Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0434

Chapter 434: Majesty as the Commanding General (2 In 1 Chapters)

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Zhao Guang was remarkably calm. With just one word, he was able to use his aura to hold down the situation.

The golden armored general named Liu Yi didn’t know if he should take a step back or forward.

Hao Ren pushed his chair to the side and walked up.

He took off the golden token which was a symbol of the Commanding General, raised it, and waved it around. Then, he threw it toward the palace on the left side with great strength.


Hao Ren lightly slammed the table, shaking a pair of chopsticks. He tapped the table with his nails, making a chopstick chase after the golden token as if they were darts targeting their prey.

Ding… Buzz!

The chopsticks nailed the golden token onto the plaque above the gate of Guangling Palace, which was a few hundred meters away.

Hua, hua, hua, hua… the golden token swayed back and forth on the chopsticks.

The shape of the golden token was like a jade pendant, with a string in a small hole, and Hao Ren put the chopstick right through the hole.

The chopstick was made from 100-year-old sandalwood, but the plaque was made from 1,000-year-old sandalwood! It was a lot tougher!

Everyone was stunned by what Hao Ren did.

“If you can get the token, the role of Commanding General is yours,” Hao Ren looked at the crowd and said to Liu Yi calmly.

Liu Yi looked at Hao Ren and then turned to look at the golden token.

“I don’t need to be the Commanding General. If I win, Third Lord is our Commanding General!” Liu Yi said in a mighty voice.

“Sure.” Hao Ren nodded.

“Please…!” The golden armored general saluted and then stomped with his right foot. His whole body turned golden, and he charged at Hao Ren as if he were a cannonball.

Hao Ren’s right food shoved back, and his body slanted slightly. He pressed this general’s fist that was shooting toward him with his right hand, and he spun around before using his shoulder to hit Liu Yi in the chest.

In a sense, Hao Ren used Liu Yi’s strength against Liu Yi!

Liu Yi was pushed back by five steps.

Hao Ren was able to push back Liu Yi single-handedly, and the elders were shocked by Hao Ren’s strength.

Only Zhao Kuo knew that Liu Yi’s punch, though it looked strong, was really just a test to see how powerful Hao Ren was.

Although Liu Yi was not happy with the current Commanding General, he didn’t dare to use his ultimate strike right off the bat.

Just when Zhao Kuo thought about that, Liu Yi already stopped backing up.

His fists let out a soft blue light.

Since the generals and elders had different responsibilities, their training emphasized different aspects. Elders emphasized their training on the cultivation strength; they keened on using dharma treasures and elixir pills. Generals, however, focused on battling and were great in close-range combats.

Therefore, even if the generals had reached Xun-level, they still wouldn’t make their own dharma treasures. Instead, they would focus on making their weapons stronger.

Just when Liu Yi was stacking his nature essence, Hao Ren jumped up with agility and kicked Liu Yi.

“Bang…” Hao Ren kicked Liu Yi’s golden armor, creating a loud noise. The heavy golden armor was made of a unique material that allowed it to be almost indestructible; it was extremely sturdy.

However, the impact of the kick wasn’t canceled.

Hao Ren’s power was able to spread to Liu Yi’s chest, and the impact made Liu Yi fly back two meters.

Liu Yi wasn’t weak. He was able to stand up firmly on a roundtable after a backflip in the air.

Crack! The roundtable couldn’t withhold Liu Yi and his armor’s weight and broke into five pieces.

Even though the table broke down, Liu Yi was able to stand still.

“Take off your armor, or else you won’t be able to defeat me,” Hao Ren looked at him and said.

“I, Liu Yi, am the general of the west gate! I will never take off my armor!” Liu Yi responded in a loud and clear voice.

Hao Ren’s friendly reminder was an insult to Liu Yi.

For the soldiers that stayed in the territory of the East Ocean Dragon Palace, they need to defend against potential invaders at any moment. If they were to take off their armors, it would mean that they were surrendering. The East Ocean Dragon Palace had strict orders for these generals. Unless they were not on their shifts, they never took off their armors.

Even when fighting with Hao Ren, General Liu was still ready to fight off potential enemies. If he were to take off his armor now and enemies came to invade, he would need to put his armor back on for war. That would be wasting precious time.


