If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0082

Chapter 82: Hiding

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Xia Qingyi did not want to debate this matter with Mo Han for too long, so she casually made up a reason. “It was nothing much actually, it’s just that the girl damaged something I really loved, and declined to apologize. I was in a bad mood that day so I ended up fighting with her.”

After hearing this, Mo Han could see the flaws in what she said, but he did not point them out. “Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

“If you’re not willing to say then forget it, but you should know that I will find out the truth.”

Xia Qingyi did not agree, but she just wanted to hang up now.

“Is your cold better now?” Mo Han continued asking.

Xia Qingyi was perplexed; the colleagues from his company said that their Barrister Mo was a quiet person, so why were there times when she felt that he nagged just like an old lady?

She replied quickly, “Yes, yes.”

“I’ll go back in a while, remember to take your medicine.”

“I know, I know, I’m hanging up.”

Actually, Xia Qingyi wanted to hang up early because she was scared that Mo Han would find out that she was lying. There was still something else that she had not told Mo Han, because she did not dare to.

She had listened to that police officer Zhang Yang and taken up part-time work at a detective agency at the same time as she was studying. She did not have to do much. She did not have to stay there if there was nothing to do, but just had to communicate more with the boss when there were assignments, to help him analyze the target’s psychological process and try her best to find for leads. Since she was recommended by Zhang Yang, the boss had a certain level of expectation regarding her abilities, so the salary was pretty good.

Xia Qingyi felt satisfied, because this meant that she no longer had to spend her days using Mo Han’s money.

Mo Han did not stay in the company for long. He wanted to go back early so that firstly, he could ask Xia Qingyi about the fighting incident properly and secondly, his stomach had started to hurt for some reason. There was no more medicine in his office, and only some left at his house. Therefore, he went home not long after Xia Qingyi’s call.

When he reached home, Xia Qingyi was sitting on the rug in her pajamas and watching the television while eating snacks in the living room as usual. Seeing that Mo Han had returned, she only turned her head to look at him calmly and said, “You’re back.”

Mo Han bent down to change his shoes, walked in and sat on the sofa beside the rug, placing his briefcase at the side. His stomach was still hurting, and he did not want to move at all after driving back home, so he leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes.

“Go to the bedroom, and bring me the bottle of white pills from the second drawer on the left,” Mo Han said with his eyes closed, feeling as though he had no energy.

Xia Qingyi turned around, and seeing that Mo Han did not look well, she asked, “What happened?”

“Gastric,” Mo Han said.

Xia Qingyi felt a little sorry seeing him in that condition, so she stood up and obediently went to get the medicine from his bedroom before she went to the kitchen to fetch him a glass of warm water.

After Mo Han had taken his medicine, he remained sitting on the sofa, though he looked a bit better now, and he said to Xia Qingyi, “When will you start psychology?”

“Two months.”

“You’re sure that you’ll definitely pass the exams for the transfer?”

“I will,” Xia Qingyi assured him.

Mo Han smiled. “You still don’t plan to tell me the reason for the fight?”

“Didn’t I already tell you, that girl damaged something that belonged to me.”

“Do you think I’d believe that?” Mo Han said in a low voice.

Xia Qingyi suspected that if she did not tell him the truth, Mo Han would keep on asking and pressuring her. He wanted to make Xia Qingyi understand that he would hear her say the truth from her own mouth one day.

“You really want to hear? Xia Qingyi said.

“Of course I do, exactly what would make you fight with someone to the point of quitting school.”

“Will you regret hearing it?”

Mo Han only answered by giving her a smile.

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