Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband – Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978: Dear Brother

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Qiao Yi mellowed his tone and tried to convince Yun Shen, “If you really love that woman, that’s not a big deal. Wait until the Lu family is finished, then you can just grab her!”

“Ye, see the guest off,” Yun Shen lost his patience and said coldly.

“You…” Qiao Yi frowned when Yun Shen did not let up. “Shen, I don’t have time to waste with you! I’m giving you two choices now: one, work with me and we’ll fight as a family. If not, we’ll be enemies in the future.”

Yun Shen grinned. “Oh, I thought we already are enemies!”

“You… You… Sure! Okay! Fine!” Qiao Yi stood up angrily.

“Don’t blame me since you’re going against me and the European King!” Qiao Yi stopped trying to convince Yun Shen and left.

Tang Ye took his order seriously and sent the guest off.

Qiao Yi looked back at Tang Ye. “Ye, please talk to him about it. I’ve done everything for him! Even I can’t help him by the time the European King takes over the whole Asian economy!”

Tang Ye did not say anything. He had a lot to consider, standing in between Yun Shen and Qiao Yi.

It was unexpected. Not only did the Master escape, he was even working with the European King. As far as he knew, even at the peak of the organization, they could never have worked with them.

This matter seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

Who had rescued Master? How did he come into contact with the European King?

The Chinese economic crisis was actually related to Master.

While Master was not capable of completing such a feat, but when the European King stepped in…

Not just China, the whole Chinese economy would be destroyed.

The moment Qiao Yi left, another person dropped by.

Tang Ye was surprised to see the new guest.

Lu Tingxiao…

Ever since Ning Xi had fallen into a coma, Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao had never met each other, but they cooperatively maintained a balance between their forces.

Lu Tingxiao’s visit tonight must be about the European King.

Their balance was at risk as the intervention of the European King loomed near.

Both the Lu family and Yun Shen would be affected.

No one could escape it.

As Master said, the European King was keen on the Asian forces. If they did not work with the European King, the first target after obliterating the Lu family would most probably be them.

Tang Ye kept his tangled thoughts to himself as he reported the arrival of the guest to Yun Shen and brought the guest up.

Inside the room.

Yun Shen popped his feet up on the coffee table. He tilted his head and said lightheartedly, “Ah, what a night! I have a lot of important guests. Please sit!”

Lu Tingxiao sat opposite of the white-haired man on a single-seater sofa. He did not mince his words. “Collaborate.”

Yun Shen laughed. “My dear brother, your way of convincing people is really special. Do you know that my uncle told me just now that if the Lu family is done for, then…”

Yun Shen did not finish his sentence, but Lu Tingxiao could already guess what Qiao Yi would have said based on his personality. Lu Tingxiao’s calm eyes were filled with a sharp light.

Yun Shen’s eyes turned cold as well. He suddenly said, “Actually, you want to kill me, don’t you?”

Just as he wanted to kill him too.

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