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Chapter 423: More Experienced?!

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The cultivators in the Ren Yin group and the Yi Mao group all had a taste of the power of the fundamental boxing techniques which were more powerful in the hands of Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo.

The fundamental boxing techniques of the East Ocean Dragon Palace looked ordinary, but they were the foundations for the soldiers of the East Ocean Dragon Clan who had to be ready for battles and wars.

The soldiers were mostly low-leveled cultivators with little talent, and they didn’t possess high realms to use powerful techniques like the elders. Their way of earning merits was to fight wars and win honors in the army.

That was why this set of boxing techniques didn’t have any fancy yet less effective strikes, and they were aimed at vital spots such as important organs and body parts.

Bang! Bang!

Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo hit each other’s chest with their right fists, and the ground they stood on collapsed by half a meter!

Bang! Bang…

Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo entangled with each other while their fists and feet struck each other so fast that the audience couldn’t see clearly.

Bang…Their shoulders got punched by each other.

Whoosh… They each retreated three steps.

After they regained their balances, the ground beneath their feet collapsed into deep holes. They were both directing the energy from their opponent out of their body and into the ground, and the hard floor of the arenas couldn’t hold together.

“Dad…” Zhao Yanzi looked at Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo as she yelled at Zhao Guang with concern.

Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren were engaged in a fierce battle, showing each other no mercy.

Zhao Guang locked his eyes on the arena and didn’t answer her.

Sword energies rushed into the space between Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo while they continued to fight fiercely.

They leaped up into the air again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! They fought their way from the air to the arena.

Zhao Kuo kicked at Hao Ren, and the latter dodged. However, the Li Qiu Arena that Hao Ren stood on collapsed with a bang.

Leaping high, Hao Ren punched at Zhao Kuo, but Zhao Kuo moved aside by half a meter. As a result, Hao Ren’s fist turned the Jing Zhe Arena below Zhao Kuo into debris.

One punch and one kick each destroyed an arena, and it was clear that a ton of nature essence was empowering these two moves.

“Is this still a battle between a Gen-level cultivator and a Dui-level cultivator?” The surrounding cultivators were shocked by the sight as they thought, “Such kicks and punches would inflict the same damage to cultivators’ bodies as the dharma treasures!”

While the audience was stupified, Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren’s elbows collided with each other.

Like two balloons that were crashing into each other, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo’s feet also collided with each other, and they were bounced back for hundreds of meters.

Bang! Bang!

The small arenas Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo landed on were instantly shattered. Before the audience could react, they leaped into the high sky like flying cranes and exchanged attacks in the air.

Bang! Bang… They fell onto the grand arena from the air. Faster than Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo swept his leg toward Hao Ren and turned a region of the grand arena into dust.

Bang! Hao Ren blocked Zhao Kuo’s leg with both fists and fought back.

Bang! Bang! He turned the arena beneath Zhao Kuo’s feet into dust as well.

To the audience, they were not fighting but destroying the arenas.

“Mom, why are Third Uncle and Hao Ren fighting like this?” Seeing Zhao Guang ignore her, Zhao Yanzi turned to Zhao Hongyu and asked.

“Your third uncle and Hao Ren don’t want to injure each other, and they are trying to force each other out,” Zhao Hongyu said.

“Force each other out…” Zhao Yanzi thought for a moment and understood.

With the small arenas all destroyed and the grand arena significantly damaged, the places that they could stand on would get smaller, and the battle would become even more difficult. The person who couldn’t block the other’s attack would fall to the ground and lose the match.

“Dragon King Zhao…”

At this moment, a voice interrupted the conversation between Zhao Yanzi and Zhao Hongyu.

Zhao Guang, who had been watching the competition, turned his head and saw an old wood-elemental cultivator walking to his side with two young wood-elemental cultivators; they were all looking at him with respect.

“I’m Song Xi, the First Elder of the Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan. I want to express our gratitude to East Ocean for giving us the elixir pill,” the elder introduced himself and said.

Baffled, Zhao Guang looked at him and wondered, “Although the Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan is a big force in the wood-elemental dragon clans, East Ocean is far from them, and we don’t have a close relationship.”

“In the future, if the East Ocean Dragon Palace needs the help of the Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan, we’ll do our best,” the wood-elemental elder cupped his hands at Zhao Guang and said.

“Elder Song, you are too kind. As members of the Dragon Tribe, it’s our duty to help each other,” Zhao Guang said.

“I’ll always remember the East Ocean Dragon Palace’s generosity. After my disciple recovers, we’ll pay you a visit.” The First Elder nodded at Zhao Guang and left with the two young wood-elemental cultivators.

Zhao Guang suddenly saw the wood-elemental Xun-level cultivator who battled on stage not long ago, and he realized why they came to him.

He turned to look at Xie Yujia and got a bit emotional.