Liu Yi reached out with his right hand

A green dragon crescent blade on the table next to them was sucked into his palm.

“Commanding General. The soldiers of East Ocean would use weapons doesn’t matter if we are facing one person or 1,000 people. Don’t say that I’m bullying you with a weapon!” Liu Yi said while holding the green dragon crescent blade and pointing it at Hao Ren.

“No worries, I understand!” Hao Ren stood firmly and smiled

Liu Yi was straightforward, and Hao Ren didn’t dislike this trait; in fact, he respected it.

“Ha!” Liu Yi held the green dragon crescent blade and charged toward Hao Ren.

Since this general was direct, Hao Ren wasn’t going to avoid his attacks.

Hao Ren used both hands to block the blade.

“You’re underestimating me!” Liu Yi exclaimed and pulled in nature essence through his hands.

Hao Ren used a single hand to counter his test attack, and now Hao Ren was using his bare hands to stop this attack. It was such an insult to Liu Yi!

Liu Yi who was holding back a bit now was angered and gave it his all.

“There is plenty of good elixir pills in the East Ocean Dragon Palace. If the Fuma gets wounded, he will be able to heal within ten days to half a month! I’m not scared of a death sentence! If I can make everyone know that the Commanding General is even weaker than a gate general and couldn’t lead one million soldiers, my sacrifice is worth it!” Li Yi thought.

He held the green dragon crescent blade, and a bright turquoise light shined, giving out a cold shiver.

Since Liu Yi was at Xun-level, he could transfer a lot of nature essence into his weapon!

If one were to get hit by it, there would be incredible damage.

Even the purple-robed elders were a bit nervous; they were afraid that Hao Ren couldn’t defend himself from this strike. Since cultivators usually concentrated on dharma spells and techniques, they weren’t a match when it came down to close-range combat.

When the green dragon crescent blade slashed at Hao Ren’s palms, a crisp noise sounded.

Hao Ren’s robe was similar to traditional Han Dynasty robes with wide sleeves. When he moved around, it looked as if he were performing traditional Beijing Opera.

On the other hand, this golden armored general was wearing heavy armor and held a heavy blade.

They looked drastically different; one was tough while the other was gentle.

“You secretly keep a sword in your sleeves.” Liu Yi shouted and struck hard again.

The Xun-level realm wasn’t low. Liu Yi focused all his energy into the green dragon crescent blade, and the power shook Hao Ren’s sleeves.

Liu Yi was powerful enough to become the Commanding General in the river and lake dragon palaces.

When Liu Yi shook Hao Ren’s sleeves, everyone realized that Hao Ren didn’t have any weapons stored in his sleeves. He was fighting with his bare hands.

“Wow!” The soldiers couldn’t help but gasp.

The soldiers all knew that General Liu was in charge of the west gate, and he had a straightforward personality but was also extremely powerful. Many of the patrol generals in the East Ocean Dragon Palace were no match for him.

However, Hao Ren stopped Liu Yi’s green dragon crescent blade with his bare hands.

The elders who were sitting next to them knew what really happened. From Hao Ren’s hands, they could see some blue light. Hao Ren had covered his hands with his nature essence!

“You didn’t go all in on me in the first attack, so I withheld some power as well just now to be polite. Now, it’s my turn,” Hao Ren said, “This is just the beginning!”

Liu Yi’s face was bright red, and he gave a loud shout. He lifted Hao Ren, who was holding the tip of his blade, completely.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Hao Ren flew up, and three sword energies came out from his fingers.

Liu Yi spun the green dragon crescent blade as fast as lightning to fend off the three sword energies.

Liu Yi’s weapon wasn’t as deadly as Zhao Kuo’s and his armor wasn’t as heavy as Zhao Kuo’s. However, he was still skilled to be able to use the green dragon crescent blade so smoothly.

The soldiers who sat further away stood up because they couldn’t clearly see the fight when sitting down.

They had never witnessed the true strength of the Fuma, and they took advantage of the fight between Liu Yi and Hao Ren to see where Hao Ren was at.


Hao Ren landed on the ground firmly, and he used the fundamental boxing technique. One fist was in the front while the other was further back.

His calm expression was gone now, and it was replaced with a serious one.

He was fighting a large blade with his fists!

“Take this!” Liu Yi charged forward two steps, and his entire body flew across the sky.

