Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0436

Chapter 436: I’m Drunk!!

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“Do you want to come with me, Yujia?” Hao Ren asked Yujia.

“Um…” Premier Xia almost tripped in surprise.

“I’ll pass; I need some good rest. I’m going to spend some time with grandma tomorrow,” Yujia said.

“Okay.” Hao Ren nodded. Then, he turned to Premier Xia again. “Sorry for the trouble, Premier Xia.”

“Yes, yes…” Premier Xia wiped the sweat off his forehead and led the way.

“Linlin, Lili, stay with Yujia tonight,” Hao Ren turned back and shouted.

“Ok, Gongzi…” The twins pouted in disappointment.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked to their palace with Xie Yujia while Hao Ren followed Premier Xia back to his palace.

In Premier Xia’s view, this was Hao Ren’s first ‘servicing’, and everything had to abide by the rules. Although Hao Ren was East Ocean’s Commanding General, Fuma was still lower in status than Princess.

Hao Ren had no idea that Premier Xia was going to make such a big deal out of this. He followed Premier Xia into the palace and took a cold shower. Then, he put on a blue robe, grabbed his stuff, and followed Premier Xia to Zhao Yanzi’s palace.

Her palace was connected with Zhao Guang’s, and the dragon king only opened an area up for Zhao Yanzi to stay in. The guards stepped back as soon as they saw Premier Xia, and the two of them arrived at Zhao Yanzi’s palace gate in no time.

“Princess, I have brought the Fuma here,” Premier Xia announced as he stood outside the door.

The palace was extremely quiet.

Premier Xia cleared his throat and repeated himself.

“Oh…” Zhao Yanzi’s voice came from the room.

“Should I let the Fuma in?” Premier Xia wanted to make sure.

“It’s alright; she knows that I’m coming,” Hao Ren stepped forward.

Zhao Yanzi wanted to hold her ground, but Hao Ren already pushed the door open; Premier Xia couldn’t even pull Hao Ren back before he stepped inside.

Zhao Yanzi was sitting on her bed. Her eyes were opened wide, and her face turned red when she saw Hao Ren enter.

Six dragon and phoenix candles were shining brightly in the room, and all the decorations in the room seemed to be magnificent.

“So, this is Zhao Yanzi’s actual room…” Hao Ren looked around.

Premier Xia hastily chased after him from the door. “Fuma, you shouldn’t barge in.”

“She’s not sleeping yet,” Hao Ren said.

Zhao Yanzi was terribly mad and worried when she saw Hao Ren’s attitude.

She was nervous and was looking forward to it when she heard that Hao Ren was coming. She was hoping to experience what it would be like to be a spoiled princess, but who would have thought that Hao Ren would have such an attitude!

“Fuma, you can’t mess around since you are servicing the princess!” Premier Xia immediately said.

“Ser… servicing?” Hao Ren was stupefied, and he looked at Premier Xia, confused.

Then, he turned to Zhao Yanzi and found her suddenly blushing. Her face looked as if it was being baked in the oven.

He lifted the bag in his hand and said, “I’m here to tutor the princess…”

Zhao Yanzi was stupefied on the side of her bed.

“Je… Jerk!” she suddenly got furious.

Zhao Yanzi hopped off the bed and threw herself in front of Hao Ren.

Hao Ren was pushed onto the floor before he realized it, and He felt a pain in his shoulder along with a crack sound.

Zhao Yanzi pushed him over and bit his shoulder!

Hao Ren tried to push her away, but she didn’t move at all. Zhao Yanzi was at the Foundation Establishment Realm, so her strength was much more powerful than ordinary girls.

She wrapped her arms tightly around Hao Ren’s neck as she laid on his body. Her white teeth bit Hao Ren’s shoulder as her body wrapped around him like vines.

Instead of pushing her away, Hao Ren rolled around on the floor.

“Jerk! Jerk!” All of Zhao Yanzi’s suppressed jealousy was released, and she kept biting his shoulder. She even reached out and tried to hit Hao Ren’s neck.

Hao Ren dodged her fists. He rolled around by 180 degrees again since he didn’t want to crush her.

“Fuma… Princess…” Premier Xia stood beside them, not knowing what to do.

He had worked as the Premier in the dragon palace for many years and had seen many things. But this was his first time seeing the Fuma and Princess getting into a fight when they first try to sleep together.

