Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0297

Chapter 297: Dependable!

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Seeing their astonishment, the mid-aged woman continued, “She left a letter for you, young girl.”

“Oh…” Xie Yujia walked over in a daze.

The mid-aged woman walked back into her home and returned with an old yellow envelope. After handing it to Xie Yujia, she immediately went back to her home, obviously not wanting to get involved with anyone who was close to the old Grandma.

Xie Yujia opened the envelope and read it under the dim streetlight immediately.

The letter was written with an ink brush. Although it was short, the words were written with force.

“Everything comes to an end eventually. Grandma has lived here for over 100 years and has seen the vicissitudes of life. You have kind-hearted but lacks cultivation talent; I’m afraid I won’t see you again. Zhao Hongyu from East Ocean is kind, and you can depend on her. Everything could happen on the road of cultivation. If you encounter any grandmasters who try to make trouble, tell them my name, Qingfeng Hermit, and they will back off.”

Xie Yujia folded the letter, and her mind was full of complicated emotions.

She had taken care of the old Grandma for two years and didn’t know about her real identity until recently. However, the old Grandma probably had watched her go from middle school to university.

Their master-disciple relationship only established for a couple of weeks, but she felt closer to the old Grandma than any of her family members.

Maybe the old Grandma moved abruptly with the hope that Xie Yujia could settle down in Hao Ren’s home, or she had her own business to deal with…

“Let’s go, Yujia.” Hao Ren nudged her lightly.

He was surprised by the old Grandma’s sudden move, but he knew that grandmasters didn’t want people to know about their whereabouts.

He guessed that Little Daoist Zhen wouldn’t be able to meet Xie Yujia’s master after all,

“Ok…” Xie Yujia put away the letter before walking to her old apartment slowly.

The old grandma didn’t mention Hao Ren in the letter, and Xie Yujia wondered about her opinion of him. She looked at Hao Ren’s side face and felt a little lost.

After opening the slightly rusty iron gate of the building and climbing up the stairs, Xie Yujia dug out the key and opened the old anti-theft door.

Hao Ren had been here once and was not strange to this place. However, he came here in the daytime, and Xie Wanjun was still here. Now, the small apartment was quiet and dim despite the lights.

He looked into the other two rooms; they were empty. Xie Wanjun’s parents had indeed left.

He felt terrible for Xie Yujia since she was living here alone, knowing that she didn’t tell him about because she didn’t want him to worry.

“Pack up some of your stuff for now. We can return for more later,” Hao Ren looked around the dim room and said to Xie Yujia.

“Ok.” Nodding, she went into her room to pack some books and clothes.

On the shelves were professional and academic books while the wardrobe was full of simple garments.

“You… please go out for a minute,” Xie Yujia turned her head and told Hao Ren who was standing behind her.

Seeing the blush on her cheeks, Hao Ren understood that she was about to pack her undergarments.

“Oh, Oh. I’ll wait for you outside.” Hao Ren immediately backed out.

The wooden table looked like it was at least ten years old with its legs covered in black grime. Under the glass surface of the table were some paper sheets and pictures of Xie Wanjun and Xie Yujia.

While he looked, he imagined Xie Yujia’s life there.

“Ok. Let’s go!” Xie Yujia walked out of her room with two bags in her hands.

Hao Ren walked forward and took them from her hands before going downstairs with her.

They didn’t speak, and their steps resonated in the stairway.

It was midnight, so they took a taxi to Hao Ren’s home by the sea.

In the taxi, Xie Yujia remained silent. She took out the old Grandma’s letter and read it again and again carefully. The old Grandma’s handwriting was better than any of the calligrapher artists, and her short letter seemed to have many hidden messages.

“Qingfeng Hermit… So old Grandma’s name is Qingfeng Hermit…” Xie Yujia put the letter back into the envelope before putting it into her pocket.

In her pocket, there was also the box containing the Beauty Pill. She held the box in her hand with hesitation.

Permanent youth was every woman’s dream, but with such a youth pill in her hand, she hesitated.

Zhao Hongyu, Su Han, and even Zhao Yanzi were real cultivators and thus half immortals. They wouldn’t have any problem with taking the Beauty Pills.

However, she cultivated because she wanted to enter Hao Ren’s circle and help him. She never expected herself to become as powerful as the old Grandma.

“Since Hao Ren is already on the road of cultivation, if I decide to stay with him forever, then I will take this Beauty Pill. If I can’t stay with him, I would rather not take it and live the life of an ordinary person…” she thought.

Clenching the small box in her hand, sweat began to appear in her palm again.

The taxi soon arrived at Hao Ren’s home by the ocean.

“Grandma! Grandma!” Hao Ren shouted while opening the door.

“Oh, here is my good grandson!” Grandma was dozing in front of the TV, and she immediately got up and greeted them.

When Grandma knew that Hao Ren was coming home, she would wait for him on the sofa didn’t matter how late it was, despite her physical discomfort and dizziness.

“Grandma!” Xie Yujia greeted her sweetly beside Hao Ren.

“Little Carrot is here, too?” Grandma was a bit surprised. She immediately grabbed her hands, saying, “Ok! You stay the night here!”

She didn’t even ask why Xie Yujia was here at midnight; since she was here, Grandam invited her to stay.

“Grandma, from now on, Yujia will live in our home,” Hao Ren told Grandma while he walked into the house.

“Oh.” Grandma was surprised again. Then, she immediately said, “That’s great! Little Carrot can keep me company now!”

Xie Yujia was sensible and considerate while Zhao Yanzi was cute and adorable. As to the Lu sisters, they are sweet talkers who made Grandma happy. She liked all of them, and she felt pity for Xie Yujia who lived alone in the city.

“Xie Yujia’s aunt and uncle all went to the U.S., and it’s not safe for her to live alone. She will live with us during the weekends,” Hao Ren explained.

“Indeed!” Grandma cried with sympathy. She rubbed Xie Yujia’s wrist with her wrinkled hand and said, “From now on, just live here, and Grandma will take care of you.”

For some reason, Xie Yujia felt like all her sorrows that were accumulated from the last dozen years, well up suddenly, and she almost shed tears.

“Grandma, you should go to bed now, and I’ll clear a room for Yujia. Haven’t my mom and dad returned yet?”

“They said they have a celebration banquet or something tonight and would return home tomorrow. Ok. I’ll go to bed now. You take care of yourselves.” After patting Xie Yujia’s hands and back, Grandma walked to the second floor slowly.

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