Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0299

Chapter 299: Hao Ren Is a Big Bad Guy

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When the bright morning light shot on the house by the sea, Hao Ren exhaled deeply and stood up slowly.

It was not an easy task to solidify the five newly unlocked openings.

With a total of 50 openings unlocked, Hao Ren felt like he had elevated half a realm. With a casual wave of his hand, sword energies flew between his fingertips.

Each of his fingers emitted one colored light; it was quite a mystic sight.

Each of the sword energies he had contained the strength of Zhen-level, an enormous improvement compared with the state he was in when he began cultivating.

Refreshed, he got dressed and walked downstairs; he felt hungry.

Grandma was back from her morning walk, and now she was listening to Chinese operas from the radio while sitting in the wicker chair on the balcony.

With her hair pulled into a ponytail, Xie Yujia was seated beside her, chatting with her while peeling an apple.

In the morning light, they looked as graceful as a classic painting of a grandma and a granddaughter.

“Grandma!” Hao Ren pushed the door open and walked out.

“Ren! Come, Yujia peeled an apple for you.” Grandma handed the newly peeled apple to Hao Ren.

“Grandma, that is for you, not him!” Xie Yujia complained sweetly.

“Hehe, you don’t want Hao Ren to eat it?” Grandma placed the apple in Hao Ren’s hand. “Peel another for Grandma!”

Xie Yujia pouted. She put a long apple peel into the nearby dustbin and picked up another apple before turning her attention to peeling it.

Hao Ren watched her peel the apple with her head lowered and found that she emitted a mysterious light that only cultivators could see. Every movement of hers was elegant and graceful.

“The Beauty Pill,” Hao Ren immediately thought of those three words.

Elixirs were indeed miraculous. A small level 2 elixir pill gave Xie Yujia, who had just entered the world of cultivation, such a drastic change.

Sensing Hao Ren’s eyes on her, Xie Yujia looked up and met his gaze.

“Oh, Grandma, I’ll go out today,” embarrassed, Hao Ren immediately looked away and told Grandma who was dozing in the wicker chair.

“Where are you going?” Grandma opened her eyes and asked.

“I’m going to Zhao Yanzi’s mom’s studio to help her with some errands.”

“Oh. Do what you can to help Hongyu. Remember to come back for dinner. Their family will come for dinner, and your parents will be back by noon,” Grandma said.

Hao Ren looked at Xie Yujia and Grandma. “Will it be ok for you two to stay here by yourselves?”

“No problem!” Grandma waved her hand graciously. “Get on with your errands. In a while, Linlin and Lili will come, and it will be lively here!”

“They will come, too…” Hao Ren thought to himself but didn’t voice it.

“You can go and do your stuff! I’ll take care of Grandma,” Xie Yujia said.


With Xie Yujia keeping Grandma company, he had nothing to worry about. Biting into the apple, he walked toward the garage.

Since Hao Zhonghua was using the white Ford, Hao Ren drove the red Ferrari to Zhao Hongyu’s studio.

This limited-edition race car was a dashing sight as Hao Ren drove toward downtown, and the vehicle caught the eyes of the girls on the street and car enthusiast.

Located in the 1825 Art District, the LOM Studio was one of the top six architectural studios in the country. If Zhao Hongyu didn’t spend most of her time on her family, this studio that only occupied an area of 200 square meters could have been the No. 1 architectural studio.

The students of design majors in top universities of the country fought for the opportunity to be an intern for this studio. However, Hao Ren, a student of engineering major in East Ocean University could come into the studio and learn stuff there.

The so-called elite students would have been jealous of him if they had known about this.

Walking up the iron stairs, Hao Ren pushed the door open and entered the studio. Some employees were working overtime that Saturday.

Their boss Zhao Hongyu had not arrived yet, but one of the employees remembered that Hao Ren had once been there with Zhao Yanzi, so she greeted him warmly.

Hao Ren sat down, flipped through some design books, and had some tea.

Half an hour later, Zhao Hongyu finally came in.

Following her was Zhao Yanzi in a purple sweater.

“Ren! You are early!” Zhao Hongyu put the keys on the plate by the door and greeted him.

“Good morning, Auntie!” Hao Ren stood up.

Zhao Yanzi snorted and rolled her eyes at him.

“Well! Little Zi is here!” At the sight of Zhao Yanzi, the quiet studio suddenly became lively.

The older girls and women surrounded her immediately.

“Little Zi is getting even more beautiful…”

“I saw you on TV; your performance was great…”

Faced with these compliments, Zhao Yanzi looked up and answered them one by one with politeness.

“Humph, you pretend to be so polite here, but back at home, you are an aggressive little bully.” Hao Ren thought to himself.

Seeing everyone was there, Zhao Hongyu pulled Hao Ren to her side and said, “Everyone, this is Hao Ren. From now on, he will come over and help us every weekend. If he has any problems, please give him a hand.”

No one would object the request of the boss, and everyone applauded to welcome the newcomer.

Working in this world-renowned architectural studio, one could learn a lot of stuff.

Seeing Zhao Hongyu’s high regard for Hao Ren, the employees understood the hidden message. “It seems like this young man might become the future boss of the LOM Studio.

They remembered the intimate relationship between Zhao Yanzi and Hao Ren when they were here last time and guessed that he must be Zhao Hongyu’s relative!

Therefore, the staff would immediately surround him and answer his question when he was doing the work Zhao Hongyu gave him.

While Hao Ren was running the errands of the office, Zhao Yanzi sat down at an empty desk and began writing and drawing.

The staff felt strange since Zhao Yanzi had never been able to sit still in the past; she would go out and walk around even when she was waiting for her mom to finish the day’s work.

