Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0296

Chapter 296: Different Stance!

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Xie Yujia continued to type on the keyboard with a cold expression on her face. Seconds later, the meaning of Hao Ren’s words dawned on her, and she turned to him. “Who… Who’s going to live in your home?”

“You know this person,” Hao Ren said with a smile after seeing her nervousness

“Zhao Yanzi?” Her eyes shifted.

“No.” Hao Ren shook his head.

“Lu Linlin? Lu Lili?” Xie Yujia guessed after a moment of thinking.

“No.” Hao Ren shook his head again.

“You’re teasing me!” Xie Yujia threw the words at him before turning to the paper with the project on it.

This reaction wasn’t what Hao Ren had expected. He moved closer to her, almost sharing the computer with her. “It’s true! I swear!”

Doubtfully, Xie Yujia turned to look at him again. “Is it… Su Han?”

“No.” Hao Ren shook his head again.

“I have no time for this guessing game.” She pushed him. “Move back.”

However, her slight strength was too little to move Hao Ren. Her soft hand on his shoulder felt like a massage to him.

Hao Ren’s square stool was next to her square stool, forming a long bench. They were so close that they could feel the warmth emitted from each other’s bodies. If the teacher had seen it, he would have thought that they were flirting in class.

“The person is right here,” Hao Ren finally relented after several pushes from her.

“Who?” Xie Yujia still didn’t understand. She looked around Hao Ren and then saw her reflection on the screen.

“Ok, I will stop teasing you. From now on, you will live at my home during weekends,” Hao Ren looked at her and said.

Xie Yujia blinked in surprise. “Whose decision is this?”

“Your dad and my dad’s,” Hao Ren answered.

Xie Yujia widened her eyes and wanted to ask more questions, but Hao Ren had moved his stool back to his computer.

At this moment, the teacher strolled along the aisle. Looking at the teacher walking closer to them, she bit her lip and put her mind back to the project.

Ding… The bell rang, signaling the end of the class.

Xie Yujia picked up her books and walked to Hao Ren’s side. “What on earth did you mean?”

Hao Ren packed up his stuff and walked out of the computer room without answering Xie Yujia’s question on purpose, and she had to follow him closely with books in her arms.

She grabbed Hao Ren’s arm. “What did you mean by?”

“Wow! You two just can’t stay away from each other!” Walking out of the computer room, Ma Lina teased with a snicker.

Xie Yujia let go of Hao Ren’s arm and rolled her eyes at Ma Lina before following Hao Ren downstairs quickly.

“They’ve been together for a short time, but their relationship is so deep now…” Ma Lina said as she looked at them.

Outside of the building, Xie Yujia continued with her question. “What did our dads talk about?”

She looked a little nervous like a cautious little bird.

“Why didn’t you tell me that your aunt and uncle went to the U.S.?” Hao Ren asked her and didn’t answer her question.

“It’s meaningless to tell you that,” Xie Yujia answered in a low voice as she lowered her head and looked down at her shoes.

Streaks of hair slid down and covered her eyes.

“Isn’t it hard for you to live alone?” Hao Ren looked at her and asked in a caring tone.

“It’s ok…” Xie Yujia’s voice got lighter with each word.

“From now on, you live in my home during the weekends,” Hao Ren said in an unquestionable tone.

He had been a bit surprised when he first heard that Xie Yujia would live in his home. However, on second thought, he couldn’t let her live like that on her own.

“I don’t want to bother you. I can still stay in my aunt and uncle’s apartment…” Xie Yujia looked up and said.

However, she was stopped mid-sentence by Hao Ren’s stare.

“You will live in my home during the weekends,” Hao Ren said in a determined tone.

“Ok…” Xie Yujia somehow agreed without thinking.

She felt like the hard shell outside her heart was shattered by Hao Ren’s words, and she felt warm and cared for.

“Shall we go to the library?” Hao Ren looked at her.

“Ok.” Xie Yujia gave him her usual faint smile, but the smile felt as warm as the spring breeze to Hao Ren.

“My bike is parked at the library…”

Shoulder to shoulder, they walked toward the huge library that was shaped like an open book.

In the evening, they walked out of the library and took a bus to Zhao Yanzi’s home.

Xie Yujia’s mood had brightened up.

She was both nervous and expectant at the fact that she would be living in Hao Ren’s home, though only during the weekends.

She was nervous because she was afraid of making mistakes and causing trouble in Hao Ren’s home, and she was expectant because she could have another place to call home.

After all, Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were both world-famous scientists, Hao Ren’s grandma was genial and loving, and Hao Ren looked dumb but was attractive when she got to know him.

She turned to look at Hao Ren who was sitting beside her and found him staring at the city view at night out of the bus window.

“Hao Ren is quite deep sometimes.” With that thought, a blush appeared on her face.

“That female celebrity on the commercial is very beautiful,” Hao Ren turned and said to her.

“Eh…” Xie Yujia almost choked.

When the bus arrived at their destination, and they quickly got off.

