If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0079

Chapter 79: Have You Ever Loved Me?

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Xia Qingyi felt uncomfortable in her heart. She knew that she should not ask too much about Mo Han’s personal matters, but she felt terrible after hearing him say that they had ended their three-year relationship just because they were incompatible with each other.

It did not make any sense why she would feel this terrible hearing about a long-term relationship ending.

As though she had experienced this before.

Xia Qingyi did not drink her milk, and went to retrieve a box of sleeping pills from the lowest drawer of her bedside table. She washed a pill down with warm water and climbed on her bed to sleep.

Before she fell asleep, she was staring at the ceiling when all of a sudden, a sentence emerged within her mind.

It’s been so many years, have you ever loved me?

After that, she cried, her tears falling uncontrollably from the corner of her eyes onto her pillow.

Xia Qingyi plunged into the dream with the vast ocean once again.

Mo Han only went to wake Xia Qingyi when it was dinnertime. He knocked on the door and called out twice from the outside, but nobody answered him. Xia Qingyi had always left her doors unlocked, so he opened the door.

Xia Qingyi was still sleeping on the bed covered underneath her blanket. Only after Mo Han went over to nudge her did she wake.

Her hair was in a huge mess, and she looked at Mo Han with misty eyes. After waking up from the dream where she had been sinking endlessly, she felt as though everything around her was an illusion.

“What is it?” Mo Han noticed that her expression was a little strange.

Xia Qingyi looked at her surroundings, slowly came to and said, “Nothing.”

“Wash your face first and go to eat, you haven’t eaten a full meal for the whole day today.”

Xia Qingyi nodded her head.

When she went outside to the living room, Xia Qingyi was surprised to see that the food on the table was different from usual. When she came back from school in the past, she would usually call for delivery as she did not know how to cook any elaborate dishes. But one look and she could tell that today’s dishes were served from the kitchen.

Xia Qingyi turned her head, looked at Mo Han disbelievingly and asked, “You made these?”

Mo Han came from the kitchen carrying a bowl of soup, placed it on the table, and hummed a yes.

“You know how to cook?”

“A little.”

Xia Qingyi sat down and looked at the delicious-looking dishes that had just come piping hot from the kitchen, unable to believe that they came from the workaholic who had not touched the kitchen for half a year.

“Why did you suddenly cook by yourself?”

Mo Han sat opposite Xia Qingyi, took up the chopsticks and started to eat. “I was too busy in the past, but I don’t really want to work today, so I decided to cook since I have nothing much to do.”

Xia Qingyi started to eat as well. “So even you also have times when you don’t feel like working, because you just broke up?”

Mo Han gave her a look. “Don’t make any wild guesses and eat your food.”

Xia Qingyi lowered her head and continued eating quietly.

The next day, the entire company was discussing the new gossip when Mo Han had not arrived yet.

Their most coveted bachelor, the rich and handsome boss Mo Han was finally single again!

The news came from one of Shen Rou’s old classmates. That classmate was in a wreck after having to take on additional work due to the boss’s absence, and was finally able to get a good rest when she reached home. She was browsing on her phone when she realized that Shen Rou had suddenly flown back to America without a word to anyone.

She felt surprised because Shen Rou would always stay for a long time whenever she came back to China, and had never returned to America so quickly before. She messaged Shen Rou, and found out the shocking news.

They had broken up.

No wonder their boss had not come into work the entire day.

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