Zhao Yanzi was drawing rough comic, and whenever she finished one, she would look up and search for Hao Ren.

“Oh…” the staff suddenly understood.

“This Hao Ren is, in fact, Zhao Yanzi’s boyfriend… No wonder the boss took in such a newbie into the studio… It seems that the boss is quite open-minded…” they thought.

“Today is a busy day, and I’ll order some takeout food for us!” Zhao Hongyu came out of her office and said.

“Ok!” Everyone answered her in unison.

Zhao Hongyu often took them to have lunch in the nearby fancy restaurants, so they didn’t mind having takeout food while working overtime one in a while.

More importantly, Zhao Hongyu gave them not only monetary rewards but honor as well; that was something a lot of other studios couldn’t offer.

The big projects and magnificent buildings they had designed were the symbols of their success.

“I’m meeting a client this afternoon. Call me if you have any problems,” Zhao Hongyu said before walking to the door and picking up the keys. “Ren, you can go back with Zi around four o’clock.”

“Ok, Auntie,” Hao Ren answered immediately.

The staff in the studio looked at each other and thought, “Sure enough, Hao Ren is Zhao Hongyu’s future son-in-law! The upper-class is indeed different from ordinary people! The boss had already picked a son-in-law when her daughter is only 15 years old! What is this Hao Ren’s background? He must be the son of a founder or a CEO of big companies like the Mingri Group.”

Zhao Hongyu left with the keys in her hand.

Shortly, the dozen or so lunch boxes Zhao Hongyu ordered arrived at the studio. Zhao Yanzi took a box and sat beside Hao Ren. She looked like a homeless kitten.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking so serious?” Hao Ren asked her while eating his lunch.

“Humph!” Zhao Yanzi snorted but remained by his side.

“Xie Yujia doesn’t live in my home every day,” Hao Ren explained.

“I don’t care where she lives!” Hao Ren thought this was the response he would get.

To his surprise, she turned to look at him and pursed her lips. “You only think of her!”

Hearing the jealous words, Hao Ren almost fell from his chair.

He lowered his head and cleared his throat, trying to calm himself down.

He didn’t know how to reply to that.

After lunch, the staff got back to their busy work. Last month, Zhao Hongyu’s design secured the bid for the New Plaza in Beijing, and that would keep them busy for a while.

Hao Ren was instructed to review the architectural design of the other seven bidders and compare them with Zhao Hongyu’s. However, due to the lack of knowledge and background, it was hard for him.

Zhao Yanzi, on the other hand, had moved to Hao Ren’s desk. After taking out some books from her bag, she began to do her homework!

Hao Ren was surprised at the sight of this well-behaved Zhao Yanzi and almost thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Time ticked away, and one female employee walked over and reminded him, “Little Hao, it’s four o’clock now!”

“Oh!” Hao Ren had been engrossed in understanding the other designs and commenting on them and didn’t notice the passage of time.

Zhao Yanzi checked her cell phone and found that it was indeed four o’clock. It was the first time she had been focusing on her homework for hours on end.

“Ok, we’ll head off now!” Seeing Zhao Yanzi put her homework into her bag, Hao Ren said to everyone in the studio.

That female employee waved at him with a smile.

“This young man is cute, but no one would dare to flirt with him since he is Zhao Hongyu’s son-in-law.

After Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi walked out, this female employee carefully picked up the A4 paper which had Hao Ren’s notes on it, wondering what kind of reviews this newbie could write.

Suddenly, her pupils widened slightly.

“The diameter of the spring pond in the core area should shrink by 80 centimeters; the shops on the street have a five-degree slant difference with the height of the street; the shops, from the 7th to the 15th, would have the nature sunshine blocked off by the building on the opposite side…” These sharp and accurate comments were results of a powerful sense of space!

This woman didn’t know that Hao Ren was a cultivator who could easily control 80 sword energies from all directions. If he didn’t have a good sense of space, he could have accidentally chopped off his own head!

If Little Daoist Zhen who excelled in array formations had seen these designs, he could have been able to draw out each tile and brick in the graphs!

Oblivious to this female employee’s admiration of his sense of space, Hao Ren was driving Zhao Yanzi toward the seashore.

Zhao Yanzi had been silent at first, but she finally turned to him and blurted out, “Hey! Are you satisfied now?”

“With what?” Hao Ren was nonplussed.

“The beautiful women in the office,” Zhao Yanzi said with a pout.

Hao Ren could do nothing but put on a bitter smile. There were indeed some young and beautiful office ladies in Zhao Hongyu’s studio, but he was not a pervert, right?

Zhao Yanzi stretched in the car.

In fact, she was quite satisfied with Hao Ren working in her mom’s studio.

After all, Hao Ren could only stay with her mom and the office ladies while working there, thus having no time to go out with other girls.

While Hao Ren drove, Zhao Yanzi watched him before turning to him slightly in the warm breeze.

Looking at his right hand on the gear knob, Zhao Yanzi thought for a moment before reaching out and slightly drawing on the back of his hand.

“What are you doing? I’m driving!” Feeling itchy, he withdrew his arm a little.

However, Zhao Yanzi immediately grabbed his hand and continued to draw on the back of his hand with her finger.

“What character is it?” She asked him.

“No idea,” Hao Ren answered.

Zhao Yanzi wrote again. “How about this?”


She wrote another. “And this?”


She wrote another, and Hao Ren immediately said, “A.”

“Big, bad, guy,” Hao Ren read out the words one by one.

“Hao Ren is a big bad guy.”

Hao Ren guessed and recited the full sentence.

“Oh? You know that as well?” Hearing Hao Ren’s words, Zhao Yanzi said smugly, wrinkling her nose.

Hao Ren turned to look at her and found that Zhao Yanzi was so cute in the sunlight.

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