Just like the past two days, Zhao Hongyu prepared a fancy dinner mainly to show Xie Yujia their appreciation.

Zhao Guang was sitting on the couch in his loose furry pajamas; he looked like a successful businessman

On TV, the news of Zhao Guang’s 300 million yuan donation to Hao Zhonghua was being broadcasted. Zhao Yanzi was on the couch playing with the iPhone 4 Zhao Guang had just bought her.

“Here you are! dinner is ready!” When Hao Ren and Xie Yujia walked into the house, Zhao Hongyu greeted them politely.

She looked elegant with her bright earrings.

“Thank you, Auntie!” Xie Yujia sat at the dinner table.

Zhao Guang and Zhao Yanzi walked to the table, and Hao Ren sat beside Zhao Yanzi.

“Today, I’ll teach Zi the last bit of the basic cultivation technique,” Xie Yujia picked up her chopsticks and said abruptly.

“Really?” Zhao Yanzi was a little surprised. On the first day, Xie Yujia told her that she would learn the basic cultivation technique in three days, but she didn’t know that Xie Yujia was being literal.

“Well… Thank you, Yujia,” Zhao Hongyu said with a smile.

She knew that for Zhao Yanzi who had cultivation experience, the basic cultivation technique of human cultivators wouldn’t be difficult.

“No problem,” Xie Yujia answered in a gentle voice. It didn’t matter how Zhao Yanzi treated her, Zhao Hongyu was kind to her.

Zhao Guang and Hao Ren remained silent, lost in their own thoughts.

“This is an affluent family in the mortal world and a royal family in the cultivation world. They are well beyond my reach.” Xie Yujia looking at the low-profile but luxurious furnishing in the house and understood that.

“From this weekend on, Yujia will be living in my home on the weekends,” Hao Ren said and broke the silence in the room.

Zhao Yanzi and Zhao Hongyu looked up at him, and Xie Yujia also looked at him in surprise.

Only Zhao Guang remained calm and continued to drink his wine in a casual manner.

Hao Ren continued with his meal. Zhao Hongyu thought for a moment and lowered her head, keeping cut the steak in her plate.

Zhao Yanzi glared at Hao Ren before looking at Xie Yujia and gritting teeth. Since no one responded to what Hao Ren said, she ate and chewed on a big mouthful of rice.

After dinner, Xie Yujia tutored Zhao Yanzi in terms of cultivation, teaching her the last details. Xie Yujia felt like a war was brewing, but she didn’t want it to affect Zhao Yanzi’s cultivation. After all, any minor mistake would cause great problems in the future.

After the two-hour cultivation session, Hao Ren tutored Zhao Yanzi for an hour on geometry.

While she was doing the geometry drawings, Zhao Yanzi ‘accidentally’ poked the pencil tip into the back of Hao Ren’s hand several times. She was angry but didn’t understand the source of her anger.

When the sessions ended, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia returned to the first floor to say goodbye to Zhao Hongyu who was quietly reading in the living room.

Zhao Hongyu immediately stood up and walked them to the door. She said politely, “I really appreciate what you did for us, Yujia.”

“No Problem.” Xie Yujia nodded slightly.

“It’s late. Ren, please take care of Yujia,” Zhao Hongyu said to Hao Ren.

“Ok.” Hao Ren nodded, knowing that she was troubled with them since she didn’t offer to drive them back.

However, he wouldn’t let Xie Yujia live alone in that old apartment building because of the disapproval of Zhao Yanzi and her family.

Since Little White was with Little Daoist Zhen, they had to take the bus to the old apartment building where Xie Yujia lived.

The night was quiet, and Hao Ren and Xie Yujia’s shadows fell on the uneven ground.

It was too quiet to feel safe.

“As to the Beauty Pill, do… you think I should take it or not?” Xie Yujia asked abruptly. She had the pill in her pocket and couldn’t decide if she should take it or not.

“You can take it at the peak of your beauty,” Hao Ren said.

“Do… you think I’m at the peak of my beauty now?” Xie Yujia suddenly stopped.

In the pale moonlight, Xie Yujia looked as beautiful as the moon goddess.

“Yeah…” Hao Ren nodded subconsciously. Zhao Yanzi’s beauty was different from Xie Yujia’s. He didn’t know how to put it, but he knew that they were in different zones in his heart.

Xie Yujia put the Beauty Pill back into her pocket before walking to the nearby shanty town.

In the shadows of messy electrical wires, Xie Yujia stumbled to the door of the shabby house where the old Grandma lived.

“Grandma! Grandma!” Xie Yujia knocked on the wooden door.

Since she was moving to Hao Ren’s home, she wouldn’t be able to visit the old Grandma as often.

Besides, she felt like she needed to tell the old Grandma that she was moving.

No sound came from the house for a long while. Instead, the door of the next house creaked open.

“She moved. Today, her son drove here in a car, and they left together after moving two boxes of stuff into the car,” a mid-aged woman looked at Xie Yujia and Hao Ren and said.

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