Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0293

Chapter 293: Huge Promotion

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Under Huang Xujie’s strange gaze, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia moved to the seats on the right side of the first row.

Hao Zhonghua walked to the podium, tested the mic, and placed the paper that had his speech written on it on the podium.

Some provincial officials continued to enter the hall one after another.

“Academician Hao, congratulations!” An official who was walking in front of all other officials walked toward Hao Zhonghua and shook his hand.

“I’m extremely honored that Provincial Governor Liu came here to attend such a small ceremony despite your busy schedule,” Hao Zhonghua said politely.

“The country has high hope for you, and I’m just here to show the support from the Jiangdong Province! From a research position to a management position, there would be an adaptation process. Don’t overwork yourself!” Provincial Governor Liu said encouragingly as he patted Hao Zhonghua’s shoulder.

Hao Ren sat down in the seat on the right side and kept quiet while he watched Hao Zhonghua chat with the city and provincial officials.

“A while ago, your dad was the vice-director of a large-scale research project,” Xie Yujia, who always read the newspapers’ science section, said to Hao Ren quietly.

“Isn’t it sad that I am learning about my dad through the newspaper…” Hao Ren sighed.

As the inauguration ceremony was about to start, reporters from different TV stations and newspapers were getting ready.

The governors who were politely chatting with Hao Zhonghua sat down in the first and second row.

Since Hao Ren and Xie Yujia’s seats weren’t located in the center, they weren’t worried that the cameras would catch them directly.

Huang Xujie, who wasn’t acting normally today, was driven away earlier by his father. Of course, when his father returns home, Huang Xujie would face another beating.

It was a few minutes before the ceremony started. Yue Yang, who was wearing a black casual dress, walked in hurryingly. She smiled at Hao Zhonghua, waved her hands, and saw Hao Ren and Xie Yujia. She walked over and sat down next to Xie Yujia.

“Hi, Auntie!” Xie Yujia immediately greeted.

Yue Yang wasn’t only Hao Ren’s mom; she was also Xie Yujia’s most admired female scientists. In last year’s Time Magazine’s ranking of the world’s most influential women, Yue Yang ranked 26th with her reputation within the scientific community and her professional achievements.

“Hello, hello!” Yue Yang nodded.

While replying, she looked Xie Yujia up and down and thought, “This girl… She seems prettier than a month ago? ”

After Yue Yang saw Hao Ren’s straight face and knew that he didn’t want to talk to her, she explained, “I was attending another event before this; that’s why I’m a bit late.”

“What is today’s ceremony for?” Xie Yujia tried to break the ice as Hao Ren remained silent.

“It’s for Zhonghua becoming the director of the Chinese Ocean Research Institute and being promoted to the vice-ministerial level,” Yue Yang answered.

“Then… Will Uncle continue to conduct researches?” Xie Yujia asked.

She didn’t want to be long-winded, but she also didn’t want to see the relationship between Hao Ren and Yue Yang become stiff.

Therefore, all she could do was to try and keep the conversation going before the ceremony began.

“His next research will be based on marine biology. From now on, he will manage the institute and study marine life near East Ocean City. That means he will stay in East Ocean City,” Yue Yang replied.

Although it sounded like an answer to Xie Yujia’s question, it was meant for Hao Ren.

Hao Ren’s heart dropped.

“Marine life… Are the dragons considered a part of marine life?…” he wondered.

“Auntie, do you have any plans for your next research topic?” Xie Yujia asked again.

“For me, I am still studying the climate. But, I might team up with Zhonghua and create a big project on ocean climates,” Yue Yang smiled and said.

However, she didn’t tell Xie Yujia that after returning from Beijing, she had already been promoted to the vice dean of the Eastern China Meteorology Institute.

She was responsible for overseeing five research centers, one national state laboratory, and two departmental state laboratories. Her position was even higher than Hao Zhonghua’s!

However, no matter what, she was Hao Zhonghua’s wife. Therefore, she had to attend her husband’s inauguration ceremony and show her support without grabbing the limelight from him!

“That’s great, Auntie can stay in East Ocean City more often from now on,” Xie Yujia replied with a smile.

Yue Yang nodded happily and was amazed by this smart Little Carrot as she understood her thoughts.

The reason why Yue Yang accepted the position as a vice dean from the higher-ups was to force herself to stay in East Ocean City and spend more time with her son and her mother-in-law.

After knowing Yue Yang’s thought, Hao Ren looked at her, and his expression wasn’t as cold as it was before.

Xie Yujia sat between them. She held Hao Ren’s hand with one hand and Yue Yang’s with the other. “A family reunion, how great is that!”

She was desperate to resolve the estrangement between Hao Ren and his parents. How could Hao Ren not understand her nice intention? His heart was touched as he was being held by Xie Yujia’s small and smooth hand.

“Thank you to all officials, ladies and gentlemen, and all my reporter friends…”

On the podium, Hao Zhonghua, who was calm and handsome, officially started his speech.

From a successful scientist to the director of a national state institute, he had completed a magnificent transformation.

Hao Zhonghua has become one of the world’s best scientists in the field of biological research and biomedicine. His existence had stimulated the rapid development of the bio-industry in East Ocean City. As he has been promoted to the director of the Ocean Research Institute, he will undoubtedly boost the growth of the ‘marine-industry’ in East Ocean City!

The fisheries industry, the offshore oil and gas industry, the ocean mining industry, the sea salt industry… all these industries were large-scale industries that are worth hundreds of billions of yuan!

Top scientists like Hao Zhonghua were more precious than a giant panda! In this age of technology, Hao Zhonghua had more influence than any official in the municipal or even provincial government!


Waves of applause erupted at the moment Hao Zhonghua ended his speech.

Yue Yang smiled at Hao Zhonghua and gave him an encouraging look. Although Yu Yang surpassed Hao Zhonghua on the administrative level, in Yu Yang’s mind, Hao Zhonghua would always be better than her.

Xie Yujia was also clapping her hands as Hao Zhonghua’s speech was wonderful.

Next, it was time for the provincial and municipal officials’ relatively boring speeches. Hao Zhonghua sat in the middle of the first row and was quietly chatting with a few officials around him.

Although he was a world-famous scientist, he was no Frankenstein who only stayed inside a boring lab! With his abilities and talents, even if he didn’t make a name for himself in the scientific community, he could still excel in any other fields!

Based on his friendship with the provincial governor, these officials of the East Ocean City wouldn’t dare to challenge him!

Next, was the inauguration ceremony.

The dean of the Chinese Academy of Science handed a golden wheel that symbolized the future developments of the Ocean Research Institute to Hao Zhonghua.

Click, click, click… All the flashes of the cameras were on.

Hao Zhonghua didn’t want to approach the media and the public. However, he had to make this choice since he wanted to stay in the East Ocean City.

Less research and more managing work. Not only did he not lose his scientific research career, but he could also spend more time with his son.

“Now, we would like to announce that the chairman of the Mingri Group, Mr. Zhao Guang, has donated 300 million yuan of research funds towards the Ocean Research Institute!” The host of the ceremony announced.

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