The soldiers were all watching anxiously. Liu Yi was serious about the fight, and the soldiers thought that whether he won or lose, he would be dead for sure!

Hao Ren stared at the blade that was charging at him and backed up half a step.

The tip of the blade slashed close to Hao Ren’s nose, and there were only a few centimeters between the blade and Hao Ren. This scared Zhao Yanzi so much that she let out a sharp screech.

Xie Yujia held onto the tablecloth tightly as well.

Hua! The big blade almost slashed Hao Ren’s chest; it barely missed. However, what was surprising was that the blade stopped half a centimeter away from the ground; Liu Yi didn’t want to destroy the floor, so he stopped his power.

“Good techniques with the blade!” Hao Ren couldn’t help but praise.

This blade was probably at least a few hundred kilograms. Being able to stop the blade precisely required a lot of skill.

Whoosh… The remaining power of the blade split the dust on the ground to either side.

Liu Yi looked gloomy. He spun his blade and charged toward Hao Ren again.

Hao Ren jumped up swiftly, landing on the back of the blade with both feet. Then, he shot six sword energies at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi held his wide blade diagonally and blocked the sword energies in front of him, but he was still forced back by three steps.

“Humph!” Liu Yi wasn’t convinced yet and started to attack again.

This time though, Hao Ren used the fundamental boxing techniques and left a slight dent in this tough blade with his fist.

“Good punch!” A general nearby praised subconsciously.

This general was the patrol team leader who taught Hao Ren the fundamental boxing techniques. He initially thought Hao Ren was only curious, and he would never have thought that Hao Ren would practice arduously and master the techniques to the extent that he was able to battle Liu Yi with it.

Liu Yi was getting anxious and slashed the blade more rapidly toward Hao Ren, and Hao Ren backed up while punching the blade.

The dozens of punches came in quick successions. Every hit on the green dragon crescent blade let out a loud noise, making dents on the blade. The green dragon crescent blade that was shiny and smooth looked like it was in bad shape.

“General Liu is actually no match for the Fuma…”

“One is at Xun-level, and the other one is only at Gen-level…”

“His fundamental boxing techniques are great… I need to practice my fundamental boxing techniques arduously too…”

“Being able to punch with such ferocity, the Fuma has good skills…”

The soldiers who were watching started to discuss amongst themselves.

Liu Yi held his weapon tightly and continued to attack; his face was even redder after hearing all the whispers. Suddenly, a streak of nature essence appeared from the blade.

“Liu Yi. Back out! I’ll do it!”

Suddenly, another golden armored general with a long black spear entered the fight.

He was Wang Sheng, the general of the south gate!

His black spear was like a dragon, piercing toward Hao Ren’s chest.

“If we get punished, we should get punished together. If we die, we should die together.” The South Gate General, Wang Sheng, was a loyal person. He knew that if Liu Yi lost, the ending would be extremely ugly.

However, if the Fuma were defeated, it would become proof of what Liu Yi said. If the generals begged for mercy for Liu Yi together, they might be able to save Liu Yi’s life.

Dang! Dang!

Hao Ren slapped the spearhead away with both hands, and Hao Ren released six sword energies at Wang Sheng.

Liu Yi was holding his bent green dragon crescent blade, and he looked shocked for a moment when Wang Sheng entered the battle.

“Come at me together!” Hao Ren shouted out.

When he said this, he shot a sword energy toward Liu Yi.

Liu Yi used his big blade to block this sword energy. Liu Yi was just getting started, and he was hungry for battle on the inside. How could he stop now? Without thinking, he charged toward Hao Ren.

It turned into two Xun-level generals fighting Hao Ren who was only a Gen-level cultivator.

Whoosh! Hua, hua, hua… Tens of sword energies dashed out of Hao Ren’s fingers.

The two generals couldn’t help but defend themselves! They backed up!

“I told you already. If the golden token could be taken, I lose!” Hao Ren said.

Liu Yi and Wang Sheng looked at each other and suddenly realized something.

While Wang Sheng pierced his long spear at Hao Ren’s Danzhong Acupoint, Liu Yi jumped toward Guangling Palace.

“Hua…” A sword energy that was half a meter long dashed at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi used his big blade to block it, but he was blown off in another direction.

