If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0081

Chapter 81: Don’t Overstep the Boundaries

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Anna pushed the door open and slowly walked towards Mo Han. Seeing that he had not raised his head and continued to look at his documents, she was a little dejected, but she still smilingly placed his coffee on the right side of his table. “Boss, I’ll put the coffee here.”

Barrister Mo nodded and hummed a “yes”, still looking at his documents.

Anna did not leave and continued standing at his right until Mo Han raised his head after a long time and asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, Boss, I just wanted to ask, for the Shengda company’s property dispute case, should we send a copy of the results over to Shengda company?

Mo Han only looked at her for a moment, and lowered his head to continue reading his documents. “Didn’t I instruct you already? That the results were to be sent over tomorrow morning?”

Seeing that Mo Han was not paying any attention to her, Anna laughed, feeling a little anxious. But she did not want to give up, so she secretly dropped a pen near Mo Han’s feet and said, “Aiya, I dropped your pen accidentally, let me pick it up for you.”

Anna smiled as she bent down, because she made sure that Mo Han would be able to see her exposed cleavage from that angle. All men were sensory creatures, and she did not believe that Mo Han would have no reaction.

But the moment she stood up, she saw Mo Han seated and looking at his documents while taking a sip of coffee, his position no different from before.

He was that cold and distant Barrister Mo who was able to reject someone without even speaking a word.

Anna was a little disappointed, and placed the pen on the table and said, “Then I’ll just go now.”

Mo Han did not reply, and only after Anna had taken a few steps before he suddenly spoke a sentence in a cold voice, “Anna, don’t overstep the boundaries.”

Anna looked back at him. “Boss…”

Mo Han remained looking at his documents. “Don’t do things that are pointless.”

Anna almost walked to his side and said loudly, that she loved him, that she loved him to the point of being jealous of his overseas girlfriend every single day. She wanted to say everything that she felt, but Mo Han’s phone rang before she could even speak. Mo Han eyed his phone and gestured for her to leave.

Anna unwillingly left Mo Han’s office.

After Anna left, Mo Han picked up the call and realized that it was from Xia Qingyi.

“Hello? I want to speak to you about something,” Xia Qingyi said.

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows; it sounded like bad news. “What is it?”

“I’ve already finished the procedures. After next month’s exams, I can change my specialization.”

Mo Han closed his eyes and took a deep breath to suppress his emotions, but still spoke in the end, “Are you just that impatient?”


“What specialization are you transferring to?” Mo Han asked.

“Psychology,” Xia Qingyi chose psychology because out of all the disciplines in that college, the only one that she felt she could pass was psychology. To be honest, if she did not have to consider Mo Han’s feelings, she wanted to quit school the most.

“Forget it, just pick what you want to, whatever suits you. And also, why didn’t you tell me that you fought with someone else in school that day? Remember to talk to me when you’re home tonight.”

“Why should I tell you, fighting with someone else is my own business, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Nothing to do with me?” Mo Han smiled lightly. “I wish you can remember that in the eyes of the law I’m your brother in name. I’m your only guardian, I have the rights to know whatever you do.”

“You don’t have to emphasize that you’re my brother, I know.”

Mo Han felt that he had gone a little overboard with his words, and softened his tone and said gently, “You just need to tell me what happened, I just want to know about it.”

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