Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0432

Chapter 432: Treating All!

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A few thousand soldiers were busy putting up these 3000 roundtables, and the chairs were neatly arranged at each table.

Similar to embattlement, these tables were arranged in an organized manner. Since each table could seat 20 people, it meant that there would be around 60,000 people attending the banquet!

“Haha, the Dragon God Festival is a huge festival for dragon cultivators including the East Ocean Dragon Palace. That’s the reason for the large-scale gathering.” Premier Xia saw Hao Ren’s shocked expression and walked toward him to explain. He suddenly changed his tone and said, “However, on the day of you and the princess’ wedding, I’m afraid the scale of the gathering is going to be ten times larger!”

Ten times larger!

Possibly 30,000 tables!

“Premier Xia, what are you talking about!”

Right at that moment, Zhao Yanzi’s cute voice appeared.

Hao Ren turned around and saw Zhao Yanzi, who was dressed in a red ancient dress, hopping toward him.

“Haha, what brings the princess here?” Premier Xia’s face turned red, and he changed the topic as he saw Zhao Yanzi.

“Just here to check on the preparation,” Zhao Yanzi looked around and asked, “Where’s Third Uncle?”

Her red dress was made by layers of material called Luoyan Silk, and there were two belts on both sides of her waist; they ‘danced’ gently along with Zhao Yanzi’s movements.

Also, her hair was tied into a bun with a butterfly-shaped hairpin that was decorated with a few pearls, making her extremely beautiful and classy.

Hao Ren looked at her and almost didn’t recognize that it was Zhao Yanzi.

“Third Lord just finished moving the tables at the Guangling Palace,” Premier Xia said.

Zhao Yanzi wrinkled her nose and finally found Zhao Kuo at the entrance of Guangling Palace. She stared at Hao Ren and mumbled, “You are not even helping!”

Then, she ran toward Zhao Kuo.

Hao Ren sighed and thought, “I helped set up 3000 tables; you just didn’t see it.”

Premier Xia looked at Hao Ren and blamed himself for not finishing his sentence.

Zhao Yanzi ran toward Zhao Kuo like a little red bird. She knew Zhao Kuo wasn’t happy, so she went to talk to him.

Soon, the huge plaza where the soldiers usually practice their formations was beautifully decorated.

Purple-robed elders walked out from the palaces along with their families and entered the huge plaza one-by-one.

Elders with indigo robes and blue robes came to the plaza with their families as well.

The difference was that the elders with purple robes and their family sat at the tables on the east side, and the other elders sat with their families further down.

The male cultivators who didn’t get promoted to an elder position wore dark-red robes, and the white dresses were for female cultivators.

The cultivators’ positions and their responsibilities were obviously shown through the different colors of the robes. In fact, other than the differences between robes, they were treated differently as well. Each purple-robed elder had a small palace all to themselves.

Elders with indigo and blue robes, on the other hand, lived in large palaces altogether.

During all this excitement, Elder Xingyue and her female disciples appeared.

Her purple robe was extremely prominent against all the white dresses.

Elder Xingyue was the most special elder among all elders. Not only because she was the only female purple-robed elder, but also because she occupied one of the largest palaces and led all the low-leveled female cultivators in the dragon palace.

All female cultivators in the dragon palace were instructed by Elder Xingyue herself, and her palace was similar to a giant dormitory where female cultivators had to return to at night.

Because of that, other elders all paid respect to Elder Xingyue. Some of their female family were being taught by Elder Xingyue right now.

“Elder Xingyue… Elder Xingyue…”

Many elders greeted when they saw Elder Xingyue.

Elder Xingyue smiled lightly and led her disciples toward the table that was near the main table. Her smile was rare to see, so the fact that she smiled was already a return of respect.

The elders saw down at their tables with their families. Then, the soldiers who just finished patrolling entered the plaza one-by-one as well.

Their seats were located even further away compared with the elders’ tables. However, there weren’t many elders in the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Therefore, the generals’ seats were comparably closer to the main table to the east.

“Gongzi Hao, you should go get ready,” Premier Xia looked at Hao Ren and reminded him.

Hao Ren looked at his own clothes and realized that his clothes were taken by Lu Linlin and Lu Lili from a cultivator at the Dragon God Shrine. After the intense battle and being soaked in sea water, the clothes were covered in wrinkles and deteriorating, making Hao Ren look shabby.

“Yeah!” Hao Ren picked up the bag next to him and followed Premier Xie to the small palace near them.

Premier Xia usually lived in this palace. But at the same time, this palace was the Supply Management Center of the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Premier Xia picked out a bright red robe from a small room and gave it to Hao Ren to wear.

This robe had a smooth and classy design. With the bright red color, it looked extremely elegant.

