King of Gods – Chapter 0948

Chapter 948: Centre of the Forbidden Grounds

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Ten thousand miles away from the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground:

“Jiang Hao, it’s all thanks to you that we were able to easily pass through this early-stage Sacred Lord’s inheritance.”

“Jiang Hao, I heard that you have a high chance of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm. Why are you still suppressing your cultivation?”

Four figures jumped out from an inheritance. The leader was a handsome middle-aged male with white hair and sparkling eyes.

“I have to succeed at breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm in one go.” Jiang Hao’s tone was decisive.

If one failed to break through to the Mystic Light Realm even once, the possibility of success in the future would lower. Every time one failed, one’s lifeforce and soul would become weaker, and those were basically impossible to replace. Therefore, anyone who broke through to the Mystic Light Realm in one try had much a better foundation and much better potential than someone who took several tries.

Jiang Hao’s ambition made the others who had already failed to break through to the Mystic Light Realm feel guilty and envious.

“What’s that!?” someone exclaimed, and everyone raised their heads.


A glow of treasure that contained nine colors lit up the sky. It was extremely bright, as if a peerless mountain of treasure was just revealed.

The light made could move one’s heart. Everyone instantly stopped speaking, and they were unable to turn away.

“This is… the treasure glow of a divine item!” A light flashed through an elder’s eyes as he spoke with a trembling voice, but his tone was certain.

“I have never seen a treasure with such a glow.” The eyes of another elder with white hair sparkled.

“Let’s go over there!” Jiang Hao paused for a moment as well before his heart started to speed up. How could he miss such a peerless treasure?

The other three were overjoyed when they heard Jiang Hao’s words, and they all sprinted toward the treasure glow.

In a swamp in the depths of the Imperial Tombs, four figures passed through some trees. The leader was someone completely covered in black robes. Three people followed behind him carefully. The entire group was silent.

The black-robed figure suddenly stopped and looked into the distance. The expressions of the other three members became pale with fear, and they looked in the direction where the black-robed person was looking but saw nothing.

The three people looked at one another with puzzlement. They didn’t understand what the leading black-robed figure was looking at.

“Let’s go.” The black-robed person changed directions.

“Senior Black Robes, are we not going to the inheritance?” a member couldn’t help but ask.

The black-robed person suddenly looked in a random direction and changed their destination right afterward without even discussing. The others were dissatisfied and slightly hesitant.

They had to admit that they were unlucky to be put in the black-robed person’s group. The black-robed person had a weird personality, and he was rather scary.

Luckily, the black-robed person’s strength was great, so their journey had been safe so far.

“Stop talking garbage,” the black-robed person’s hoarse voice sounded, and he even turned his head around. The aura of Death started to spread.

The three members’ souls started to shake, and they immediately shut up.

The Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground was filled with a nine-colored light.

Old Ying and the purple-robed elder’s groups were covered by this nine-colored light, and they felt stunned by the enormous treasure glow coming from it. They felt like they were extremely small in comparison, like a beggar seeing the royal treasury. Rather than rushing over immediately, they were rooted to the ground in shock and confusion.

“Even an Ancient God Weapon can’t display such a scene.” Zhao Feng was shocked. The display of the tattered sword in Xie Yang Palace wasn’t even one hundredth of this.

What kind of item did the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground contain? Even the normally-calm Zhao Feng felt a strong desire to obtain it.

“Let’s go. We can’t lose our advantage. The other groups nearby will also be attracted to it.” The purple-robed elder’s eyes shone as he sped toward the depths of the Black Wind Canyon. He couldn’t remain calm in the face of this stunning treasure.

“Let’s go over as well.” Lei Tong and the young Emperor were unable to think properly, but they immediately charged over.

“Ai, such a weapon isn’t something we can control.” Old Ying sighed and was feeling indecisive.

Such an ancient treasure definitely wasn’t something they could control. If this treasure appeared in the continent zone, it would cause a war between multiple lord dynasties, and perhaps even a civil war.

Even if they couldn’t get it though, Old Ying’s gaze couldn’t move away from it. He at least wanted to see what kind of treasure it was or else he wouldn’t be able to relax.

“Old Ying, let’s go. Such a treasure appearing is also our fortune. We can’t just miss it like this.” Jing Kai had an excited expression as he persuaded.

Such a treasure could change anyone’s destiny. Jing Kai was already getting impatient after seeing the purple-robed elder’s group go over. If Old Ying didn’t agree, he obviously couldn’t go. He was an unrivalled Emperor in the outside world, but in here, he was just a normal team member. Quasi-Sacred Lords could be seen everywhere. Furthermore, this was the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground; such a treasure would definitely come with great danger, and he needed an experienced leader like Old Ying.

“Fine, we’ll go over and have a look,” Old Ying decided, and they started to head toward the depths of the Black Wind Canyon.

