Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0425

Chapter 425: Break Your Killing Tribulation!

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Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword whistled toward Hao Ren.

The blade of the black Killing Tribulation shined a dazzling light.

The 320 five-colored sword energies around Zhao Kuo attached themselves onto the tri-point double-edge sword, releasing magnificent aura!

It happened in an instant, and Hao Ren didn’t have any time to dodge; he hurriedly condensed his 160 sword energies to form a shield.

Crack! The tri-point double-edge sword easily broke through Hao Ren’s sword energy defense. With a twist of his wrist, Zhao Kuo turned the stabbing motion into a slap, smashing the body of the heavy tri-point double-edge sword onto Hao Ren’s chest.

The Killing Tribulation weighed about 3,250 kilograms!

Hao Ren felt like his chest was going to shatter as blood spurted from his mouth, and he flew backward.

“Uncle!” Zhao Yanzi tensed up and yelled.

However, Zhao Kuo didn’t stop. With an arc of light, the tri-point double-edge sword crashed onto the ground and bounced back, pushing Zhao Kuo toward Hao Ren.

With his tri-point double-edge sword, Zhao Kuo didn’t need to fly on sword energies to keep him from falling to the ground!

Swoosh! Black-faced and black-bearded, Zhao Kuo flew like a shooting star toward Hao Ren with the black Killing Tribulation in his hand, and he quickly caught up with Hao Ren.


The tri-point double-edge sword struck toward Hao Ren’s heels!

Snap! Snap!

With two crisp noises, the sword energies under Hao Ren’s feet immediately scattered!

Seeing the sword coming at his feet, Hao Ren transferred his nature essence into his legs and caught Zhao Kuo’s Killing Tribulation in between his feet!

However, his strength was no match for Zhao Kuo’s!

With a naked upper body, Zhao Kuo put strength into his arms which then expanded as thick as water barrels, and he sent Hao Ren flying hundreds of meters upward!


Zhao Kuo smashed his tri-point double-edge sword onto the ground, and his massive body shot up like a rocket. Meanwhile, his 320 sword energies suddenly left Killing Tribulation and flew to the ground before rising abruptly!

Zhao Kuo’s momentum soon got canceled by gravity, but he struck his tri-point double-edge sword onto his sword energies!

Bang! The stronger repulsive force of the collision sent Zhao Kuo further up!

All his movements were done in one breath!

The cultivators in the area gaped since they had never seen such a fierce battle before.

In the blink of an eye, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo were both 200 meters from the ground.

However, Hao Ren who was flying on his sword energies was in a passive situation.

Hua! Hua…

Zhao Kuo swirled his heavy tri-point double-edge sword like a windmill.

In the face of Zhao Kuo’s Killing Tribulation, Hao Ren’s 160 sword energies were scattered easily.

Dang! Dang… Zhao Kuo’s 320 sword energies followed him like shadows as he struck his tri-point double-edge sword toward Hao Ren’s sword energies, and Zhao Kuo could change positions in the high sky by hitting his weapon against his sword energies.

Without a flight dharma treasure or having to fly on his sword energies, Zhao Kuo didn’t fall to the ground. In addition, Hao Ren couldn’t escape from him!

Like a ball, Hao Ren was chased by Zhao Kuo from east to west, and then from west to south.

The 160 sword energies barely guarded Hao Ren’s body, and he couldn’t fight back at all!

Bang! Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword scattered Hao Ren’s 160 sword energies again.

However, the scattered 160 sword energies condensed back together immediately like bees.

“Kid, surrender!” Zhao Kuo hacked toward Hao Ren and yelled in a deep voice.

“I still have one breath left in me!” Hao Ren yelled.

Bang! Hao Ren’s 160 sword energies were scattered again.

In such a fierce competition, Hao Ren had no time to organize and use his sword arrays, and Zhao Kuo wasn’t planning to fight Hao Ren with sword energies as well, knowing that Hao Ren’s sword arrays were stronger than his.

He would beat Hao Ren to submission with his Killing Tribulation, so that latter would know the great power of Zi’s Third Uncle and the Killing Tribulation and wouldn’t dare to bully Zi anymore!

As Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren battled in the sky, the cultivators around the ruined arenas had all kinds of emotions on their faces. Most of them were astonished by the fact that the match between a Gen-level cultivator and a Dui-level cultivator was even fiercer than a battle between two Xun-level cultivators.

“Good! Kill each other!” Oldman Zeng stood beside the arena and said in satisfaction while stroking his beard.

The moment he murmured those words, dozens of sword energies from the battle shot toward him swiftly!

Hurriedly, Oldman Zeng raised his arms to block them but failed. With a thud, he fell to the ground. Although his aura was on the level of Qian-level, his real strength was only at Dui-level.

“Sorry! It was an accident!” With the Killing Tribulation in his hand, Zhao Kuo yelled while he chased Hao Ren in the battle.

Oldman Zeng struggled up and was greatly disgraced as the old dragon king of the West Ocean Dragon Palace.

