Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0442

Chapter 442: Good Girl!

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Hearing his words, his companions all had weird looks on their faces with a trace of mockery. However, none of them dared to be obvious about it.

When Hao Zhonghua, the world-famous biologist, declared that he planned to search for dragons, it immediately became a hot topic in the media. When he decided to lead this project personally, it quickly became a chat topic in the science circle.

Those under-achieved and lazy scientists who had been in the science circle for years all pointed fingers and waited to see Hao Zhonghua’s public humiliation.

After all, dragons only existed in the legends, and Hao Zhonghua was destroying his own reputation by establishing this project.

Even some senior members of the science circle called him, trying to talk him out of such a silly project which attracted public attention but would harm his future career.

However, Hao Zhonghua worked under pressure and established the project with his own funds. To show respect to him, the government granted some symbolic fund to the project and put it under the category of marine life.

At this moment, this scientist brought it up to mock Hao Zhonghua.

Hao Zhonghua looked at this scientist coldly, knowing why he held such a grudge against him.

In fact, the scientists who came on the tour in East Ocean City with Conqueror Group were experts on auto engineering. Now that the five-billion project was gone to thin air, the future they had expected was gone as well.

Although Hao Zhonghua welcomed criticism and suggestions, he was displeased that his biology project was mocked by someone who specialized in auto mechanics.

“Zhonghua, ignore them.” Sensing his displeasure, Yue Yang tried to placate him with a whisper.

With their status and reputation, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang didn’t have to waste their energy on the arguments with these insignificant scientists. If they did, they would help these guys gain publicity. After all, some scientists didn’t work hard to make achievements in their fields but focused on attracting attention by frauds and bluffing.

“Academician Yue, do you also think that finding dragons is high-tech?”

Receiving no response from Hao Zhonghua, they continued to pressure and ask.

Although Yue Yang wasn’t too keen about dragons, she supported her husband who persisted on this project.

“In my opinion, Academicians Hao and Academician Yue, the so-called new stars in the international science circle, are overrated. The project about the mythical creatures is just a trick to get funds, and you guys are just frauds,” one of them said.

“You…” Fury rose in Yue Yang.

She could ignore other gossips, but she wouldn’t stand by and allow them to defame Hao Zhonghua’s reputation.

She knew more than anyone else about how hard Hao Zhonghua had worked. For his beloved science research projects, he had been away from home for months and had immersed himself in the lab. It was due to his honest and rigorous work ethic that allowed him to make significant scientific discoveries one after another.

To focus his attention on research, he even declined many international awards, which showed his disregard for fame.

But now, these guys branded him as a fraud!

“How dare you insult my son like this?!”

Yue Yang was about to retort when Grandma picked up her walking cane and stabbed the scientists who bad-mouthed Hao Zhonghua.

Before they accompanied Grandma to watch the dragon boat race at the Yellow Dragon River, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were worried about her lack of physical strength and got her a walking cane.

Hearing her son being insulted by some strangers, Grandma was furious and hit them with her walking cane!

“Ouch! Ouch!”

The scientists tried to dodge in a hurry. Although Grandma wasn’t strong, it was still painful to be stabbed by the hard walking cane.

“I’ll break your legs for saying such nonsense about my son! How dare you say that my son is a fraud and a liar?!” Grandma got even more furious and began to swing the walking cane with both hands.

The platform was ten meters above the bridge, and outside of the railing was the rushing river. Startled by the fierceness of this old lady, the scientists almost fell over the railing in the process of dodging.


The brawny Zeng Xin suddenly caught Grandma’s walking cane with one hand.

Grandma tried to retrieve it from his grip with both hands but couldn’t move it by even an inch.

“Mayor Wu, I brought them here. Is it proper for them to get beat?” Zeng Xin asked.

The moment he said this, Hao Ren took two steps forward and placed one hand on Grandma’s walking cane.

“Grandma!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili steadied Grandma on either side of her.

“Humph!” In a bad mood, Zeng Xin tightened the grip of his right hand.

Afraid that Zeng Xin would hurt Grandma, Hao Ren took the walking cane from Grandma and tightened his grip as well.

Crack! The pearwood walking cane instantly broke in two.

Looking at Hao Ren and Zeng Xin, the mayor was astonished at their great force and wondered about the poor quality of the walking cane.

“Hao Ren beat them! Toss those jerks into the river and feed them to the dragon king!” Grandma said angrily after Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked her to the back.

Hearing her words, both Zhao Guang and Zeng Xin’s faces froze, and they thought, “We don’t eat such things.”

“Mayor Wu, I don’t think it is right to hit people like this,” Qin Shaoyang walked forward and said as light beams gathered in his palm.