Being one of the most dangerous forbidden grounds of the Imperial Tombs, even some of the stronger Sacred Lords wouldn’t go too far into the Black Wind Canyon to set up their inheritance. If it wasn’t because the black wind had suddenly weakened and then seeing a great treasure appear, Old Ying’s group would never dare to enter its depths.

“Hmm? The black wind became a bit stronger?” Zhao Feng’s sharp eyes caught sight of a change in the air.

Although the treasure glow changed the color of the area nearby and made it hard to distinguish things apart, it didn’t affect Zhao Feng’s left eye much.

Zhao Feng glanced at Old Ying and Jing Kai. The two of them hadn’t sensed anything. It was obvious that the treasure glow had attracted everyone’s attention and made them forget about everything else.

“Something’s not right.” Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly as the power of the God Tribulation Lightning in his dark purple soul suddenly started to blink.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thin wisps of dark aura were destroyed by the power of the God Tribulation Lightning and forced out of his body, where they merged with the black wind.

I was unknowingly affected as well. Zhao Feng was extremely surprised. One had to know that his soul had reached the level of a Sacred Lord, and it was actually even more condensed and refined than a normal Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng’s eyes became a bit clearer after forcing the air of Yin outside his body.

Let me have a look. Zhao Feng circulated his left eye, and a golden light spread through his eye.

In the past, when Zhao Feng used this ability, everything in sight became a world constructed of atoms and used up a lot of energy. It was a case of information overload. However, now that Zhao Feng’s control was a lot better, he could choose what to see as atoms.

Zhao Feng’s eyes gazed at the treasure glow that was shooting up into the sky, then started to trace it downward through the rocks.

The treasure should be underground… eh? Zhao Feng seemed to find something weird, and his face went slightly red before turning back to normal.

“What is it, Zhao Feng?” Old Ying saw that Zhao Feng was acting differently than usual.

“Zhao Feng, we need to be faster. This is a once-in-a-lifetime fortune,” Jing Kai said impatiently.

“Nothing, I just suddenly realized that the black wind has become stronger.” Zhao Feng’s expression was grim.

“Hmm? Indeed. Looks like we need to speed up.” Old Ying’s expression became grim as well after sensing it carefully. If the black wind returned to its original state, then they would need to quickly retreat. Even Sacred Lords wouldn’t dare to go too deep into the black wind at its full strength.

“Ai, your cultivation is too low….” Jing Kai looked at Zhao Feng with dissatisfaction. From his point of view, Zhao Feng couldn’t block the black wind because of his low cultivation.

The three sped up and quickly headed toward the center of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. The further they went, the stronger the black wind became. Even Jing Kai felt an icy coldness.

The purple-robed elder and company soon appeared in their vision.

“Old Ying, our two groups are still together, right?” The purple-robed elder revealed a faint smile as he turned around. He hoped that Old Ying would come. Even if they didn’t get this treasure, they could just take back what they already had.

“Of course.” Old Ying sped up even more.

Under the guidance of the purple-robed elder, everyone came to the center of the Black Wind Canyon and headed toward the treasure glow.

This place was filled with giant room-sized stones made from a dark gray material. The treasure glow was coming from the center of the giant rocks, and the strong surge of pressure radiating from it made everyone unable to approach.


The treasure glow suddenly weakened, and the nine-colored light became dimmer until it completely faded back into the ground. The entire Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground became a world of darkness once more.

“The pressure from the treasure glow has disappeared!” Lei Tong exclaimed, and all six of them shot into the air above the rocks.

In just an instant, everyone arrived within range of where the treasure glow used to be, but they were unable to sense anything clearly because there were a bunch of stones everywhere, and the black wind was affecting their Divine Senses.

“Purple Light Destroying the Sky!” The purple-robed elder thrust out a palm, and the figure of a giant palm made of purple light thudded onto the stones below.


No one knew what these dark gray stones were made from. The purple-robed elder’s attack only left a few cracks on them.

“It seems like it’s impossible to enter directly from here.” The purple-robed elder was unwilling. The giant stones blocked everything, so it was impossible to enter through here.

“We have to find another entrance.” Jing Kai sighed.

“I saw an entrance just now,” Zhao Feng’s voice suddenly sounded. Everyone suddenly looked over like they were struck by lightning.

“Where!?” the purple-robed elder immediately questioned.

“We passed through a small cave entrance not far away from here. It seemed like it connected underground,” Zhao Feng replied honestly, and the purple-robed elder and his group already started to fly over right after Zhao Feng finished speaking.

The group soon arrived at the spot mentioned by Zhao Feng.

“There really is an entrance here!” Lei Tong exclaimed with joy.

In front of them was a cave entrance that could only fit one person at a time. The entrance was at the boundary of the giant stones, and they could faintly see a stone staircase leading down below.

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