If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0083

Chapter 83: Gastric

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Xia Qingyi said, “Since you’re not scared, then why should I be?” She sat down, looking at the noisy television in front of her, and said seriously, “That girl was my friend. She told others behind my back that I was a mistress being kept by someone. I overheard her and went to slap her. She got angry and fought with me.”

Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows. “Kept as a mistress? Why would they say this?”

“Because they saw you picking me up that day, and mistook me as the god-sister that you kept, understand?” Xia Qingyi looked at Mo Han with a forced smile on her face.

Mo Han did not speak and remained calm.

Both of them kept silent for a few seconds, before Mo Han steadied his voice and said, “You don’t have to fight with them over such things, you’ll just end up hurting yourself. Just tell me next time, I’ll get someone to settle it.”

“Settle it? How? Give them a good beating? Would you go as far as that? They’re girls, beating girls up is not something honorable,” Xia Qingyi only smiled.

“Don’t worry, it’d just be to teach them some life lessons.”

Seeing that Mo Han’s face was becoming gloomier, Xia Qingyi felt that the words he spoke were not simple, and started to regret telling him everything. “There’s no need to do so since I’ve already taken my anger out on them, you don’t have to come in.”

“So, you wanted to change your specialization because of this?”

Xia Qingyi shook her head. “Not totally, I’ve wanted to change it since some time ago.”

Mo Han still remained looking gloomy, and Xia Qingyi started to feel scared sitting next to him, so she stood up and said, “It’s getting late, I’m going to sleep first, you can continue watching television if you want to.”

Xia Qingyi even sneaked a look back at Mo Han when she left. He was still leaning back on the sofa, his right hand on his stomach, as though his stomach was hurting again. She did not think much and rushed back to her own room.

She did not think about what the scenario would be like when she saw Mo Han again.

Under the training Mo Han forced on her, Xia Qingyi had learned how to sleep properly these past few nights. She felt that sounds seemed to be coming from the outside, but her subconscious remained hazy. She had no energy to think as she wavered in and out of consciousness.

It was the sound of a dull thud that woke her up.

Xia Qingyi woke up from her dream-like sleep, and only when she sat up did she realize that the noise came from Mo Han’s room next to hers.

She felt strange and got out of her bed, left a small lamp switched on and knocked on Mo Han’s door. “What happened? Are you okay?”

Mo Han did not reply.

She felt even more strange. Mo Han would always answer her.

Xia Qingyi opened the door. It was completely dark inside and she could not see anything at all, so she shouted hesitantly, “What happened to you? Are you sleeping?”

At this moment, she heard Mo Han’s trembling voice. “Come here.”

Xia Qingyi felt scared, she could feel that something had happened to Mo Han, so she switched on the light in his bedroom.

Light filled the entire room in an instant. The scene that she saw in front of her shocked her until she moved back two steps.

Mo Han was lying on the floor tangled in his blankets, his eyebrows furrowed. His forehead was full of cold sweat and his face was pale, his right hand covering his stomach, and many things in his room had fallen onto the floor.

Xia Qingyi ran over and knelt down by his side, not daring to touch him. “What happened to you?”

Mo Han remained lying on the floor frowning. His stomach felt as though there was a knife slicing him from the inside and moving back and forth continuously, and he felt his entire body trembling.

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