King of Gods – Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: The Bronze Coin’s Reaction

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“How about you go to the mainland and join a force that cultivates in the Dao of Ghosts…? For example, one of Nine Darkness Palace’s subordinate forces.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes shifted as he spoke with a smile.

Firstly, Zhao Feng didn’t specialize in the path that Zhao Wang cultivated. He could only help solve the problems that Zhao Wang had during the early stages.

Secondly, Zhao Feng didn’t have many resources that had the elements of Death or Yin Lightning. Zhao Feng didn’t even have many resources for himself.

Joining a force that cultivated the Dao of Ghosts could resolve both of those problems for Zhao Wang. His cultivation speed was very fast, so he also might be able to join the upper echelon quickly and receive important news from Nine Darkness Palace.

This was a perfect method to enter the enemy’s force. Now that they were at war, Zhao Wang should be able to pass through more easily.

Zhao Wang left after the decision was made, and Zhao Feng gave him some resources, weapons, and hidden trump cards.

Zhao Feng entered the Ji Family after Zhao Wang left. Those from the Ji Family immediately went forward to greet him and invite him in.

“It’s Zhao Feng! Apparently, he entered the ninth floor of the Purple Star Tower!”

“How is that possible!? He’s still just an Emperor!”

“No one knows. Maybe he has some kind of secret soul treasure, but many disciples of the Ji Family saw him defeat Ji Chengming in one move!”

The gazes of those from the Ji Family were attracted by Zhao Feng. Those who had followed Ji Lan to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were full of admiration and respect when they saw Zhao Feng arrive.

A voice sounded from Sacred Lord Star Demon before he even got close.

“Zhao Feng, come in!”

The disciple that led Zhao Feng here left on their own accord.

“Little Friend Zhao, you’re injured?” Sacred Lord Star Demon looked at Zhao Feng and felt that something was wrong.

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was a lot weaker than when he had left. The disciples of the Ji Family that had come back earlier reported everything; Zhao Feng dealt with those two Sacred Lords extremely easily. Why would he be injured?

“I’m not going to hide it from Senior – after I left, I managed to cultivate the Soul Splitting Technique!”

Zhao Feng didn’t hide this from Sacred Lord Star Demon. After all, Sacred Lord Star Demon had already guessed that Zhao Feng would try to cultivate the Soul Splitting Technique.

“You succeeded?” Sacred Lord Star Demon revealed a stunned and joyful expression. He had analyzed this technique a lot but still had no confidence to succeed.

The original body of a Sacred Lord would be injured when a clone was made, so it was logical that Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent would become weaker after creating a clone. If Zhao Feng had failed, the injuries he had would be a lot worse; this was why Sacred Lord Star Demon was so certain that Zhao Feng had succeeded.

“En!” Zhao Feng nodded his head. He was also happy that he managed to successfully cultivate the first level of the Soul Splitting Technique.

Sacred Lord Star Demon had an excited expression and immediately approached Zhao Feng; “Let me see your clone!”

He didn’t expect Zhao Feng would be able to reach the requirements and successfully cultivate the Soul Splitting Technique after obtaining the Soul Recovery Divine Technique only a few months ago. Was it because Zhao Feng’s luck was heaven-defying or was it because he was extremely talented?

“My clone is somewhere else right now.” Zhao Feng revealed an apologetic smile.

Coincidentally, Zhao Feng just made Zhao Wang go to the inner regions of the continent to find a force that cultivated the Dao of Ghosts.

Sacred Lord Star Demon’s expression faltered before returning to normal. Sacred Lords created clones to multi-task, so it was reasonable for Zhao Feng’s clone to be somewhere else.

Zhao Feng then talked about some of the things regarding the soul clone to Sacred Lord Star Demon. After receiving this information, Sacred Lord Star Demon might be able to help him create the second level.

“It’s that effective!?” Sacred Lord Star Demon was extremely surprised.

After Zhao Feng’s summary, he understood the ability of the soul clone to a certain degree. If it wasn’t for the fact that his chances of success were just too low, Sacred Lord Star Demon would definitely give it a try. He didn’t want to act rashly; now that there was a war going on, no one knew what would happen, and as the Grand Elder of the Ji Family, his life didn’t belong to him alone anymore.

“How much progress has Little Friend Zhao made in the second level of the Soul Splitting Technique?” Sacred Lord Star Demon asked.

This technique was not simple and couldn’t be looked at from a normal perspective. It was extremely difficult to improve.

“Not much progress.”

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent had almost dropped to the Quasi-Sacred Lord level after cultivating the first level. Even if he did manage to create the second level, Zhao Feng wouldn’t cultivate it right now. Therefore, Zhao Feng only read some other books to expand his knowledge and foundation in order to prepare to create the second level later.

“Then Little Friend can remain behind to talk with me. I also have something to tell you.”

Sacred Lord Star Demon put the Soul Splitting Technique issue aside for now.

“The Eighth Prince has told me that he will choose to stand on the Ninth Prince’s side and support the Ninth Prince!” Sacred Lord Star Demon smiled and said.

This was what he wanted as well. He didn’t want to make the Ji Family leave the Eighth Prince to join the Ninth Prince’s side. Although the Crown Prince trial had ended and it was normal for forces to re-choose who they supported, it would still affect the Ji Family’s reputation to just switch sides.

