If the Deep Sea Forgets You – Chapter 0086

Chapter 86: Busy for an Entire Night

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When he woke up, his abdomen was numb and he could vaguely feel a little pain. He opened his eyes and saw that his surroundings was filled with snow-white walls, his own body was covered with the same snow-white blanket, that there was a faint smell of disinfectant in the air, and he realized that he was in the hospital.

Mo Han started to think back on what happened last night, no, today. His last memory was that of himself bearing with the intense pain in his abdomen and pulling the handbrake, and stopping the car by the roadside. Then? There were only some bits and pieces that he could remember. There seemed to be the feeling of someone pulling him, he could vaguely hear someone panting heavily, his body seemed to be leaning on someone else. That person’s body was soft, warm, thin and small.

Was it Xia Qingyi? There was only her by his side after he fainted.

She must have been really frightened at that time. He clearly remembered that when he was driving to the hospital, she kept looking him constantly, her eyebrows were furrowed and she did not dare to speak, as though she was about to cry at the next moment.

Just as when he was still deep in his thoughts, Bai Yu came back smilingly with the kettle in his hands.

“You’re awake?” Bai Yu sat beside Mo Han and placed the kettle back onto the table. “I almost thought that you’d only wake up some time later.”

“Why are you here?” Mo Han asked.

Bai Yu looked at him, his face filled with curiosity. “Speaking of this, I want to ask you, the person who called me is your sister? Is she the girl who you brought to my restaurant to eat?

Mo Han was also a little confused. “She called you?”

“Yup. Woke me from my dreams at eight in the morning, to take care of you!”

“Where is she?”

“She went to school. She left when she saw me arriving, and said that she’d be back tonight.”

Mo Han did not speak again, and thought quietly.

“Oi! I asked you a question! She’s really your sister? How come I’ve never heard you mention that you have a sister?”

“Yes, my parents adopted her overseas, I didn’t really understand why, she wanted to come to China a while ago so my parents let her come and find me.”

“I see. No wonder I haven’t heard you mention this before. Judging from the relationship between you and your parents, you definitely wouldn’t have heard about their lives in America.” Bai Yu touched on Mo Han’s forbidden topic as he continued to speak, and immediately stopped. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to talk about your family matters.”

Mo Han said, “Nothing to worry about, what you said is the truth.”

The two of them were talking when the doctor and nurse came in. Seeing that Mo Han was already awake, they walked to the front of his bed, checked his medical records and asked, “When did you wake?”

“Just now,” Mo Han said.

The doctor with a big white coat checked his scar from the operation last night and said, “Luckily you were admitted here just in time. If not it wouldn’t have been resolved by something as simple as an operation.”

Mo Han did not speak, and smoothed out his clothes.

The doctor saw that he remained unconcerned, completely different as that of his anxious sister waiting outside the operating room yesterday. “To you, you only had to go through a short operation for this illness, but it was taxing on your sister.”

The doctor continued, “You didn’t see how she looked like when she laid on the ground panting heavily after carrying you to the hospital in the middle of the night, I almost thought she was the one who was sick. She didn’t just send you to the operating room, she even had to settle the fees, collect the medicine, and search for the ward you’re staying in, she was busy all the way until morning before I saw her rest.”

The nurse beside him chimed in, “Exactly. When I started my shift this morning, she even ran to the nurse station to inform me to take note of your IV drip.”

“She didn’t seem to sleep much the entire night, and when you came out of your operation this morning, I still saw her at the lobby.” The nurse had noted the handsome patient, and was trying to take the chance to speak more and make him remember her better.

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