If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0080

Chapter 80: Seduction

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In these three years, Mo Han had always been carefully approached by numerous other ladies due to him being in an relationship. Now that he was back to being single, this was a chance that delighted the ladies.

The atmosphere in the law firm was abuzz with noise because of this news. A number of female colleagues had quietly put on make-up, waiting for Mo Han to come to work.

When Mo Han came to work however, he did not notice that the law firm was different from usual, and immediately talked to his secretary Anna when he came, “Inform everyone that we’ll have a meeting in the conference room in half an hour, and that they’re not to be late. Also, remember to photocopy 10 copies of the Shengda company’s property dispute case, we’ll use that during the meeting.”

He turned his head and said to Liu Zhiyuan, “Bring me the subpoena that the court had issued to Meihe Enterprise, and the research on Meihe company’s financial situation for these few years.”

Therefore, a group of them had to hurriedly return to their places and start working even before they had any time to find out about their boss’s current feelings. They know that Barrister Mo would definitely not let them off easily if they did not properly complete their work.

Everyone in the law firm all knew that Mo Han had a unspoken rule, that he would never speak about personal matters in his office. This applied to his girlfriend as well, even if Shen Rou would visit the law firm occasionally, Mo Han would always make her wait at the guest room before he left.

So, while many colleagues were happy that Barrister Mo had become single, they noticed a very serious problem at the same time; the chance to develop a phenomenal relationship with their Barrister Mo was going to be minuscule.

However, Mo Han was not aware of their thoughts as he was currently hard at work in his office. He held meetings, organized documents and went to the court to arrange for negotiations as per usual.

Even though it was eight P.M. when he returned from the court, and he had already released most of the people at the law firm, he still decided to come back as there was a book on civil judgment that he wanted to read at the office.

Mo Han once again seated himself, and let Anna serve him a cup of coffee.

Anna prepared a cup of coffee that suited Mo Han’s tastes from the pantry, placed the coffee in her office first, and then smoothed out her own clothes.

She did not really do anything, but only folded her skirt up to wear it shorter, exposing her slim and long legs, and left the top of her white shirt unbuttoned to show a little cleavage.

Ever since she had heard about Mo Han’s break-up this morning, she could no longer suppress her feelings. She was a graduate from a prestigious university, came from a good family and had pretty good relations. When Mo Han’s law firm had just started out, there had been many bigger and better companies fighting to employ her, yet she chose to work at Mo Han’s law firm. One of the reasons for doing so was because of Mo Han.

Mo Han and this law firm were different from others. His aura in court would make even the older and more experienced lawyers feel scared. His thinking was meticulous and every word he spoke was justified. This was also why Mo Han was able to be successful in this industry in such a short period of time.

The more Anna thought about it, the more she liked and idolized him, her heart fluttering with her, as though she would be together with Mo Han the next moment.

She was confident about that. She was pretty, had a good figure, and was capable at work, so she was well-liked by men. She believed that she could make Mo Han become hers not long after.

Therefore, she took the cup of coffee, straightened up, knocked on the door and said, “Boss.”

“Come in,” Mo Han called from the inside.

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