Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0295

Chapter 295: One Extra Person…

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“Dad, you mean…” Hao Ren turned his head to look at his dad.

“During the weekdays, Little Carrot would still live on campus. But during the weekends, she is going to live at our house,” Hao Zhonghua said.

“Yujia will live in my home?” Hao Ren’s heart began to race.

“We can’t let Little Carrot live alone. Her family moved to East Ocean in the 1980s and has no other relatives here. Yujia’s dad is one of my best friends, and it’s my duty to take care of her,” Hao Zhonghua continued.

“I’ll live with Xie Yujia from now on?” At this thought, Hao Ren felt as if his blood was going to boil.

“Little Carrot’s family gave us help when we needed it the most, and your mom and I will take care of her as our own. I know you have a good relationship with her, but you are used to living alone; you must learn to yield to her a little in the future. After all, Yujia looks very independent and strong, but she’s still sensitive and fragile inside.”

Hao Zhonghua patted Hao Ren’s shoulder before walking to his car. He had a meeting in the institute in the afternoon and would be busy in the following days.

Hao Ren watched his dad get into the car and drive away as he exhaled deeply; he was surprised at the turn of events.

“If Zhou Liren and the other guys know about this, they would be even more jealous. Childhood sweetheart… gentle girlfriend… living sweetly together, going to and from school together, and have the parents’ support…” Hao Ren quickened his steps to return to his dorm for the books before hurrying to the classroom.

They had the mechanical drawing class that afternoon. The class began the moment Hao Ren arrived at the computer room in Academic Building A.

“Hao Ren! This way!” Zhao Jiayi gave him a little wave from a corner.

The computers in the school didn’t all run smoothly; some of them were very slow. The guys secretly installed some games into the faster computers in one corner, and they would always choose those machines whenever they came to this class.

However, Hao Ren just glanced at him. He looked around and saw Xie Yujia on the other side of the room, so he walked over to her.

“Damn! You forget friends at the sight of beauty!” Zhao Jiayi lowered his arm and mumbled.

Xie Yujia was adjusting the computer. When Hao Ren approached, she continued her work with her head lowered.

“Did you have a fight or something?” Sitting next to Xie Yujia, Ma Lina bumped her and asked.

“Let me do it!” Hao Ren walked behind Xie Yujia’s computer. He bent down behind the computer desk and adjusted two cords.

The mouse cursor could move again.

After that, Xie Yujia pursed her lips but remained silent.

Hao Ren looked at Ma Lina.

“Oh! Got it! Got it!” With a chuckle, Ma Lina packed up her books and pen. She saw the vacant seat by Zhao Jiayi and went for it.

Hao Ren took Ma Lina’s seat without hesitation.

“What are you doing here?” Xie Yujia turned and glared at him.

Today, she had pulled up her hair in a ponytail. When she turned, the ponytail swayed playfully.

“I never knew that our former Class President Yujia also has a little temper,” Hao Ren glanced at her and said while he tried the mouse and the keyboard of his computer.

“I… I didn’t lose my temper.” Xie Yujia snorted lightly and ignored him.

“Your face is all red from being upset,” Hao Ren continued.

Xie Yujia had been trying to keep a straight face, but she flushed instantly at Hao Ren’s words.

“Ok! Let’s start the class!” Standing in the center of the computer room, the teacher said in a loud voice.

Xie Yujia gritted her teeth and sat up to look at the teacher.

Sitting on the square stool in the computer room, her posture looked straight and tall while her curves were as beautiful as a drawing.

“Today we’ll learn about the gears commonly used in mechanical drawings,” the teacher continued as he looked around at the students

Xie Yujia looked like a beautiful stone statue, and Hao Ren felt like he would watch her all class if he didn’t control himself. Therefore, he forced himself to turn and look at the teacher standing in the center of the room.

Xie Yujia turned to look at Hao Ren after a while and saw that he was also listening to the teacher attentively. Taking out a notebook, she turned her head and continued to listen while making notes.

After explaining the process with words, the teacher demonstrated it on his computer and projected his computer screen onto the big screen before asking the students to draw by themselves.

Since mechanical drawing is one of the most challenging courses this semester, many students didn’t quite understand the process, and they began to consult each other.

Hao Ren understood the general concept but didn’t note down the details. When he turned on the computer and began drawing, he couldn’t make the drawing right.

“Yujia, what should I do with this?” The girl sitting next to Hao Ren walked past him and asked Xie Yujia.

“Open this icon and draw a cross first, then do this. Yeah, this is a spur gear. If you are drawing a bevel gear, you must…” Xie Yujia taught her patiently.

“Yujia, Yujia, how do I draw the turbine?”

“First you draw a gear, then add central axis in the center of the gear. Draw a circle, and we get…”

“Oh, I understand it now. Yujia, you’re amazing!”

“Yujia… how do I do the catching of gears…”

One by one, Xie Yujia answered the questions of her classmates in a patient and gentle way. Hao Ren glanced at Yu Rong, the current Class President, across from them and saw him scratching his head. It was clear that he didn’t know how to do it as well.

“Yujia, I don’t know how to draw the turbine,” Hao Ren leaned over and asked.

“Oh, first you draw…” Xie Yujia was about to explain when she realized that it was Hao Ren. Immediately, she turned her back at him.

“Ok! Ok! Get back to your seats!” Seeing the disorder of students crowding around Xie Yujia, the teacher yelled.

They returned to their seats reluctantly and raised their hands to ask the teacher about the things they didn’t understand.

“Hey! You don’t have to treat me this way.” Hao Ren bumped her arm.

Xie Yujia pouted. She began to draw on the screen with the mouse while she checked the project the teacher given out on a piece of paper.

“What’s wrong? What did I do?” Hao Ren moved his stool closer to her and asked.

The computers were placed closely together. The old-style CRT screens provided a natural block, and the teacher standing in the middle couldn’t see everything the students did behind the screens.

“Gongzi Hao, you are too high up for me to reach,” Xie Yujia curled her lips and whispered.

“Is it because my parents got promoted?” Hao Ren bumped her with his hand, amused at her frustration.

“Gongzi Hao has a perfect official match…” Xie Yujia gritted her teeth and busied herself in the drawing.

“It’s no use bickering with him. Anyway, I, Xie Yujia, am not a good match for Hao Ren,” she thought while typing on the keyboard in frustration; a lot of meaningless words appeared on the screen.

“I don’t know about the official match you are talking about. But it seems someone… will join my family at my house,” Hao Ren looked at her and said.

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