Hao Ren was dignified, elegant, and brilliant after he put on the robe.

Premier Xia put on an elegant furry robe as well and led Hao Ren back to the plaza.

Although Zhao Guang looked stern, he didn’t have too many rules. Other than the elders and soldiers who had to wear uniforms, everyone else could wear causal outfits normally.

However, everyone dressed up nicely today since it was such an important festival.

When Hao Ren and Premier Xia re-entered the plaza, all 3000 tables were filled with people.

Around a hundred tables were for elders and generals, and the rest were for the soldiers of the East Ocean Dragon Palace!

All these soldiers wore their armors tidily and didn’t dare to disarm themselves for the banquet. They put their helmets on the table and their weapons on the side of their chairs.

Even though there were more than tens of thousands of them, they were all dressed neatly! The atmosphere was delightful during the festival, but the soldiers were ready to fight at any moment! Such strict discipline!

Zhao Kuo looked bold and powerful, and he also had strict military rules and disciplines. Therefore, the Zhao Kuo was the soul of the army!

“Ren, over here!” Zhao Hongyu, who was sitting at the main table, waved at Hao Ren.

Hao Ren saw Zhao Hongyu and walked quickly in that direction.

Zhao Guang was wearing a golden dragon robe today, which was extremely rare. Although the patterns on the robe weren’t complicated, the design and the color of the robe made it look majestic.

Zhao Hongyu, who was sitting right next to Zhao Guang, was wearing a golden dress. She put her hair up in a bun with a jade hairpin, and thin streaks of hair framed both sides of her face, making she look very gentle and calm.

Zhao Yanzi sat right beside her mom. Although she was still very young, she stood out a lot because of her red ancient dress.

The royal family sat at the center of the main table and faced the few thousands of roundtables. Those who got to sit at the main table were the honored guests of the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili wore blue ancient dresses and were sitting at the main table as well. Although their outfits weren’t too eye-catching, they wouldn’t be neglected because of their gorgeous faces and smooth skin.

However, Xie Yujia was the one who caught Hao Ren’s attention.

Xie Yujia, who had never worn ancient dresses before, wore a bright purple dress with a pink ribbon tied on her waist. Her slender figure was easily shown through the dress.

For jewelry, Zhao Hongyu gave her a jade bracelet with flower carvings. She also put her hair up with two jade hairpins, which made her look like a beauty from ancient times.

Hao Ren never expected that Xie Yujia would look so good in ancient clothes!

As Xie Yujia saw Hao Ren staring at her while walking toward the table, she smiled shyly and put her head down.

“Hey, what are you looking at!” Zhao Yanzi showed her teeth and complained. There was an empty seat right next to her, and it was obviously for Hao Ren.

Hao Ren shook his head and smiled before he sat down right next to Zhao Yanzi. Because of Zhao Hongyu’s intentional arrangement, Xie Yujia sat right next to Hao Ren on the other side as well.

In fact, Zhao Yanzi was a little mad. The reason why Lu Linlin and Lu Lili wore more ordinary dresses was to make sure that Zhao Yanzi could stand out the most. However, why did she dress Xie Yujia up so nicely!

Zhao Hongyu was so kind and gentle to Xie Yujia, and it felt like she was even treating Xie Yujia better than her own daughter! Zhao Yanzi was extremely jealous!

Other than the girls, Zhen Congming, Little White, and Zhao Kuo were also at the main table.

Zhen Congming was still wearing his grey plaid shirt, keeping his modern style. According to his personality, he could wear whatever he wanted! No one could stop him.

On the other hand, Little White stood on the chair in the form of a dog as it had its own seat. Also, the chair was specially raised with a pillow so that Little White could easily eat at the table.

It was Hao Ren’s spirit beast also Zhen Congming’s best friend. Considering its excellent performance at the Dragon God Shrine, Zhao Guang especially rewarded it a seat at the table.

Zhao Kuo wore a long black robe as he looked powerful and masculine. However, he did not seem happy and stayed silent.

Some elders heard the rumors that Zhao Kuo lost the battle against Hao Ren at the Dragon God Shrine. Other than being surprised, they also thought that this was the reason why Zhao Kuo was unhappy.

Hao Ren looked at Zhao Kuo and knew the reason why Zhao Kuo chose to wear a long black robe. Although Zhao Kuo sat at the main table with them, he sat on the east side of the huge main table, facing most of the people in the area.

In contrast, Zhao Guang and Hao Ren, who were sitting at the middle of the table, had become the center of attention.

“The guy who is wearing a red robe is the new Commanding General?”

“He does not look powerful at all…”

The soldiers who have never seen Hao Ren before sat far away from the main table and whispered to each other.

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