeng saw all the hatred from the crowd as he felt wronged. In fact, the energy sphere collapsed before they did anything to it…

However, no explanation would work at this moment. All Oldman Zeng could do was groan and lead the elders toward the arena.

Although all the cultivators did not say a word, they were disgusted with the West Ocean Dragon Palace.

Zhen Congming, on the other hand, sat on Little White’s back and smiled. With a small tactic, he made all the clans at the arena start to hate the West Ocean Dragon Palace!

In contrast, the East Ocean Dragon Palace, who offered an energy sphere to protect the cultivators, made good impressions to the clans.

“Good job,” Hao Ren said to Zhen Congming quietly.

“Don’t mention it!” Zhen Congming said proudly.


Another small arena was razed to the ground.

The wood-elemental cultivator, who was glowing in green, started to show signs of weakness.

Although the earth-elemental cultivator was not as powerful as he was before, he clenched his teeth and was fighting even more fiercely.

A stamp-shaped dharma treasure flew out from the earth-elemental cultivator’s chest and shot toward the wood-elemental cultivator.

The wood-elemental cultivator got hit directly by the stamp, and he spat a mouthful of blood and flew out of the arena.

However, a green vine was released from his hand, and it turned into a streak of green light and shot toward the earth-elemental cultivator’s head!

“Still struggling!” The earth-elemental cultivator glowed in yellow as the stamp doubled its size and directly shot through the wood-elemental cultivator’s chest!

The stamp hit the ground and formed a huge pit, and the wood-elemental cultivator fell into the pit, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.

“Ji Yin, victory,” Qin Shaoyang stood up and said coldly.

Immediately, two level 2 inspectors, who were standing on the side of the arena, rushed toward the wood-elemental cultivator and dragged him out of the pit.

The elders from the wood-elemental cultivator’s clan hurriedly took him in and tried to heal him.

As the wood-elemental cultivator’s chest was shot through by the earth-elemental cultivator’s dharma treasure, and it seemed like he would not be able to make it.

During the most intense part of the combat exams at the Dragon God Shrine, cultivators usually had to face difficult opponents and gave everything they’ve got to win. Each year, there would be one or two cases where cultivators were severely injured or died in battle.

The earth-elemental cultivator withdrew his stamp-shaped dharma treasure and slowly walked away from the arena while clenching his chest. It seemed like he was suffering from internal injuries as well.

Qin Shaoyang took the wood-elemental cultivator’s identity token from his waist and waved his hand. “Next.”

Zhao Yanzi looked at the wood-elemental cultivator whose eyes were lustreless and suddenly pulled Hao Ren’s robe as she frowned. “Hao Ren, don’t get up there!”

Just a second later, Zhao Kuo took a huge step and entered the arena!

Hao Ren gritted his teeth and freed his hands from Zhao Yanzi before he walked toward the large arena.

“You can’t defeat my uncle, so don’t go, please!” Zhao Yanzi looked at Hao Ren and yelled.

Hao Ren didn’t turn around. He jumped into the arena and cupped his hands before his chest. “Third Uncle, please!”

Oldman Zeng widened his eyes and looked at Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo who were standing in the arena.

“Hold Up!”

At this crucial moment, Su Han, who was standing on the side of the arena, suddenly yelled.

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