Although ordinary dragon cultivators couldn’t attack mortals, inspectors were not restricted by this rule.

“Mr. Qin, how do you feel about their insults?” Suddenly, Su Han walked forward with a streak of green light in her palm as well.

“They were just arguing. It’s not right to hit them…” At the sight of Su Han, Qin Shaoyang softened his tone.

From what he knew about Su Han, he thought that she wouldn’t get involved in such things.

To his surprise, she took the matter into her own hands.

“Mr. Qin, I remember that you plan to draw paintings in Xiliang City. Why are you still here in East Ocean City?” Su Han asked lightly.

“I…” Qin Shaoyang couldn’t say anything.

Su Han released her invisible aura and suppressed Qin Shaoyang! After all, the Dragon God Shrine had relocated him to the bitter cold place in the Northwest, so he shouldn’t continue to stay in East Ocean City!

“Mr. Zeng, you are here to visit East Ocean City, so you are our guest. As a guest, you must abide by the rules and not mess with the hosts,” Su Han said to Zeng Xin calmly.

Although Zeng Xin was the dragon king of West Ocean, he couldn’t say anything to Su Han. After all, she was the regional inspector and a mid-tier Qian-level cultivator!

He was on their territory, and the West Ocean Dragon Clan’s strength had been greatly damaged and thus had no power to challenge the Dragon God Shrine!

With a livid face, he turned toward the scientists beside him and said, “Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Hao!”

These scientists were employees of the research center of Conqueror Group and received paychecks from them. After looking at each other, they immediately lowered their heads and said, “Academician Hao, Academician Yue, we were just joking. Please don’t take our words seriously; we apologize to you.”

Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang didn’t spare a glance at them, thinking, “These spineless people don’t deserve to be scientists.

After forcing Qin Shaoyang back, Su Han snorted and went back to Yue Yang’s side.

Grandma’s angry face turned into a smile while she lightly picked up Su Han’s smooth wrist. “Good girl! I like you! What’s your name?”

Embarrassed, Su Han withdrew her palm and said, “Su Han.”

“Su Han, good girl!” Grandma nodded with satisfaction.

Yue Yang also cast several glances at Su Han, and she felt like this girl was mature and beautiful with a dignified aloofness in her calm manner.

“Ok! Ok! The dragon boat race is beginning! Let’s watch!” Mayor Wu tried to smooth things over and said, pointing to the distance.

Dropping the broken walking cane in his hand, Hao Ren returned to Grandma’s side.

Ever since he saw Zeng Xin, Hao Ren had been on guard. After all, mortals were fragile in front of cultivators, and he would battle Zeng Xin if the latter tried to deal with his family.

The seven dragon boats had set off from the distant Xinchuan Bridge and would cross below the Xuchuan Bridge where they were standing on and finally reaching the Wuchuan Bridge on the other side.

The red boat in the middle was the dragon boat team of East Ocean City while the other six were rivals from nearby cities.

The drums began to beat on both sides of the river while cheers resonated all around.

Each dragon boat had 100 strong men in them, and their uniformed rowing pushed the boats through the waves in the river at a great speed.

Standing by Grandma’s side, Hao Ren turned his head to look for Zhen Congming and realized that the kid had slipped to Wu Luoxue’s side without anyone noticing. Zhen Congming was saying something to the little beauty while the latter seemed to be paying him little attention.

“Academician Hao, how about we make a bet on who will be the winner?” Mayor Wu said to Hao Zhonghua to change the atmosphere.

“Ok!” Hao Zhonghua agreed with pleasure while he looked at the seven dragon boats in the distance. “I bet on the black boat to the most west.”

“How about Mr. Zeng?” Mayor Wu turned his head and asked.

“Humph!” Zeng Xin snorted and didn’t answer, not caring to show any respect to a mayor who could do nothing to him.

Displeased, Mayor Wu turned his head toward Zhao Guang and asked, “What about Mr. Zhao?”

“I bet on the blue boat,” Zhao Guang said.

“Hehehe, I’ll make a bet as well then. I think the green boat will win,” Grandma said in high spirit.

“Then, I’ll bet on the red one from our East Ocean City,” Mayor Wu said.

“What’s the wager then?” Yue Yang asked with a smile.

“How about 100 yuan?” Mayor Wu suggested.

Zhao Guang and the others all nodded.

At this moment, Zhao Yanzi suddenly bumped Xie Yujia with her arm and looked at her in hostility.

“Let’s make a bet as well,” she said.

“What’s the wager?” Xie Yujia looked at her calmly.

Zhao Yanzi glanced at Hao Ren who was standing by Grandma and then turned her gaze back to Xie Yujia. “What do you think?”

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