Dragon King’s Son-In-Law – Chapter 0302

Chapter 302: Gold and Silver Mountains Came With Him

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Everyone was stunned by Little Daoist Zhen’s answer.

“Ok! Ok! You can live in our home! I like this kid!” Grandma was the first to answer him.

Little Daoist Zhen, who was wearing a brown magua and had a little ponytail on top of his head, reminded her of the kids she saw in the countryside when she was young. He looked especially cute to her.

In addition, Little Daoist Zhen had a little round head and chubby cheeks; elderlies would all like him.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Zhao Guang knew that he couldn’t dissuade Little Daoist Zhen. He said, “Congming, you can live here, but you can’t make any trouble.”

“Never!” Little Daoist Zhen shook his head repeatedly.

“But,” he pointed at Grandma, “You must make me delicious food every day.”

“This kid is indeed annoying…” Hao Ren looked at him and thought.

However, Grandma didn’t mind his attitude at all. “Ok. Grandma will cook you good food each day.”

Looking at Little Daoist Zhen’s countryside style clothing, Grandma thought he was from a poor village and found him quite pitiable. After seeing him eat three bowls of wontons in a flash, she was convinced that this boy had been living a hard life and thus forgave him for his lack of manners.

Little Daoist Zhen nodded with satisfaction and patted his belly. “I’m full. I want to sleep!”

“This room is yours, and the room next to yours is Yujia’s. You must get along with her, ok?” Grandma pointed at a room on the first floor and said to him genially.

“Got it!” Little Daoist Zhen walked into his room.

When he came on the land last time with his master Qiu Niu 100 years ago, he almost destroyed the Kunlun Mountain 1 due to some minor issues. Qiu Niu punished him severely for three days and prohibited him from coming to the land again. Therefore, he knew that he couldn’t show his cultivation techniques in front of mortal people.

He stopped abruptly and looked back at Grandma. “You’re good to me. Here, this is for you!”

He tossed out a string of purple jade prayer beads, and it landed right in Grandma’s hands.

“Li-Fire Purple Jade!” Zhao Hongyu murmured.

In the legends of the mortal world, purple jade could repel evils and protect the owner. For cultivators, it was a perfect support item to calm the nerves during cultivation.

These prayer beads were like ambers since each of the purple jade contained a bit of pure heavenly fire. One could see strains of flames in the purple jade.

The heavenly fire could remove the evil thoughts within the cultivators and thus was the ultimate treasure coveted by countless cultivators!

Little Daoist Zhen tossed such a priceless string of purple jade prayer beads to Grandma casually; he was indeed full of treasures!

Even in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, they couldn’t find such a high-level supporting item.

The moment the string of prayer beads was placed on Grandma’s wrist, they burned up one-sixth of her hidden diseases! Since the heavenly fire could remove evils, it could easily burn up the impurities in one’s body.

It worked better than Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s massages!

Seeing Grandma’s hesitation with the string of prayer beads, Zhao Guang smiled. “Auntie, please accept it. It’s not valuable; it shows that kid’s gratitude to you.”

Yue Yang studied ecology, and geology was a small part of her study as well, giving her some appreciation of jades. She leaned over and looked at the string of prayer beads, saying, “Mom, these are neither crystals or green rocks. They are not the precious jades that are usually seen on the market. I guess they are made with other materials.”

“Then I’ll take it!” Grandma loved the luster and the feel of these prayer beads. Since she thought the string of beads was not precious, she accepted it.

This Li-Fire Purple Jade was dug out by Qiu Niu from a mine in Ninth Heaven which was not accessible to ordinary cultivators, and he gave it to Little Daoist Zhen to make dharma treasures. Since it was not something from the mortal world, Yue Yang certainly couldn’t figure out what it was.

If other cultivators saw a mortal wearing the prayer beads made of Li-Fire Purple Jade, they would probably burn with jealousy.

However, in that case, they wouldn’t think that Grandma was a mortal. They would think that she was a grandmaster of the Soul Formation Realm who had hidden her realm and thus wouldn’t dare to mess with her.

While they talked, Little Daoist Zhen had entered his room, and Little White had also trotted into the room with him.

It seemed that it was no longer Hao Ren’s spirit beast but Little Daoist Zhen’s pet!

“Auntie, did you watch Zi’s performance video?” After seeing that Little Daoist Zhen had entered his room, Zhao Hongyu changed the subject

“What video?” Grandma was baffled.

“Oh! I have it!” Hao Ren had forgotten to show the disc to Grandma. He immediately ran to his room to get the disc from his bag.

Soon, the big TV screen showed Zhao Yanzi’s beautiful figure in the cupcake dress.

