Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0426

Chapter 426: Slaying the Dragon

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After turning into a black dragon, Zhao Kuo could naturally fly. He was determined to win the match!

As long as he didn’t fall to the ground, he didn’t lose the match! After all, the rules for the combat exams at the Dragon God Shrine didn’t prohibit transforming into dragons.

In the previous matches, the cultivators didn’t turn into dragons despite the fierceness of the matches. That was because they couldn’t use their powerful techniques and had to compete with physical strength only. Besides, the dragon cultivators usually wouldn’t want to turn into their dragon forms unless they were in deadly danger.

Zhao Kuo’s transformation into a dragon at this moment surpassed everyone’s expectation.

“Third Uncle, you are cheating!” Zhao Yanzi blurted out as she stood on the sideline of the arena.

After all, only the cultivators above Dui-level could transform into dragons. At Dui-level, dragon cores would have enough unlocked openings, which provided the necessary nature essence for the dragon cultivators to transform into dragons.

However, Hao Ren was only at Gen-level.

Boom! While everyone was looking at Zhao Kuo’s magnificent black dragon form in astonishment, Hao Ren suddenly shed his blue robe and became a small silver dragon!

“What… is this!”

Everyone including Oldman Zeng was stupefied.

After all, transforming into a dragon at Gen-level was beyond common senses!

Zhao Kuo, who was about to press Hao Ren to the ground with his claws, paused in the air in astonishment as well.

However, Hao Ren didn’t hesitate and flew up with a sway of his body!

He was in high spirit while he battled with Zhao Kuo. After seeing the latter transforming into a dragon, he immediately turned into a dragon as well!

Transforming into the dragon form consumed a great deal of nature essence and would cause some damage to the body, and that was why the dragon cultivators rarely did it.

Hao Ren forced himself into the dragon form at only Gen-level, thus causing greater damage to his body!

While the audience was still in shock, the small silver dragon and the black dragon began battling in the high sky above the arena!

Both Zhao Kuo, the black dragon, and Hao Ren, the silver dragon, were hornless; they were known as Chi Dragons.

Although the body of the silver dragon was only one-fourth to one-third the size of the black dragon and looked weaker, it still had a length of more than 100 meters.

Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies were suddenly released.

Zhao Kuo’s 640 sword energies also appeared!


Hao Ren released an aura and created another 320 sword energies, increasing the number of his sword energies to 640, the same as Zhao Kuo’s!

Wow! The audience member looked up and exclaimed in astonishment like mortals.

Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren each had 640 sword energies which encircled their dragon forms with mysterious colors.

The sword energies were their nature essence. Even in dragon forms, Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren, who cultivated the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, didn’t need any dharma treasures to use their techniques!

Although Hao Ren’s dragon form was smaller than Zhao Kuo’s, his body looked heavier with the 640 sword energies encircling him.

Clap! Clap… Before the two dragons got close, their sword energies began to collide with each other fiercely.

The 1280 sword energies traveled with each other.

Riding on the sword energies, Hao Ren’s speed was greater than Zhao Kuo’s.

The small silver dragon shot up into the high sky in a straight line, and the black dragon followed closely.

Suddenly, the silver dragon paused in the sky.

Zhao Kuo was about to strike his claws onto Hao Ren, but he suddenly realized that he was trapped.

The 640 sword energies formed the Four Gates Base Guard Array Formation!

The dense sword energies formed four square arrays in four directions.

Zhao Kuo, who was flying up to chase Hao Ren, had the middle portion of his body trapped in the center of the array!

The sword array was activated!

The 640 sword energies instantly closed!

Zhao Kuo tried to flee, but his dragon form was hundreds of meters long. Instantly, he felt great pain in his middle section!

The sword energies hacked into Zhao Kuo’s dragon form while the five-elemental sword energies connected and became unbreakable!

At only mid-tier Gen-level, Hao Ren’s sword array was quite weak when he forced himself to activate the 640 sword energies. Otherwise, this attack would have cut Zhao Kuo into two!

Chi Dragons were the weakest dragons, and they had no hard scales on their bodies. Thus, the sword energies all cut into Zhao Kuo’s body!

Slaying the dragon!

“Roar!” Zhao Kuo roared, almost shattering the only remaining stone pillar in the arena.

“Third Uncle!” Zhao Yanzi yelled immediately, feeling hurt for Zhao Kuo.

Black blood oozed from Zhao Kuo’s dragon form.

The five-elemental sword energies stabbed into Zhao Kuo’s dragon form from four directions with doubled power. They buzzed and interacted with each other, almost cutting off Zhao Kuo’s supply of nature essence.

Even though the watching cultivators had never experienced the sword arrays, they knew that this sword array formation was of extraordinary power.

Bang! Zhao Kuo’s dragon form dropped from the sky, sending countless debris flying.

The sword array formation built by Hao Ren’s 640 sword energies struck down a black dragon! The cultivators in the audience were all stunned.

Oldman Zeng of the West Ocean Dragon Palace was dumbfounded as well.

He thought Zhao Kuo’s failure in the Heavenly Tribulation and the drop to Dui-level was great news for the West Ocean Dragon Palace, but he now realized that the previously insignificant Hao Ren was even more powerful than Zhao Kuo!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Two low-leveled cultivators who had been looking up at the high sky suddenly realized that their robes were gone.

While they were panicking, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili flew up into the high sky and put the robes on Hao Ren from the front and the back.

Returning to his human form, Hao Ren landed on the stone pillar in the arena with steady feet.

“Ren Yin is the winner,” Qin Shaoyang stood up and said reluctantly.

He lifted his hand, and the identity token of Yi Mao which had fallen flew into his hand and instantly turned black.

“Gongzi, this is yours!” Lu Lili picked up Hao Ren’s identity token from the ground in the distance and handed it to him.

Premier Xia, who had been standing beside Zhao Guang, rushed into the arena and took out a sheet of silk from his storage space and spread it across Zhao Kuo’s wounded body before yelling anxiously, “Third Lord! Third Lord!”

“Grunt…” Zhao Kuo returned to his human form and spat out half a mouthful of blood.

“Third Uncle…” Zhao Yanzi rushed to Zhao Kuo’s side, crying.

“Hehehe… Your third uncle can’t do it…” Zhao Kuo looked at Zhao Yanzi with a forced smile.

“Third Uncle, don’t die!” Zhao Yanzi picked up Zhao Kuo’s rough hand while tears fell from her cheeks.

Squatting by Zhao Kuo’s side, Premier Xia choked at Zhao Yanzi’s words.

“Third Lord even survived the Heavenly Tribulation; how could he die of Fuma’s sword array?” he thought.

“Princess, Third Lord meant that he couldn’t beat Fuma,” Premier Xia whispered to Zhao Yanzi.

“Oh! Oh… You meant that…” Zhao Yanzi immediately turned her gaze to Zhao Kuo and said, “Third Uncle, you are the most powerful man in my heart! Always!”

“Hehe… I wanted to teach that kid a lesson for you…”

“You don’t have to do that, Third Uncle! I can teach him a lesson myself!” Zhao Yanzi stood up abruptly.

“Hao Ren, I won’t forgive you for wounding Third Uncle this bad!”

She was about to walk to Hao Ren who was standing on the stone pillar, but Hao Ren pointed his finger at Qin Shaoyang and said coldly, “Examiner Qin, I want to challenge you!”

Wow! The audience was shocked.

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