Due to the recent upheavals, the reputation of the East Ocean Dragon Clan in the Dragon Tribe dropped to a new low, and many of the dragon forces thought that they were very aggressive and demolished the West Ocean Dragon Palace on purpose.

However, Xie Yujia saved the unknown wood-elemental cultivator with her elixir pills, making the Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan see the East Ocean Dragon Clan in a new light.

Since the elixir pill was delivered to them by the East Ocean’s Fuma’s spirit beast, the Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan credited everything to the East Ocean Dragon Clan.

According to the First Elder, he would bring the Xun-level cultivator to the East Ocean Dragon Palace to express their gratitude, which meant that they wouldn’t come empty-handed.

The Yuhuang Mountain Dragon Clan had a low-profile but enjoyed an impeccable reputation. In the southwest area, they were not the most powerful in strength, but their words held the highest weight.

In other words, Xie Yujia improved the situation for the East Ocean Dragon Palace with one elixir pill.

Zhao Guang turned to look at Zhao Hongyu, and latter nodded with understanding.

Xie Yujia brought great fortune to the East Ocean Dragon Palace!

In the future, the two of them need to be more considerate toward Xie Yujia and offer more business opportunities to her parents in the U.S.

Bang! In the arena, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo crashed into each other again.

Sore and numb all over, Hao Ren’s sword energies became messy. Since the sword energies were created by his nature essence, they represented Hao Ren’s current state.

Zhao Kuo’s sword energies took the opportunity to hack toward the arena beneath Hao Ren instead of stabbing toward his body.

Crack… The hard rocks instantly turned into dust. The sword energies created by the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll were as sharp as dharma treasures and could shatter these special rocks easily.

Hao Ren retreated quickly, but Zhao Kuo’s sword energies swept beneath his feet! The moment he lifted his feet, the rocks under him turned into dust!

“No! Hao Ren will lose,” Zhao Yanzi blurted out.

Zhao Hongyu turned to look at her and realized that Zhao Yanzi wanted Hao Ren to win after all. However, she didn’t point it out and turned her gaze to the center of the arena.

After all, faced with Zhao Kuo who had been at peak Qian-level, Hao Ren had done a great job lasting for so long.

Hua… Hao Ren retreated fast and was already at the edge of the arena; that was the limit.

The eight small arenas at the beginning of their battle were now all destroyed, and they had little ground to stand on in the grand arena.


Zhao Kuo’s last wave of sword energies swept over, and the rocks beneath Hao Ren’s feet immediately broke.

With the protection of his 320 sword energies, Hao Ren tried to jump toward one of the last remaining rocks in the arena.

“You are trapped. Surrender!” With his sword energies, Zhao Kuo destroyed that piece of rock before Hao Ren could land.

He left no place for Hao Ren to land.

Dang! Dang… Hao Ren sent 160 sword energies to block Zhao Kuo’s sword energies while he leaped over to another rock in the distance.

“In your dreams!” After a long battle, Zhao Kuo finally got the upper hand, and he wouldn’t give Hao Ren the chance to regain his footing.

The 640 sword energies shot toward 12 places, shattering all the landing areas in the surroundings!

By now, in the entire east exam area that had 12 small arenas and one grand arena, only the stone pillar with an area of half a square meter under Zhao Kuo’s feet was left.

“It is done,” Zhao Guang said pitifully.

Boom… Zhao Kuo’s sword energies withdrew from all directions.

His 640 sword energies guarded eight directions, each group containing 80 sword energies. He formed the magnificent and most powerful central defense array— Eight Trigram Array.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two sword energies appeared beneath Hao Ren’s feet and supported him in the air.

“Such high-level sword energies!” Some cultivators recognized it and blurted out.

The dragon cultivators, except for Qian-level and Kun -level cultivators who could use their nature essence efficiently, had to use dharma treasures to fly.

At Gen-level, Hao Ren could hover in the air without any dharma treasures. It was a great feat in the eyes of the others.

Outside of the arena, Oldman Zeng also looked surprised. Releasing sword beams and sword energies were not extraordinary, but supporting one’s body with sword energies was. It meant that the sword energies were almost as powerful as dharma treasures!

It meant that each of Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies was a dharma treasure!

Hua! Hua!

Zhao Kuo released two groups of 20 sword energies.

Hao Ren’s body shifted and dodged the 40 sword energies as he looked down at Zhao Kuo.

The 40 sword energies returned to Zhao Kuo, and his 640 sword energies rotated around him slowly.

Zhao Kuo used his defensive stance, and Hao Ren was exposed in the air like a moving target.

The flashing competition became a battle of defense and attack.

The key here was whether or not Hao Ren could destroy the stone pillar under Zhao Kuo’s feet.

Standing in the air, Hao Ren slowly tightened his fists, and his 320 sword energies lined up in order.

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