“Our little Zi’s so talented!” Although Grandma didn’t understand the lines in the play, she was delighted. She regarded Zhao Yanzi as a kid of her own family, and her words were full of love for Zhao Yanzi.

Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang watched it with Grandma, and they thought Zhao Yanzi was pretty and bright during the performance.

“The engagement seemed like a joke, but if Ren and Little Zi could grow into each other, they would be a good couple after Zhao Yanzi grows up.” This thought occurred to Yue Yang.

She turned her head to look at Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi. At the moment, Zhao Yanzi was sitting on the sofa with her head leaning lazily on Hao Ren’s shoulder, and her back was pressed against Hao Ren’s chest. Also, their hands tangled with each other in a little fight.

Yue Yang smiled helplessly. She turned her head and met Zhao Hongyu’s gentle gaze, and the two mothers smiled at each other.

When the play ended, two hours had passed.

On the sofa, Zhao Yanzi lost the fight with Hao Ren since her hands were clenched by his. But she didn’t want to admit defeat, so she tried to bump her head against his chin while her back was leaning on his chest.

Zhao Hongyu stood up slowly. “Auntie, we have to go now. Next time, let’s get together downtown. Thank you for dinner!”

“No problem! It was a pleasure!” Grandma immediately stood up and answered politely.

Lu Qing also stood up. Looking back at Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, he said to Grandma, “We’ll head back, too.”

“Well…” Grandma sighed, reluctant to see Lu Linlin and Lu Lili go.

“Grandma, we’ll visit you again!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili said sweetly.

Their promise delighted Grandma.

“Grandma, I’ll come and see you again when I have less homework!” Zhao Yanzi jumped up like a sparrow and said to Grandma.

“Good! Good!” Grandma rubbed her little face with fondness.

Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang had never seen such a lively scene before in this house, and they wondered where Hao Ren found so many pretty girls to entertain Grandma.

After polite farewells, Hao Ren and his family walked Zhao Guang and the others to the door.

Seeing Hao Ren and Xie Yujia stand on the doorstep shoulder to shoulder, Zhao Yanzi was a little jealous. Then, she remembered that neither Hao Ren’s parents nor her parents said anything when she watched the two-hour video while leaning on Hao Ren’s chest; she had a strange feeling about it.

“Did that mean the parents of both families agree to our…” At this thought, she felt confident again. “No matter if I like Hao Ren or not, Xie Yujia can’t have him! Even if I don’t like Hao Ren, it doesn’t mean that Xie Yujia has the right to have him! Humph!”

Hao Ren saw Zhao Yanzi’s expression change from one to another, but he couldn’t guess the many thoughts in her mind.

He smiled and watched them get into the black Chevrolet.

After the cars left, the house got quiet again. Since Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang had returned to East Ocean City, Uncle Wang, who had been taking care of Grandma, would only need to come to the house once a week as their gardener.

Xie Yujia was a quiet girl, unlike the chatterbox Zhao Yanzi. Hao Ren wasn’t good at enlivening the atmosphere, let alone sweet talking like the Lu sisters.

Yue Yang looked back at Xie Yujia and then around the quiet living room, exhaling deeply. “Yujia, please take this place like your own home. Also, rest early.”

“Ok. Thank you, Auntie!” Xie Yujia nodded. Since she would be living here from now on, she was a bit nervous.

“If you have any problems, come and talk to us,” Hao Zhonghua told her.

Little Carrot was the daughter of one of his best friends, and he would do his best to take care of her. Although Xie Yujia was not as lively as Zhao Yanzi, her gentleness and sensibleness gave people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


At this moment, Little Daoist Zhen walked out from his room, yawning.

Looking at him, Hao Zhonghua suddenly remembered that they had this ‘unexpected guest’ in their home.

Little White trotted out following Little Daoist Zhen. The moment it saw Hao Ren, it leaped up into his arms and licked his neck fawningly.

“Damn dog! Now you are fawning on me!”

Hao Ren caught its ears and tossed it back onto the floor.

It had only been a few days, but Little White had shinier fur, and the golden hair around its paws looked more radiant. Hao Ren wondered how many elixir pills Little Daoist Zhen had fed it in the past couple of days.

After being tossed down by Hao Ren, Little White was not discouraged. It circled Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang who were not familiar with it and rubbed its head against their legs.

Yue Yang didn’t like pets in the house. However, seeing the cuteness of this puppy and considering it was brought in by Little Daoist Zhen, a distant relative of Zhao Guang, she refrained from voicing her opinion.

Little Daoist Zhen stretched his back, ignored Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang who were staring at him, and walked to Hao Ren. “I’m full, and I had a good nap. Do you want to come with me and make trouble for the West Ocean Dragon Palace?”

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