Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0300

Chapter 300: Little White Is Back!

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When Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi arrived at the house by the seaside, it was already lively inside.

Zhao Guang’s black Chevrolet, Zhao Hongyu’s SUV, Lu Qing’s black Benz, and Hao Zhonghua’s white Ford were all parked by the garage.

In the living room, they had pushed the two square tables together, forming a long table. The girls, Grandma, and Zhao Hongyu were standing around a big bowl of dumpling filling and big piles of dumpling wrappers and wonton wrappers.

“Haha, Zi is here!” Grandma yelled happily at the sight of Zhao Yanzi.

“Grandma!” Zhao Yanzi ran over cheerfully and jumped into her arms regardless of the flour on Grandma’s hands.

“I missed you so much!” Grandma pinched her cheek, leaving some white marks of flour on Zhao Yanzi’s delicate face.

“Zi, come over and learn how to make wontons!” Zhao Hongyu beckoned to Zhao Yanzi.

Hao Ren looked around and found that Lu Qing was indeed there. Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang were sitting on the sofa, talking animatedly with Lu Qing and Zhao Guang.

“Ren, come here and make dumplings!” Grandma called out to Hao Ren.

“Gongzi, here! Here!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili waved their arms that were covered in flour.

He joined them as the only male member of the group.

Xie Yujia was not fast at making wontons, but the ones she made looked great and neat. Zhao Hongyu was slower than Xie Yujia, and her wontons looked so artful that people wouldn’t want to eat it.

Grandma was also slow and steady, but Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were like two wonton production machines; their four hands danced on the table.

Zhao Yanzi had just joined the group, and her wontons looked crooked and ugly, looking quite ‘unique’ standing next to the other wontons on the table.

Standing next to Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, Hao Ren was opposite to Xie Yujia who was across the table.

“Big Zhumu is on the level 3 Qi Refinement Realm, and Little Zhumu is on the level 4 Qi Refinement Realm,” Lu Linlin leaned to Hao Ren and whispered.

“Really?” Hao Ren was surprised.

He didn’t expect that Zhao Yanzi’s cultivation strength would surpass her ‘master’ Xie Yujia in a few days.

“Ok. I’ll help you.” Yue Yang finished talking with Lu Qing and Zhao Guang. She stood up from the sofa and walked to stand at the table, rolling up her sleeves.

She chose to stand beside Zhao Yanzi. While making her wontons, she began adjusting the wontons Zhao Yanzi had made.

“It has been a while, and Zi is even more beautiful,” Yue Yan turned to look at Zhao Yanzi and said with a smile.

Zhao Yanzi pouted and looked a little sulky.

“The kid…” Zhao Hongyu sighed helplessly.

Yue Yang smiled with understanding, thinking that Zhao Yanzi was very cute even when she pouted.

“Our institute recently bought a deep ocean detector which could explore as deep as 3,000 meters under the sea. Many unknown creatures are living in the ocean, and our research has a long way ahead of us…”

Hao Zhonghua got excited when he talked about his research programs on the sofa.

“Besides the unknown creatures, there are precious resources at the bottom of the sea, waiting for us to explore. After taking this position, I’ll try my best to get some results for our ocean research project…”

Lu Qing and Zhao Guang nodded while they listened to him.

“Yue Yang came back, and she is going to work on a new area. She used to research climates of oceans and wetlands; now, she will focus on the meteorology of the ocean and the coastal cities. According to the recent reports from the Bureau of Meteorology, the weather in East Ocean City has experienced many weird changes, especially near the sea where thunder and lightning appeared unpredictably. Yue Yang’s initial research will focus on explaining such strange local meteorological phenomena…” Hao Zhonghua continued.

Hao Ren who was making dumplings felt like his heart began to race.

“The weird meteorological phenomena is caused by my lightning cultivation!” he thought.

“Ok! Ok! Stop talking about such mysterious stuff.” Grandma knew Hao Zhonghua would go on forever if he got started with his work. She interrupted him and added, “Hurry up and cook the dumplings!”

“Ok!” Although he was a world-famous scientist, Hao Zhonghua was an obedient son in front of Grandma. He immediately stood up and carried a big plate of dumplings into the kitchen.

Yue Yang also took a big plate of wontons and entered the kitchen.

No matter if it were science research or family life, they always worked together.

Zhao Hongyu nodded at Zhao Guang, satisfied with Hao Ren’s family. She knew that Zhao Yanzi would be safe no matter how the world changed.

After all, the world of cultivation was not as peaceful as it looked. If the situation changed drastically, returning to a mortal and living with Hao Ren wasn’t a bad option for Zhao Yanzi.

From what they saw, they believed that Hao Ren would try his best to protect Zhao Yanzi no matter if they were in the cultivation world or the mortal world.

“Come on! Dumplings and wontons are ready! Girls first!” Yue Yang called out from the kitchen.

The girls all went into the steamy kitchen, and each of them carried a bowl of dumplings or wontons out.

Then, Grandma, Lu Qing, and Zhao Guang… Each of them got a bowl of dumplings or wontons.

Very soon, the living room was filled with steam. They ate the dumplings and wontons while talking with each other.

“Are you eating dumplings? I’ll give you a wonton.” Xie Yujia walked over to Hao Ren and spooned a wonton into Hao Ren’s bowl from her own.

It was a natural and intimate gesture.

Zhao Yanzi leaned over abruptly. “Here! I’ll give you a wonton as well!”

Ignoring Hao Ren’s reaction, she put the ugliest wonton into his bowl; it was obviously her own creation.

“Gongzi, we’ll share with you, too!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili also stood up to join in on the fun, giving Hao Ren a wonton each.

Hao Ren’s bowl was pretty full, and now the soup in it almost spilled out.

Seeing the girls gathering around Hao Ren, Grandma shook her head and smiled.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Suddenly a white puppy trotted to Grandma’s feet, and the golden bell that was hanging on its neck jingled crisply.

“Little White?” Zhao Yanzi yelled immediately.

Since everyone was eating, Little White wagged its head and stuck out its red tongue.

“Little White is here, then…” A thought occurred to Hao Ren.

“Little girl, teach me your elixir making techniques!” Little Daoist Zhen suddenly appeared in the house. He was wearing a brown magua 1 and had a small ponytail on top of his head.

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