If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0085

Chapter 85: Gastrointestinal Perforation

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She cycled until her entire body was sweating, and only managed to finish the last stretch with some difficulty. When Xia Qingyi saw the hospital sign, she felt her heart calm down a little.

Xia Qingyi shouted loudly for the paramedic to come, and when she saw them coming with the stretcher, Xia Qingyi felt a little more relaxed. A nurse questioned Xia Qingyi as she checked on Mo Han, “What happened to him?”

“He had a very serious stomach pain, and he suddenly fainted on the way here.”

“It’s probably gastrointestinal perforation by now, come on, prepare the operating room, we’ll operate on him immediately.” They lifted him onto a gurney and then hurriedly pushed him away.

One of the two remaining nurses said, “You can go and settle the admission procedure, operation fees and hospitalization fees first and then wait outside the operating room.”

Xia Qingyi nodded her head blankly and only managed to respond after a while. She ran up to Mo Han’s gurney. “Wait, the money is with him, I don’t have money.”

The nurse glanced at her silently, and turned away to do something else.

Xia Qingyi ran back and forth to finish the admission procedures, sign the informed consent for the operation and paid the operation fees and hospitalization fees. When she dazedly walked back to the operating room, Mo Han’s operation was already over.

She had to put in some effort before she finally found his hospital ward. There, she saw Mo Han lying on a snow-white quilt, deep in sleep. He was even on a IV drip.

She was finally able to stop worrying now that she saw Mo Han.

Xia Qingyi sat beside his bed and finally realized how tired and sleepy she felt. It was actually already six in the morning. She yawned and let herself fall asleep after having rushed around for the entire night.

It was eight A.M. when she woke up. Mo Han was still not awake, and Xia Qingyi could not stay any longer as she had to go for her lessons, so she took out Mo Han’s phone, called his good friend Bai Yu and asked him to look after Mo Han.

Bai Yu was shocked when he heard that Mo Han had been hospitalized, but largely due to him not expecting that a girl proclaiming herself to be Mo Han’s sister would call him.

Bai Yu hurried over to the hospital. Wasn’t this girl who proclaimed to be his sister the same one as the girl whom Mo Han had brought to his shop to eat with, when he had to send her to the hospital halfway through? Since when had she become his younger sister?

When she saw his eyes on her, Xia Qingyi lowered her head and only said that she had to leave first to go to class.

Bai Yu watched the girl in her pajamas leave with his mouth agape, unable to understand what was going on here. He thought to himself that he would definitely have to question Mo Han about it when he came around.

The doctor came in a few times while Mo Han was lying unconscious on the bed. He checked Mo Han’s conditions and told Bai Yu that Mo Han was very lucky. Even though his gastric had developed into gastrointestinal perforation, he was admitted just in time last night, so he would be fine after the operation and that he would only have to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation and rest.

After listening to the doctor, Bai Yu looked at Mo Han and thought how something would have happened sooner or later with the way he so often risked his life to work. He had been friends with Mo Han for nearly five years now, and ever since Mo Han opened his own law firm, he had been busy almost every day. It had gotten better in recent years, but when he first started the company by himself, he was always so busy that he even had to squeeze in time just to sleep.

Bai Yu sat by Mo Han’s bedside for a while and was feeling really bored, so he busied himself by going off to refill the kettle, and in the meantime, chatted up a few pretty ladies by the nurse’s station.

But not long after he stepped away, Mo Han woke up.

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