Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0441

Chapter 441: Alliance~

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With four people in Hao Ren’s family, three people in Zhao Yanzi’s family, the Lu sisters, Xie Yujia, Su Han, Zhen Congming, and Little White standing on the platform, the spacious place became a bit crowded.

Huang Xujie who came with his father widened his eye, surprised at the sight of Su Han who had never attended public events.

More astonishing than seeing her in this crowded environment was that she stepped onto the platform with Hao Ren shoulder to shoulder and together with Hao Ren’s parents!

In the school, the rumor had it that Su Han was Hao Ren’s distant cousin. However, from the looks of it, their relationship was closer than that!

In the past, Su Han would never allow any guy within half a meter of her, but now, Hao Ren’s shoulder almost touched hers!

Intense jealousy burned in Huang Xujie.

He didn’t know that it was the first time Hao Ren’s parents met Su Han, and Hao Ren and Su Han’s relationship was indeed close since they were both level 3 inspectors who were in charge of the East Ocean City!

“Gongzi!” The Lu sisters stood behind Hao Ren so close that their chests almost touched his back.

“This place is a bit crowded,” Xie Yujia said and gently held Hao Ren’s arm.

After reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, Xie Yujia became even more elegant and beautiful. Also, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked like two vibrant jasmine flowers.

However, none of the three girls spared a glance at Huang Xujie. While Lu Linlin and Lu Lili ignored him, Xie Yujia didn’t have a good opinion of him after what he had done to Hao Ren in the past.

Standing at one corner of the platform, Mayor Wu found the place crowded as well since he didn’t expect that Hao Zhonghua and Zhao Guang would bring up so many people. Not wanting to ask the little kids to get off, he turned to look at Deputy Mayor Huang, “And…”

Understanding the mayor’s intention, Deputy Mayor Huang immediately said, “Xujie, didn’t you say that you wanted to watch from the head of the bridge? Let’s go and watch from there.”

Before he could utter any objections, Huang Xujie was dragged to the stairs by his father.

Today, he came to watch the Dragon Boat Race on the Xuchuan Bridge with his father, the deputy mayor. He was smug about the best view and the privilege he enjoyed until Hao Ren and the others came over and squeezed him out.

However, it couldn’t be helped. After all, the city could have another vice mayor to manage the economy, but there was only one Hao Zhonghua, a world-famous scientist! Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang had drawn the high-tech businesses to the East Ocean region which covered East Ocean City and the surrounding cities to form a large scale high-tech industry chain!

Not only did the government science research funds come here, but some big world-famous companies had expressed their willingness to invest in the East Ocean region.

The economic benefits and brand Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang brought far surpassed a deputy mayor who managed the local economy.

“Mayor Wu, I’ll go and check up on the situation on the other side…”

“A journalist from the Morning News is asking for me…”

“I have a meeting in the Land Bureau. I’ll go earlier…”

The deputy mayors who were responsible for transportation, culture, and planning all found excuses to leave.

“Hehe,” Mayor Wu laughed crisply and said, “Let me introduce you to each other. This is Mr. Qin Shaoyang, a famous painter, this is Mr. Zeng Xin, Chairman of Conqueror Group, and this is Mr. Zeng Xin’s grandson.”

He turned slightly and introduced people on Hao Ren’s side, “They are well-known Academician Hao and Academician Yue, this is Mr. Zhao Guang, Chairman of Mingri Group, and this is his wife Zhao Hongyu, a famous architect. You may know each other already.”

“Hello… How do you do…”

They greeted each other politely.

Hao Ren looked at Zeng Xin cautiously, afraid of any unexpected moves from him. Zeng Yitao looked at Hao Ren with resentment but remained obediently by Zeng Xin’s side.

A few days ago, Hao Ren couldn’t observe him comprehensively in the Dragon God Shrine. Now with the inspector’s token on him, Hao Ren could clearly see that Zeng Yitao emitted vague lights and was at Li-level.

He remembered that Zeng Yitao’s cultivation strength was ruined, and he guessed that Zeng Yitao restarted his cultivation after Zeng Xin trade treasure for him with the Dragon God Shrine.

The Dragon God Shrine was indeed resourceful since it could help a cultivator who got his foundation ruined to get back on the path of cultivation.

Now that Hao Ren reached Gen-level, he didn’t have to worry about Zeng Yitao who was only at Li-level. Oldman Zeng had acquired a second chance for Zeng Yitao to cultivate since he wanted his grandson to inherit the West Ocean Dragon Palace.

“Hehe, Mr. Zeng plans to invest in a huge car manufacturing base in our East Ocean City. We were in the middle of discussing this,” Mayor Wu said with a smile.

“Oh? Auto Manufacturing Base?” Zhao Guang looked interested.

Although Zhao Guang was the dragon king of East Ocean, he was also an intelligent business tycoon on land. With a glance at the situation, he knew that Qin Shaoyang had arranged this informal meeting between the mayor and Zeng Xin.

