If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0084

Chapter 84: Fainted

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Xia Qingyi only managed to help him up with all her strength, and seeing that he kept covering his stomach, she said, “Your stomach hurts?”

Mo Han nodded his head.

“Let’s go to the hospital, you can’t stay like this. We’ll go to the hospital right now… I have to send you to the hospital, but I can’t drive… Are there still taxis outside now…” Xia Qingyi felt extremely anxious and kept looking back and forth, looking as though she would burst into tears at any moment.

Mo Han spoke, “Don’t panic… Help me to the parking lot, I’ll take you there, you just have to help me get medicine from the hospital.”

Xia Qingyi saw how weak Mo Han was right now, and said tearfully, “But… you’re already in such pain…”

“It’s okay, I can endure it, I just wanted to take my medicine now and accidentally fell out of my bed.”

Xia Qingyi had no choice, so she rushed to support Mo Han, even forgetting to change out of her pajamas. “Then… we’ll leave quick… quick and reach the hospital immediately.”

Mo Han leaned on her and stood up slowly. Mo Han had no energy, so Xia Qingyi helped him put on a coat and wore her own before she continued to help him, and they took the elevator down and walked towards the parking lot.

The two of them got into the car with some difficulty. It was already 2 A.M. and there were cars passing by on the roads occasionally. Xia Qingyi sat in the passenger seat and looked to her left, where Mo Han was driving while enduring the pain, sweat continuously dripping from his face. Xia Qingyi was worried to death and kept looking at the time. On the contrary, Mo Han was the one who comforted Xia Qingyi and said, “It’s okay, we’re nearly there.”

Except that Mo Han’s voice got softer and softer, and after driving past a cross junction and turning right into a street, Mo Han could not endure it any longer. He stepped on the brakes, released the clutch and fainted on the steering wheel.

After he fainted, Xia Qingyi felt completely lost. She was scared, their surroundings were silent, and Mo Han remained immobile on the steering wheel. She did not dare to talk, because she would only be hearing her own voice, and this made her feel even more terrified.

In the end, Xia Qingyi spent one minute calming herself down, to make her own hands stop trembling, and to clear her own mind. She got out of her car, opened the door at Mo Han’s side, and used her shoulders to move him into a standing position and rested his body on the back of the car.

Xia Qingyi turned her head and looked at the cars passing by them without stopping. She shouted loudly, wanting them to come and help her, to help send Mo Han to the hospital, to make them stop, but she was only greeted with the sound of cars zooming past.

Xia Qingyi panted. Looking at Mo Han’s pale face, she felt that she could not wait any further and went to search her surroundings. In the end, she found an old bicycle in a dark corner. She dragged Mo Han towards the bicycle’s direction with some hope in her heart, Mo Han’s hard body leaning against her. The distance was short, but when Xia Qingyi paused her head was already full of perspiration.

Luckily, the bicycle was not locked. Xia Qingyi quietly thought, oh good samaritan, I will return the bicycle back here soon.

Xia Qingyi did not hesitate any longer, and mustered all her strength to place Mo Han on the rear bicycle rack properly, leaning him against her own body, and then slowly climbed onto the bicycle. Xia Qingyi was afraid that Mo Han would not be safe in this way, so she used her own coat as a rope and tied his body to hers.

Xia Qingyi managed to start cycling after some difficulty, and then realized that whilst Mo Han did not look heavy, he felt like a block of iron sitting at the back. When Xia Qingyi was cycling, she was still worried that Mo Han would fall down, so she held onto his arm with one hand and steered the bicycle with the other.

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