“The Eighth Prince?”

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He didn’t expect the Eighth prince to have made a decision so soon after the Crown Prince trial ended.

Zhao Feng could feel that he played a big part in why the Eighth Prince made this decision. However, this was good as well. The Ninth Prince was still weak, and with the Eighth Prince’s help, his overall strength would approach the Thirteenth Prince’s level.

Furthermore, the Yu Family also supported the Eighth Prince, and they were one of the main powers fighting at the front line. This meant that the forces supporting the Ninth Prince had something to rely on when they went to the front lines and wouldn’t be targeted by forces from other factions.

“Does Senior Sacred Lord Star Demon have any news regarding the inheritor of the Eyes of Samsara?” Zhao Feng changed the topic and said in a soft tone.

This was also one of the main reasons he was here – to find the whereabouts of the Eyes of Samsara. Two months had passed by; if they could find him, then they should have by now.

“We still haven’t found his location.” Sacred Lord Star Demon sighed, and Zhao Feng’s expression darkened. He was ready for this. As expected, someone that acted alone was harder to find. Furthermore, the owner of the Eyes of Samsara was no ordinary person.

“But I’ve managed to find a place that could be where the owner of the Eyes of Samsara used to live,” Sacred Lord Star Demon said.

“Senior, please tell me!” Zhao Feng’s expression changed.

“I’ll accompany you.” Sacred Lord Star Demon suddenly charged out of the hall and passed through the purple mist while Zhao Feng followed behind.

Within a day’s time, the two arrived at a sea of green bamboo. There was nothing around apart from a simple bamboo room, a well, a qin stage, a chessboard, some bamboo chairs, and a couple other things.

“The Intent here is indeed not simple.” Zhao Feng could instantly fell what was different about this place when he arrived. Although there were only a few normal items around, they gave off an indescribable aura.

“The person that used to live here should have left not too long ago,” Sacred Lord Star Demon said. If they had come here a while earlier, they might have found something.

Zhao Feng descended from the sky and walked to the bamboo room. The layout within the bamboo room was very simple; it was clean and tidy and only had a few necessities.

“It’s very tidy!” Sacred Lord Star Demon said. If the owner of the Eyes of Samsara wanted to hide his tracks, there would obviously be nothing left behind. If it was Sacred Lord Star Demon in his place, he would destroy everything here.

Zhao Feng didn’t know why, but when he entered the bamboo room, he felt a clean and elegant smell surround him, which slightly affected his emotions. Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect every item within the room but didn’t find anything.

From the looks of it, the owner of the Eyes of Samsara was a confident and careful person. He had tidied up this place carefully and left no traces behind. Even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye couldn’t find anything.

Zhao Feng entered through the front door and exited out the back.

“Qin?” Zhao Feng looked at a qin with seven green chords on the side.

The image of an elegant female with a slightly blaming expression suddenly appeared in his mind.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out from the Misty Spatial World. Within its paws was a bronze coin. This bronze coin wasn’t the one that the little thieving cat used for divination; instead, it was the one that Liu Qinxin had given Zhao Feng on the last floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

At this moment in time, the bronze coin sparkled with a faint white light, as if it was about to extinguish at any moment.

Zhao Feng was completely stunned. This bronze coin had always been in the Misty Spatial World. Why would it give off a light for no reason?

Zhao Feng held the coin in his hand and felt the summoning within it.

“This qin!” Zhao Feng approached the green qin and lightly stroked it.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to play it, so he could only release a few random sounds.

Several bronze coins suddenly appeared in the little thieving cat’s paws, and it threw them into the air with a few clattering sounds.

“What does all of this mean?”

Zhao Feng closed his eyes. Why did the bronze coin react when he found the place where the owner of the Eyes of Samsara used to live? Furthermore, this seemed to be just a normal qin, so why was the coin reacting?

This could be the qin that the owner of the Eyes of Samsara used. Could the bronze coin be telling Zhao Feng that the Eyes of Samsara could help him find Liu Qinxin? Or was there something else…?

Zhao Feng gripped the bronze coin tightly in his hand and thought for a long time but was unable to understand.

The bronze coin in the center of his palm suddenly started to release a white light, and Zhao Feng could feel an indescribable power of destiny extending to a certain place.

Zhao Feng extended his arm and slowly moved it. At a certain moment in time, the bronze coin released a faint glow of light for another instant before completely disappearing.

The power within the bronze coin was all used up.

“That direction is north….”

Zhao Feng put the bronze coin away and looked north.

Sacred Lord Star Demon stood behind Zhao Feng and seemed to think about something. He sighed when he saw Zhao Feng’s weird actions, but he didn’t interrupt him.

“Senior Sacred Lord Star Demon, let’s go back.”

Zhao Feng ascended into the air after a while.

Zhao Feng stayed at the same place he lived last time he stayed and would visit Sacred Lord Star Demon’s private hall every day. Sacred Lord Star Demon had completely opened his collection to Zhao Feng, and Zhao Feng was completely immersed in a world of souls and eye-bloodline knowledge.

On a certain day, Zhao Feng came to the Purple Star Tower again. He had now gained access to the Purple Star Tower permanently. One had to know that only the Grand Elders of the Ji Family had this right.

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