“Yeah. Mr. Zeng plans to invest five billion yuan in the suburbs of East Ocean City to build a modern auto manufacturing base.”

Hao Ren immediately felt engaged. After all, it was a very sensitive topic since Zeng Xin planned to build a big auto manufacturing base in the suburbs of East Ocean City.

Although the dragon cultivators couldn’t interfere with mortals’ lives, they could do business in the disguise of mortal identities.

By planning to build an auto manufacturing base in the suburbs of East Ocean City, close to the East Ocean Dragon Palace, Zeng Xin was walking a fine line on the rules. If the mayor approved his plan, then the East Ocean Dragon Palace could only force the auto manufacturing base out with business methods instead of destroying it by force.

“Mr. Zhao, are you interested in this project?” Mayor Wu asked Zhao Guang.

The mayor had heard about the recent conflicts between Mingri Group and Conqueror Group. But in the world of business, profits always took priority, and no one would be enemies with each other forever if profits were involved, especially between these two former partners. That was why Mayor Wu thought that Mingri Group, another capital tycoon, might be interested in joining the venture.

If the auto manufacturing base doubled its size, it would be a big investment, creating an automobile industry with its center in the East Ocean region and branches all over the country.

This industry would certainly push up East Ocean City’s economy, which would be a great political achievement for him.

“I think it would be better if the East Ocean City doesn’t build such a plant,” Zhao Guang said calmly.

“Oh?” Mayor Wu was surprised at Zhao Guang’s answer.

“With beautiful sceneries of mountains and oceans, East Ocean City is a city for leisure and tourism instead of a city that features heavy industries. It would be a big mistake if Mayor Wu introduced an auto manufacturing base into East Ocean City,” Zhao Guang said.

His tone was calm, but his words were blunt, showing no consideration for Zeng Xin.

After all, as the biggest taxpayer and the largest conglomerate in East Ocean City, Mingri Group was the leader in the local business circle.

The mayor of East Ocean City would change every several years, but Zhao Guang as the business leader of the East Ocean region would stay.

Mayor Wu wanted to draw in the investment of Conqueror Group, but he didn’t want to offend Mingri Group. After all, Mingri Group far surpassed Conqueror Group no matter in reputation or capital.

“What do you think, Academician Hao?” Mayor Wu turned to ask Hao Zhonghua.

Despite his low profile, Hao Zhonghua was a powerful figure in East Ocean City as the leader of the scientists in the East Ocean region and even the whole country. By asking his advice, Mayor Wu was finding a way out for himself.

“I agree with Mr. Zhao. East Ocean City isn’t a city with its focus on heavy industries. In fact, Mingri Group has its own heavy machinery factories, but they are all situated in other places around the country instead of being close to East Ocean City,” Hao Zhonghua said in a clear voice.

Not expecting Hao Zhonghua to be so blunt in his opinion as well, Mayor Wu had no choice but to turn to Yue Yang and ask, “What do you think, Academician Yue?”

“Mayor Wu, five billion yuan is a big investment, but the living environment of tens of millions of residents is an intangible asset. Looking at the Yellow Dragon River which travels through the city before entering the East Ocean, you can see that the water is still clear, which is why we can hold such a lively dragon boat race here on the Dragon Boat Festival. Our East Ocean City plans to become the No.1 High-Tech Zone in the country and then the No.1 High-Tech Zone worldwide, taking over Silicon Valley. Just like cultivating talents, we can’t have everything in the city development; we must have our own goals and unique features,” Yue Yang said in a clear and steady voice.

After hearing Yue Yang’s words, Mayor Wu didn’t have any more doubts. He smiled at Zeng Xing apologetically and said, “Sorry, Mr. Zeng, but I agree with Academician Yue. We can’t have everything in the development of the city. Our East Ocean City specializes in high-tech, and Mr. Zeng can invest in the new scientific research projects if you are interested, or you can contribute to the education of our city like Mr. Zhao.”

Displeasure flashed across Zeng Xin’s face, but he controlled himself.

After all, East Ocean City was Zhao Guang’s territory. If Zeng Xin couldn’t build his own base here, it would be no use to invest in other projects at East Ocean City!

Zeng Xin had dominated over the West Ocean for the last hundreds of years, but now his plan was obstructed by some reckless mortals.

Zhao Hongyu turned to look at Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang with gratitude.

With their statuses being higher than the mayor’s, the opinions of Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were very important. Although they talked from the perspective of future development of East Ocean City, they also supported Zhao Guang.

Since Mingri Group and Conqueror Group had fought fiercely not long ago in the business world, Mingri Group wouldn’t allow its rival to enter the territory of East Ocean City.

“It sounds pretty nice that East Ocean City plans to develop the high-tech industry,” one of the scientists who came with Zeng Xin said, “Recently, Academician Hao started the project called ‘Dragons’, right?”

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