Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0294

Chapter 294: A Perfect Match?

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Zhao Guang, who was sitting on the left side of the first row, stood up slowly and was directed to the podium by the host.

He looked magnificent and dignified in a black suit.

Compared with him, Hao Zhonghua was taller and more elegant.

“Hao Zhonghua is amazing. The moment he takes the position of the director of the institute, he gets a 300 million yuan donation from a business group…”

“Mingri Group sure is rich; it donated 300 million yuan just like that…”

“By donating such a large sum of money on Hao Zhonghua’s inauguration day, this gigantic business group at East Ocean City is showing great respect to him…”

“Seeing Mingri Group’s act today, the other companies will probably follow up and begin to contribute to the science research in East Ocean region…”

“Yeah. Didn’t the mayor say that the East Ocean City will gradually develop into a city that specializes in both scientific research and tourism?”

While Zhao Guang walked to the podium, people whispered to each other.

Hao Ren didn’t expect that Zhao Guang would show up here. After looking toward Zhao Guang’s seat, he found that Zhao Hongyu was also sitting in the first row in a rose-colored dress.

He was sitting on the opposite end of the first row and didn’t notice them before now.

“Zi’s father is giving your father a great boost by contributing 300 million yuan,” Yue Yang looked to the podium and said.

“Zhao Yanzi’s family is indeed rich…” Xie Yujia thought to herself.

Before the podium, Zhao Guang handed Hao Zhonghua an oversized cheque with 300 million written on it.

The series of 0s on the check was dizzying.

The journalists began to flash their cameras.

As the No. 1 business group in the East Ocean City, Mingri Group was the first to show their support for Hao Zhonghua’s ocean science research career by donating 300 million yuan, helping Hao Zhonghua to establish his reputation in the Ocean Research Institute.

Hao Zhonghua had won the support not only from the governor and the local government but also the big business groups as well.

With money, there would be projects which would produce results. It was highly promising to work under a world-famous scientist.

The younger, ambitious researchers were all excited. Meanwhile, the experienced researchers of the institute who held a grudge against Hao Zhonghua, the outsider, knew that they would get nothing if they tried to set traps for him in the future.

Everyone knew that Mingri Group, the largest business group in Eastern China, was listed in the U.S. stock market had had businesses all over the world.

With the support from such a huge business group, who would dare to edge Hao Zhonghua out? It would be suicidal!

“Zi’s family did such a big favor for us. We must invite them to dinner to thank them,” Yue Yang said in a low voice.

“Ok.” Hao Ren nodded slightly.

Xie Yujia was silent. All of a sudden, she felt like Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren’s families matched each other perfectly while she could do nothing for Hao Ren.

The ceremony ended with great success. The journalists went back to write articles while the government officials came over one by one to shake hands with Hao Zhonghua before leaving.

Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu stayed behind, and they stood at the gate to chat with Hao Zhonghua a little.

Not wanting to catch attention, Yue Yang waited until the audience had almost all left before taking Hao Ren and Xie Yujia over to them.

“It’s been a while since I last saw you, Mrs. Zhao. You look even younger than before!” Yue Yang complimented Zhao Hongyu.

Whether it was flattery or out of sincerity, complimenting a women’s looks was always the best conversation starter. Even Yue Yang, a scientist, knew that.

“Mrs. Hao, you look more energetic than before!” Zhao Hongyu replied with a smile.

While they chatted, Hao Zhonghua continued with what he was saying, “Then, it’s settled. You and your family come to have dinner at our house at six o’clock tomorrow evening!”

“Ok! We’ll be there!” Zhao Guang agreed immediately.

They talked like old friends. However, Hao Zhonghua didn’t know that Zhao Guang would donate 300 million yuan to the Ocean Research Institute until yesterday. It had been a great surprise for him.

“Yujia, you come tomorrow afternoon as well!” Hao Zhonghua glanced at Xie Yujia and said.

“Oh. I… I can’t.” Xie Yujia declined in a stammer.

“Please come. It will be a lively occasion,” Zhao Hongyu tried to persuade her.

“No, thank you!” Xie Yujia shook her head determinedly. “I have things to do tomorrow.”

Since it looked like she would be busy, they didn’t push her.

Zhao Zhonghua looked at Xie Yujia and Hao Ren, saying, “Ren, Yujia, are you going back to school?”

“Yeah… We are going to head back with the group…” Xie Yujia turned her head and realized that Lu Qing had left with the students of East Ocean University already.

“Why are you looking so distracted?” Hao Ren asked her.

“I’m fine…” Xie Yujia answered in a whisper.

“I’ll drive you back.” Hao Zhonghua took out his car key and patted Hao Ren and Xie Yujia’s shoulders.

“Yue Yang, you keep Mr. and Mrs. Zhao company while I drive them back to school,” Hao Zhonghua looked back and said when they were outside of the hall.

“Ok!” Yue Yang answered without hesitation.

Hao Zhonghua’s white Ford was parked in the open parking lot before the City Hall.

“How come Grandmother didn’t come?” Hao Ren asked.

At the sight of this car, he knew that his dad had gone back home as soon as he arrived at East Ocean.

“She’s not interested in such events.” Hao Zhonghua opened the door and got behind the steering wheel.

Hao Ren pulled Xie Yujia gently to the back seat.

Hiss… Xie Yujia’s arm emitted a weak current of electricity, numbing his fingers.

The Five-Elemental Life-Death Note was the nemesis of the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll. Even if Xie Yujia only had a tiny trace of resistance on her mind, Hao Ren couldn’t even touch her.

On the way, Hao Zhonghua talked about the things he did and saw in Beijing to break the awkward silence.

The car arrived at the gate of the East Ocean University shortly. Hao Ren tugged at Xie Yujia’s sleeve and got out of the car with her.

“Uncle, I need to go to the library. I’ll have to leave now!” Xie Yujia said, bowing slightly at Hao Zhonghua who was sitting in the car.

“Ok! Goodbye!” Hao Zhonghua answered her warmly.

“Dad, I have class, and I’ll have to go, too,” Hao Ren said as he looked at Xie Yujia who was walking away fast.

“Wait!” Hao Zhonghua leaped out from the car and grabbed Hao Ren’s arm.

“What is it?” Hao Ren looked at his dad in surprise.

“I need to talk to you.” Hao Zhonghua pulled him to the roadside.

“What is it?” Hao Ren looked up at his dad.

“How are you treating Yujia?” Hao Zhonghua was direct.

“Not bad,” Hao Ren answered. In fact, he knew he cared for Xie Yujia a lot, but he didn’t want to show it.

“Have you ever considered deepening your relationship?”

“Not for now,” Hao Ren answered cautiously.

“Ok, it is simple then. Since your attitude is clear, I’ll tell you mine. A few days ago, when I was in Beijing, I got a call from her dad, and he told me that Yujia’s aunt and uncle, Xie Wanjun’s parents, had arrived at the U.S. one week ago.”

“What?!” Hao Ren was surprised that Xie Wanjun’s parents went to the U.S. as well.

“How come Yujia never mentioned it?” he asked.

“It seems that Yujia didn’t want you to worry about her,” Hao Zhonghua shook his head and sighed, “On the phone, Yujia’s dad hoped… that I would take care of Yujia since she told him that she doesn’t want to study in the U.S.”

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