Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0301

Chapter 301: The Taming…

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Little Daoist Zhen’s sudden appearance shocked everyone, including Zhao Guang.

Xie Yujia looked at Little Daoist Zhen in a daze while the latter stared at her.

One hundred years ago, Little Daoist Zhen came to the land once with his master Qiu Niu. Therefore, he dressed the same way as last time.

However, the world had changed drastically, and his attire as an ‘urchin’ looked weird.

Lu Qing, who was responsible for organizing things for the dragon clan, looked at Little Daoist Zhen, Xie Yujia, and Zhao Guang. He was at a loss for words and didn’t know what to do.

If they were in the dragon palace, it would be easy. However, they were on the land, and there were mortals like Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang in the living room.

Little Daoist Zhen’s sudden appearance and his mentioning of elixir making was a bit…

Little White circled Zhao Yanzi’s feet. When it saw everyone standing around like statues, it trotted back to Little Daoist Zhen, sticking out its tongue.

After all, it led Little Daoist Zhen to Hao Ren’s home, and it felt like it deserved some rewards.

While everyone stood in a daze, Grandma suddenly spoke.

“Little guy, you must be hungry. Come on, eat something first!” Grandma said to Little Daoist Zhen genially.

Little Daoist Zhen looked at her in bafflement, but he swallowed his saliva at the delicious smell of food in the living room.

“Here, little guy. Eat them while they’re warm!” Grandma handed a bowl of wontons to Little Daoist Zhen.

“Ok…” Subconsciously, he took the warm bowl of food and picked up the spoon, beginning to eat.

Grandma made the first wonton he ate; it tasted just right and melted on the tongue.

Little Daoist Zhen never had such delicious food while he lived at the bottom of the ocean, so he started to devour the food.

“What’s wrong? You must be starving. Eat them while they are still warm!” Grandma urged him.

“Ok… ok…” Little Daoist Zhen felt like he couldn’t lose his temper at a genial old lady, so he answered quietly before eating more wontons.

The wonton fillings were mixed with fragrant sesame oil Grandma brought back from Zhejiang, Zhao Hongyu made the fillings, and Xie Yujia made most of the wontons that he was eating… The more he ate, the more he liked it. He ate the whole bowl of wontons in an instant and even drank the soup. Still not satisfied, he handed the empty bowl to Grandma and said, “More!”

Grandma didn’t mind his bluntness. She walked to the kitchen and filled the bowl before walking back and handing it to Little Daoist Zhen.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

As if he had not eaten for hundreds of years, Little Daoist Zhen finished the second bowl of wontons in seconds.

“More!” He handed the empty bowl to Grandma again.

“Ok! No problem!” Grandma took the bowl and filled it again in the kitchen happily.

This time, Little Daoist Zhen sat down in a chair and began to savor each wonton.

Everyone including Zhao Guang was stunned.

“This bad-tempered Little Daoist Zhen, who could destroy the entire East Ocean City with one dharma treasure, is tamed by three bowls of wontons?” the dragon king thought.

Hao Ren looked at Grandma in surprise and admiration. He thought, “Grandma is the big boss here after all. It seems like there is no one who couldn’t be ‘tamed’ by her.”

Little Daoist Zhen lifted his head, drank the soup in the bowl, and sighed with satisfaction.

He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and then remembered the reason he came here.

Looking at Xie Yujia, he demanded, “You! Teach me your elixir making techniques!”

Notes and runes were techniques of human cultivators. They contained a unique pattern of five elements, and they could be activated by chanting spells and nature essence to fend off enemies. For the dragon cultivators who could quickly reach Zhen-level, the notes and runes were insignificant techniques, and that was why no dragon cultivators had ever studied it.

However, Little Daoist Zhen was impressed with Xie Yujia’s elixir making skills when she used her two powerful notes.

These two notes could adjust the five elemental essences in the materials, shortening the whole process of elixir making.

This way, the process of elixir making returned to the most basic form. It was clear that the golden note and silver note were obviously not ordinary notes which borrowed the power of the immortals; they were more powerful notes which acquired the force of nature!

How could Little Daoist Zhen not want to learn that?

One was golden and one was silver, one was life one was death, one represented Qian and one represented Kun, and one resembled heaven and one resembled earth. They could even turn the five elements upside down!

With such miraculous elixir making techniques, what elixir pills couldn’t he create?

At Little Daoist Zhen’s aggressive stance, Xie Yujia back off to Hao Ren’s side.

Little White lifted its head and barked. It tugged on Little Daoist Zhen’s pants with its teeth as if it was trying to stop him.

“Ok. For your sake, I won’t ask her today,” looking down at Little White, Little Daoist Zhen said.

He turned to Hao Ren’s Grandma. “That food, I want more.”

Everyone was on the verge of collapsing to the floor after seeing the changes in events.

Grandma didn’t mind. Instead, she thought that this boy was very innocent and cute. She took the empty bowl and refilled it in the kitchen.

“He’s the kid of one of my distant relatives. He came to visit us today,” Zhao Guang took the opportunity to explain the situation to Hao Zhonghua.

“This little boy talked riddles, but he looks quite cute.” Yue Yang smiled and asked Little Daoist Zhen who was eating wontons, “What’s your name?”

Little Daoist Zhen looked up at her impatiently. “My name is Zhen Congming 1 !”

“Ugh…” Hao Ren choked, “Zhen Congming? Did this boy gave himself this name to compliment himself…”

“What are you looking at? You call yourself Hao Ren 2 !” Seeming to have read Hao Ren’s mind, Little Daoist Zhen suddenly turned and said to him.

“Ugh…” Hao Ren choked again.

He felt as if he was sent flying by a punch.

Xie Yujia snickered and found the blunt Zhen Congming quite cute.

“Oh, so your distant relative entrusted him to your care. Have you found a school for him?” Yue Yang asked Zhao Guang, concerned.

“We have chosen LingZhao Elementary School for him. It’s across from Zi’s middle school,” Zhao Guang said. The moment he knew about Little Daoist Zhen’s wish to come on land, he had made arrangements for him.

Pu… Hao Ren almost spat out a mouthful of dumpling soup.

“Little Daoist Zhen going to school? He would turn the school upside down!” he thought.

“Will he live in your home?” Yue Yang asked.

“He’ll live in Vice-Principal Lu’s home. Mr. Lu is an old friend, and he knows that distant relative of mine as well.”

Lu Qing’s apartment was, in fact, a transition station. Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had stayed at his place while they got used to the life on land, and Zhao Guang trusted Lu Qing to take good care of Little Daoist Zhen.

“No! I don’t want to live there!” Little Daoist Zhen yelled abruptly.

He put down the spoon and turned to look at Grandma. “I want to live here!”

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