A long time ago, it was Premier Xia who arranged Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guang’s first date in the dragon palace.

“How could Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren be like this… Everything is consensual here…” he thought.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting…” Premier Xia circled around the two of them.

He didn’t look like he was trying to stop the fight. On the other hand, he looked like the judge of a wrestling game.

But there was nothing he could do. The Fuma and the Princess were rolling around on the floor, and he didn’t know how to stop them. It appeared that the Princess was fiercer…

“Stop it…” Hao Ren finally let out a wave of force and pushed Zhao Yanzi up since the pain on his shoulder got worse. He picked her legs up and lifted her with his arms.

Zhao Yanzi suddenly lost her balance, and she swayed her arms and legs in panic.

She looked pretty in the white dress she changed into.

Premier Xia suddenly realized that this was beyond his responsibility, so he backed out of the door and closed it quietly.

Zhao Yanzi, who was still struggling in Hao Ren’s arms, blushed again.

Maybe she was just unwilling to submit, or perhaps she was tired, she kept breathing deeply as her chest quickly went up and down.

“Why are you so vicious?” Hao Ren looked down at her.

“Humph!” Zhao Yanzi rolled her eyes at him as she struggled again, trying to escape from Hao Ren’s arms.

“What is… servicing?” Hao Ren asked.

He knew this word, but he found it a little weird in this context.

“You…” Zhao Yanzi was angry, so she hit Hao Ren’s chest again.

Her heart sunk a little when she heard that Hao Ren was coming here, but she thought Hao Ren just wanted to spend some time with her. He had been very popular these two days; Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, Xie Yujia, Su Han… everyone was on his side. She wanted to tone it down a little bit by acting like a spoiled princess and letting him sleep on the floor.

However, Hao Ren didn’t abide by the rules and etiquettes at all; He barged into her bedroom. On top of that, instead of comforting her, he came to tutor her. How could this not piss Zhao Yanzi off?

After all, Zhao Yanzi never expected that Hao Ren would make a specific trip to her house to bring her study materials to the dragon palace.

“You… went into my room?” Zhao Yanzi was stupefied at the thought of this.

“Yeah,” Hao Ren answered calmly while looking at her.

Zhao Yanzi suddenly remembered the mess in her room, and her undergarments were thrown everywhere…

“Jerk! Who said that you could go into my room? Let go of me! I’m going to bite you… bite you…” she started to struggle fiercely in Hao Ren’s arms again.

Premier Xia, who was standing outside the palace, heard Zhao Yanzi’s yelling. He suddenly understood and thought, “Ah, I am lacking a sense of romance…”

He didn’t dare to stay there and eavesdrop, so he hastily left the area while blushing.

Zhao Yanzi grabbed Hao Ren’s neck and bit into his shoulder again.

“Ah…” Hao Ren felt like she was trying to eat him. He threw Zhao Yanzi onto her bed before lifting his robe to check his shoulder.

There were sets of red bite marks on both sides of his shoulders, and some bite marks on the right side were even showing a hint of blood!

“Were you born in the year of the dog?!” Hao Ren looked at Zhao Yanzi angrily as he rubbed his shoulders.

“I didn’t allow you to enter my room!” Zhao Yanzi was as mad as him.

“Your final exams are coming up. Do you want to place first in your class again?” Hao Ren asked.

“First place…” Zhao Yanzi murmured; she knew that Hao Ren meant ‘first place at the bottom’.

Her face gradually softened.

“It’s for your own good. I don’t want you to get crappy results on the exams again!” Hao Ren rolled his eyes at her. Then, he picked the bag up and took some materials out.

Zhao Yanzi looked up at Hao Ren angrily, but she didn’t dare to look directly into his eyes. So, she pouted instead.

Studying was her weakness. Zhao Hongyu had promised to take her to the beach if she could rank top three this time, and she could forget about going out the entire summer if she ranked after 20.

“Math first.” Hao Ren took the math books out of the bag, took his shoes off, and sat on Zhao Yanzi’s large bed. Then, he even rolled under the blanket.

“You…” Zhao Yanzi twisted her pretty eyebrows as if she was choked on an egg.

“Shameless! He just rolled under my blanket like that!” she thought.

Hao Ren didn’t seem to care at all. He pulled the candlestick closer to the bed and coughed twice, “We need to go over the key concepts. The formula for the difference of squares, factorization…”

“What a…jack*ss!”