Hao Ren stuck his arms out and continued to shot out sword energies.

Sword energies flew out from Hao Ren’s fingers. They aimed at Liu Yi and Wang Sheng, leaving them no chance to even move!

“Come at me together!” Hao Ren said as he looked at the other three gate generals who were already holding their weapons.

“As you wish!” The other three generals rushed into the fight.

They didn’t want to outnumber Hao Ren, but it was Hao Ren who commanded them to come and fight. However, didn’t matter if it were two against one or five against one, they wanted the same result.

Only if Hao Ren lost, the generals who had deep bonds would be able to help Zhao Kuo get back power.

“Five against one…”

The soldiers around watched silently.

They were too absorbed in the battle to eat the good food and drink the rare liquor.

The five generals were all at Xun-level. Although their realms differed slightly, they were all powerful.

However, Hao Ren cultivated all five elements at once. In the same realm, he would be stronger than five cultivators together. The Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll made it hard for the generals to approach as they were used to close-range battles!

“Take down the golden token!” One of the five generals shouted.

Since they already started it, there was no going back.

They started to move right after. The five generals all rushed toward the gate of Guangling Palace.

Hao Ren moved swiftly and rushed over before them to the gate of Guangling Palace. He let out a fierce attack of hundreds of sword energies!

It was just tens of sword energies before, but the sword energies suddenly turned into rushing waves, dashing toward the five generals. In response, they could only back up ten steps.

Hao Ren let out tens of sword energies from his sleeves, flying toward the five generals.

Hao Ren’s sleeves danced in the air as he stood in front of Guangling Palace, looking extremely calm as if it were one man battling against thousands.

The five golden armored generals were well equipped but couldn’t defeat Hao Ren who was only wearing a red robe!

The generals would be pushed back once they tried to move forward!

The symbol of the Commanding General hung above Hao Ren, not moving for even a little bit.

They were able to see it but couldn’t touch it!

“General Liu! General Wang! General Mo…”

The soldiers who were under the generals saw that their superiors couldn’t defeat Hao Ren. They took a deep breath and charged at Hao Ren with their weapons as well.

To live and die together! To be punished together!

The soldiers were willing to sacrifice themselves.

Hao Ren let out three rows of hundreds of sword energies.

With Guangling Palace as the center, Hao Ren let out sword energies towards the three directions, left, center, and right.

Three Talents Heaven Earth Array Formation!

The swords charged out in a half circle!

Hualala… Hundreds of soldiers fell to the ground.

The five generals were not able to defend against this power, and they backed up five steps and could barely stand straight.

The soldiers slowly climbed back up, and the generals slowly regained their stance. Together, they charged at Hao Ren again.

Suddenly, Zhao Kuo who was sitting at the main table shouted, “Enough!”

This shout stopped the soldiers and five generals.

Although Zhao Kuo had fallen to Dui-level, he still had a strong aura! No matter if it were generals or soldiers, as long as they heard him shout, they would shiver!

“Haven’t you guys lost enough face?!” Zhao Kuo looked angry and stood up.

“Hao Ren doesn’t want to hurt you guys!”

The five generals who were holding their weapons didn’t make a sound after hearing Zhao Kuo’s scolding.

The soldiers looked down at themselves and didn’t see a scratch. Hao Ren’s sword energies looked fierce, but he made them blunt so that the soldiers wouldn’t get hurt.

Although they were hot-headed and charged at Hao Ren, Hao Ren did not want to hurt any single one of them!

“Hao Ren didn’t even use his full power!” Zhao Kuo opened his eyes wide and shouted.

Everyone heard what Zhao Guang said, and they looked extremely shocked.

“I’m willing to give the position of the Commanding General to this kid. If any of you aren’t convinced, come fight me!” Zhao Kuo slapped his chest and exclaimed.

All the generals looked at Zhao Kuo and stayed utterly silent.

“Even I lost to him. What are you not convinced of!” Zhao Kuo said.

Hiss… The soldiers and generals all looked at Zhao Kuo with curious eyes, and they couldn’t help but gasp.

Zhao Kuo was mighty, but even he lost to Hao Ren! More shockingly, Zhao Kuo admitted defeat himself!

“Humph!” Zhao Kuo went back to his seat and looked at Hao Ren. “You’re the Commanding General. Do as you wish!”

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