Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0298

Chapter 298: Breakthrough! Breakthrough!

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Hao Ren watched as his grandma walked up the stairs before turning to Xie Yujia. “There are two vacant rooms on the first floor, but they need to be cleaned. Since my parents won’t come back tonight, how about you spend the night in their room?”

“Ok,” Xie Yujia answered in a low voice. She picked up her two bags and was about to go upstairs.

“I’m going out for a walk; do you want to come with me?” Hao Ren asked her.

“Huh? Along the beach?” Xie Yujia was baffled.

“Yeah, I’m going there to cultivate,” Hao Ren answered.

“It’s late…” She hesitated for a few seconds. “I’ll go with you.”

She put the bags on the floor before walking toward him.

The moon was bright at midnight.

Hao Ren walked to the place where he had cultivated last time. After inhaling deeply, he released 80 sword energies!

One-line Snake Array Formation! After the sword energies spun in the air twice, they dashed down and cut a perfect circle in the sand.

The area inside the circle was the danger zone! Hao Ren stood in the center of the circle as the target of the lightning!

Eighty five-colored sword energies connected end to end, turning into one large hundun sword energy and shooting up into the clouds.

Hao Ren was now very smooth with the process. Just a couple of months ago, he would never have imagined that he could control 80 sword energies smoothly!

Xie Yujia stood outside of the circle, watching Hao Ren’s movements in amazement.

Boom! Boom!

The calm clouds began to tumble under the stimulation of the hundun sword energy.

Regardless of Zhao Yanzi’s attitude toward him, he would never slack off in his cultivation since he was determined to repay the kindness Zhao Guang and Zhao Hongyu had shown him.


A bright white beam of lightning traveled down the path of the hundun sword energy and shot down toward Hao Ren from the southeast side.

Hao Ren emitted a pale blue energy sphere while the hundun sword energy split into 80 sword energies and formed an array formation in front of him like a colorful dragon.

Bang! Lightning struck the sword array formation and instantly scattered the first 40 sword energies!

The 40 sword energies in the back connected and formed a dense net. It was the second line of defense!

The lightning penetrated the net and turned into several narrow, earthworm-like lightning beams before piercing all the acupoints on Hao Ren’s body.

Having never seen such a scene, Xie Yujia was anxious and alarmed.

Summoning lightning into one’s body was a dangerous method of cultivation!

The Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll in Hao Ren’s body immediately swallowed the small beams of lightning before turning them into pure chaotic lightning energy.

This week, Hao Ren had followed Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s instructions and balanced the five elemental essences in his body. That was why he could absorb the lightning energy more smoothly.

If his five elemental essences were not balanced, he would probably be hurt by one of the elemental essences in the lightning and got his meridians destroyed!

Hao Ren looked up at the sky, waiting for the arrival of the second bolt of lightning.

Xie Yujia looked at him in shock, and it dawned on her that he had been using this dangerous method to cultivate.

Boom! The second lightning streaked through the air toward Hao Ren.

The two barriers put up by the One-line Snake Array Formation were instantly shattered by the lightning.

This lightning was more powerful than the last one. It entered Hao Ren’s body and struck his dragon core.

Painful! Very painful!

But he had to bear it!

How could he achieve breakthroughs fast if he couldn’t endure the pain?

Xie Yujia was stunned by his determined expression while he bore the pain by gritting his teeth.

“Is this the real cultivation? One could never achieve a high realm without great fortitude. In comparison, my cultivation is a simple method of breathing! Did he ask me to come with him because he wants me to drag him back to the house once he couldn’t bear the strikes of the lightning?”

Xie Yujia’s heart hurt at this thought, knowing that Hao Ren was risking his life to cultivate for the sake of that little girl. However, that little girl would never understand his sacrifices.

The third lightning arrived in the blink of an eye!

Xie Yujia suddenly stood up straight and shot out the two godly notes with both hands.

The golden one was the Life Note, and the silver one was the Death Note. With one absorbing essence and the other releasing essence, they formed a cycle of Yin and Yang!

As if receiving strong guidance, the lightning shooting from the sky turned to the golden note!

The Life and Death Notes in Xie Yujia’s hands were on the Nascent Soul Realm, and the power of the lightning Hao Ren summoned was well below that. Therefore, the fierce-looking lightning was instantly absorbed by the golden note!

After absorbing the lightning energy, the golden note instantly turned from palm-sized to the size of a truck!

Xie Yujia felt some numbness in her body, but she felt like she could manage it.

The silver note that was close to the golden note was getting bigger and suddenly spat out a narrow beam of lightning!

Hao Ren’s Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll moved instantly. It cut the lightning beam into pieces before absorbing them comfortably into his body.

The silver note shot another beam, and Hao Ren absorbed it again.

The third lightning was divided into pieces by Xie Yujia’s Life and Death Notes!

Hao Ren felt like he was bathing in a hot tub after a long day, and all his pores were absorbing the warm lightning energy. The five elemental essences that were cut into pieces by the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll were flowing into his dragon core like gentle streams.

This continued ten more times until the lightning energy of the third lightning entered Hao Ren’s dragon core without any waste!

When the fourth lightning came, Xie Yujia’s golden note caught it, and the note got as big as a house!

With the help of the golden note, the silver note turned the huge amount of energy into traces of pure lightning energy before transferring them into Hao Ren’s body.

Xie Yujia caught the fifth lightning in the same way!

With crackling sounds, five openings were unlocked in Hao Ren’s dragon core!

Xie Yujia was literally hand feeding Hao Ren.

Right before the sixth lightning struck, Hao Ren yelled, “Yujia, stop!”

“Ok!” She immediately withdrew the Life and Death Notes after feeding him the last beam of lightning energy.

Hao Ren immediately withdrew his nature essence and rolled to Xie Yujia’s side.


The sixth lightning struck a half-meter deep pit where Hao Ren had been standing.

It was fortunate that they were on a remote beach, and the deep pit would be smoothed out after one night’s surging waves.

Hao Ren was delighted that he had unlocked five openings in one night!

Five-elemental technique versus five-elemental technique. Xie Yujia’s Five-Elemental Life-Death Note was a perfect match for Hao Ren’s Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll!

After unlocking five openings, Hao Ren was one step closer to Gen-level. However, Xie Yujia got nothing out of it herself. She still had to cultivate slowly with her basic Qi Refinement Scroll!

But Xie Yujia didn’t care; she was happy that Hao Ren wasn’t hurt in the process!

“Yujia, thank you,” Hao Ren stood up and said to her after brushing the sand grains off his clothes,

Xue Yujia lowered her head and smiled, and they began to stroll in the direction of their home.

Xue Yujia’s hand slipped into her pocket and clenched onto the little box containing the Beauty Pill.

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