Zhao Yanzi rolled her eyes at him angrily, but she still moved closer to him.

In fact, Xie Yujia had tutored her for a while now. Although she was thorough, Zhao Yanzi found it a little boring. Hao Ren seemed to be better at it in comparison.

“This separating factorization method seems to be your weakness…” Hao Ren pointed the pen on the paper as he went through the key points.

Zhao Yanzi turned to look at Hao Ren’s face. His face was only a few centimeters away from her, and she shrugged and suddenly enjoyed the sweet feeling.

She put her legs in the blanket, and her soft feet touched Hao Ren’s shank.

Hao Ren was in the green robe Premier Xia prepared for him; it was sort of an ancient-style pajama. The material was very thin and light, so he felt Zhao Yanzi’s foot as soon as she touched him.

“And this one… getting the common factor…” Hao Ren paused for a bit before moving his legs toward the edge of the bed a little bit and continued.

“Bad uncle…” Zhao Yanzi’s feet followed over on purpose.

Hao Ren leaned on the pillow. He had the material in one hand and a pen in the other as he moved his feet a bit further.

But Zhao Yanzi didn’t want to give up; she directly landed her soft feet on Hao Ren’s thigh.

“Hey, don’t push it!” Hao Ren turned to her.

Zhao Yanzi looked at Hao Ren with her big eyes as she snorted at him.

Her feet didn’t keep fighting over territory but were still on Hao Ren’s firm right leg. She stepped on it as if it was a piano footboard.

Her feet were tiny and soft, and Hao Ren felt like they were kitten’s paws massaging his leg.

“Let’s start with square differences,” Hao Ren flipped the materials to the front and looked at Zhao Yanzi.

Zhao Yanzi looked beautiful up close, and there was a sweet scent from her body. She looked like a cute kitty when she pouted.

“Oh…” Zhao Yanzi answered absentmindedly.

“Let’s do an exercise to warm up. Two squares’ perimeter total is 32 cm, and their area difference is 48cm^2. What is the side length of these two squares?” Hao Ren flipped to the exercise page and turned to her.

Zhao Yanzi stuck her head over and picked up the pen from Hao Ren’s hand. She stared at the question, and the back of her head was right in front of Hao Ren’s chest and chin.

Her black hair was so smooth like silk, and her round shoulders had a nice shape to them even though they were under her clothes.

Um… She rolled over with the book and the pen as she laid the material on Hao Ren’s chest, and she started working on the question while biting her lips.

She treated Hao Ren as her personal desk!

Hao Ren couldn’t do anything, so he just waited patiently.

“a+b, a-b…” she raised her head and said, “One is seven, and the other is one.”

“Hm, looks like that’s okay. Now, let’s talk about factorization,” Hao Ren took the book and pen out of her hand.

“Too easy! Humph!” Zhao Yanzi said proudly.

Hao Ren thought to himself, “You worked for such a long time on an easy question like this… I’m even too ashamed to blame you…”

However, he didn’t want to kill her spirit, so he kept going through the key points.

The middle school material was neither too difficult nor too easy. Hao Ren certainly found it easy since he was a university student, but it was a bit tricky to understand since it was all new material for Zhao Yanzi

Time flew by, and Hao Ren covered all the key concepts in math for her. Then, he walked her over some physics and chemistry concepts.

Zhao Yanzi was already dozing off after all that.

“Hey!” Hao Ren nudged her shoulder.

“I can’t keep my eyes open…” Zhao Yanzi rubbed her eyes.

She placed her head between Hao Ren’s shoulder and chest, and her face looked pinkish under the candlelight.

“Go to sleep then. We are done anyways,” said Hao Ren.

“Um…” Zhao Yanzi nodded. Just before she passed out, she suddenly lifted her head as if she remembered something.

“What’s the matter?” Hao Ren was startled by her sudden movement.

“I got drunk today…” Zhao Yanzi pouted.

“I had two barrels, and I’m fine. You only had a few glasses…” Hao Ren said.

Before he could finish, Zhao Yanzi held him down with her hands on his shoulders. Then, she pressed her lips to his.

Hao Ren breathed in deeply, surprised.

Zhao Yanzi’s little tongue lightly touched the tip of Hao Ren’s tongue before she turned back and hid under the blanket.

“I’m asleep!” she murmured under the blanket.

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