He was about to say something to save his face when Zhao Kuo’s sword energies collided with Hao Ren’s, and dozens of sword energies flew toward him again.

Prepared, the 12 elders of West Ocean immediately stood before Oldman Zeng to protect him.

However, the sword energies collided with each other again on the way and changed their direction, shooting toward Zeng Yitao!

Two elders rushed over to block them and were sent flying by half a meter.

“The weapons are blind. Be careful, everyone!” Zhao Kuo yelled again.


Many cultivators outside of the arenas yelled at the same time.

Their responses weren’t just an answer to Zhao Kuo’s warning, but also a subtle way to express their satisfaction with the ‘accidents’.

After all, Oldman Zeng’s arrogant appearance with the elders of West Ocean brought resentment to the cultivators in the area.

Therefore, when the bold Zhao Kuo embarrassed the West Ocean Dragon Palace twice in the ‘accidents’, it gave the crowd great satisfaction.

“Well done! Kid!” Zhao Kuo returned his gaze to Hao Ren and said.

“He deserved it!” Hao Ren answered while he dodged Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword.

Among the dozens of sword energies, some came from Hao Ren!

While they were battling fiercely, they heard Oldman Zeng’s gloating words and immediately turned the sword energies at him.

They coordinated well even though they were in a fierce fight!

Looking at the agile sword energies, Oldman Zeng didn’t dare to utter another word at the sideline of the arena. His face turned from livid to red while his body shivered violently with pent-up rage.

“Surrender!” Zhao Kuo shattered a patch of ground with his tri-point double-edge sword before leaping up into the air again.

Hao Ren immediately tried to block it but fell for ten meters!


Zhao Kuo hacked at him again with the tri-point double-edge sword.

Having nowhere to dodge, Hao Ren was forced down another ten meters!


Zhao Kuo repeated his attack.

Hao Ren’s body dropped 20 meters, and the shocks his body received messed up his nature essence, making it hard for him to condense his sword energies.

If his body was not tempered by heavenly lightning, he would have been ripped apart by Zhao Kuo’s attacks even if the 160 sword energies protected him.

Despite all this, Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword shattered his sword energies and hacked onto his shoulder, opening his old wound.

As blood gushed out from his shoulder, Zhao Kuo hacked toward him again with his tri-point double-edge sword!


The sword energy’s Hao Ren condensed with great difficulty were scattered again.

Zhao Kuo’s intention was clear; it was to beat Hao Ren to the ground!

Seeing the match entering this stage, the viewing cultivators all had their hearts in their throats. They shivered lightly as if Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword hit their bodies.

Some high-leveled cultivators wondered if they could withstand Zhao Kuo’s fierce attacks and shook their heads afterward.


It was another vicious swing of the sword.

Not able to remain standing, Hao Ren’s body almost touched the ground with his face down!

“Surrender, and I’ll make you lose gracefully!” Zhao Kuo said while swinging the tri-point double-edge sword.

“I haven’t lost!” Hao Ren yelled.

“You are still stubborn! I’ll make you surrender!” Zhao Kuo moved his hands to the end of the handle of his sword and drew the biggest arc in the air before striking toward Hao Ren’s back.

If it hit, Hao Ren would drop to the ground face down instantly!

Dang! Dang… Hao Ren’s sword energies shot out together.

Bang! The Killing Tribulation in Zhao Kuo’s hands suddenly exploded!

The Killing Tribulation that was very heavy and sturdy suddenly shattered.

Without the support of his weapon, Zhao Kuo lost his balance and fell!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Hao Ren hadn’t had the strength to fight back, but Zhao Kuo’s tri-point double-edge sword broke!

Swoosh! Hao Ren’s body flew five meters forward, and he found the balance.

Since Zhao Kuo’s weapon was made of water-elemental materials, Hao Ren purposefully increased his earth-elemental sword energies and hit the same location on the sword.

Zhao Kuo’s movements with the tri-point double-edge sword were swift, but Hao Ren’s sword energies were faster. During each collision, they hit the same spot on the tri-point double-edge sword with accuracy!

Among the five elements, earth countered water.

After hundreds of collisions, Hao Ren finally shattered the water-elemental tri-point double-edge sword with his sword energies!

Without the support of the tri-point double-edge sword, Zhao Kuo start dropping to the ground in a straight line!

Hao Ren learned the flying sword technique from Fifth Heaven, but Zhao Kuo never liked flight dharma treasures and flew around with his Qian-level nature essence. Therefore, that was why he couldn’t fly on his sword energies.

Panting, Hao Ren watched Zhao Kuo fall as he felt exhausted all over, and the dragon core in his body cracked.

At his current state, he couldn’t recover to his full strength even if he took elixir pills

Zhao Kuo fell straight to the ground, but the moment before his head crashed into the ground, the black dragon tattoo on his chest suddenly began to swim around his body!

Roar! Zhao Kuo turned into a black dragon!

“Damn! He can do this?!” Hao Ren immediately flew back on his sword energies.

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