If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0078

Chapter 78: I’m Your Sister-In-Law

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The moment she reached home, Xia Qingyi saw that Shen Rou was packing her things by herself. Her luggage was in the center of the living room, and she was carrying a small bag while she tidied up some miscellaneous things. This certainly surprised Xia Qingyi.

When Shen Rou saw that they had returned, she raised her head and immediately passed her eyes over Xia Qingyi, only looking at Mo Han. From the intense look in her eyes, there seemed to be many unspoken words she wanted to say.

Xia Qingyi saw that her eyes were swollen and red. She had probably cried for a period of time.

“I have something to say to you,” Shen Rou said.

“There’s nothing more to say,” Mo Han said.

“No, I want to say it.”

“Then say it here.”

I want to speak to you in private,” Shen Rou looked at Xia Qingyi standing beside him, her eyes filled with hatred and resentment. For some reason, Xia Qingyi felt that Shen Rou had always looked at her as though she was a thief, and this look in her eyes made Xia Qingyi feel scared.

Thus, she quietly moved a few steps away from Mo Han.

She knew that Shen Rou had always disliked her standing next to Mo Han.

Mo Han did not see that Xia Qingyi had no intentions of following and only said to her, “Wait in the living room for a while.” He then went to the study room with Shen Rou.

Waiting outside the study room to eavesdrop on them speaking, Xia Qingyi sat down slowly and started to think.

They were probably breaking up. But why? Just yesterday they were still very close with each other when she came out, why would it become like this merely in one day? She could not help but panic just thinking about this. It made her feel scared. She did not get along well with Shen Rou, but it was Shen Rou who did not like her. She could not think of any reason why.

Did it have to do with her? Xia Qingyi thought about Shen Rou’s gaze whenever Shen Rou looked at her, but not liking the way Shen Rou treated her this did not mean that Xia Qingyi wanted them to fight because of her and break up.

Xia Qingyi could hear Shen Rou’s crying and shouting from the study room. The noises were like curses coiling around her brain. She felt that the crying was becoming more and more sharp, even starting to tear apart, boring into her ears as though it wanted to make her explode from the inside.

Xia Qingyi wanted to cover her ears and block those crying noises, but she wanted to hear Shen Rou’s crying clearly and understand Shen Rou’s pain. Xia Qingyi felt that she would be hurting Shen Rou even more if she turned a blind eye to Shen Rou’s suffering.

She heard the sounds of the door opening, and then closing.

Shen Rou came running out covering her tear-streaked face. Xia Qingyi’s eyes met with hers, and Shen Rou looked as though she wanted to slice Xia Qingyi apart. Shen Rou walked towards Xia Qingyi, stopped in front of her and said, “I broke up with your brother, are you happy now?”

“I… not…”

“However, I want to tell you that I’d still become your sister-in-law in the end,” Shen Rou’s eyes were filled with determination.

Mo Han shouted from behind, “Shen Rou… I’ve already made it clear to you.”

Shen Rou turned back and looked at him, but she did not say anything and only took her luggage and left.

Xia Qingyi asked Mo Han, “You two… why did you two break up?”

“Not compatible.”

Xia Qingyi smiled lightly. “Three years? Still not compatible until now?”

Mo Han frowned. “What do you mean?”

Xia Qingyi said, “I mean that you shouldn’t have broken up with her.”

“I’ll decide on my own matters,” Mo Han was a little angry.

Xia Qingyi said, “I don’t want to handle your matters either. I won’t ask about your personal matters in the future.”

Seeing that Xia Qingyi had her head lowered, Mo Han did not want to get angry towards her and only said, “You just came back from the hospital, go and have a good rest first.”

Xia Qingyi listened to him and obediently walked towards her own bedroom.

Mo Han added, “Remember to drink a cup of milk before you sleep, and sleep on the bed.”

Xia Qingyi said, “Alright.”

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