King of Gods – Chapter 0950

Chapter 950: Revealing his Strength

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The three groups consisted of ten people in total, and everyone stood silently before the green bronze pillar.

“Do any of you specialize in arrays or Heaven’s Legacy secret techniques?” the goateed elder asked with an awkward smile.

Everyone lowered their heads and didn’t speak. It was obvious that no one did.

Some inheritances in the Imperial Tombs required array or mechanisms masters to solve, but at the end of the day, the number was very small. Furthermore, even if someone here was familiar with arrays, this particular array was nothing like the arrays in any other inheritance. There were only a few people in the Imperial Tombs right now that could solve this array.

“Can we work together to destroy it?” a Quasi-Sacred Lord from the goateed elder’s group murmured.

Everyone was silent. How were they supposed to know what would happen if they didn’t know anything about arrays?

“Let’s give it a try. Attack from a distance.” The purple-robed elder thought for a moment. Many arrays could counterattack if they were attacked.

“Okay.” Old Ying also agreed.

Everyone was unwilling to give up now after risking their lives and reaching the depths of the forbidden ground. It was obvious that everyone agreed, so they all retreated outside the hall.

“Nine Yin Palm!” The goateed elder circulated his True Yuan, and his palm radiated a power aura of cold Yin as he thrust it out.


The figure of an icy palm swept over toward the green bronze pillar. The goateed elder unleashed this attack slowly, then retreated several steps back after doing so.

The figure of the icy palm instantly landed on the gold-and-white array.


The next second, the imprint of a hand suddenly appeared on the wall next to everyone.

“How how is this possible?”

The goateed elder was stunned, and his heart jumped. If it wasn’t for his extreme caution, he would have been hit by his own attack after it was reinforced and reflect by the array.

The instant his attack touched the array, it immediately bounced back. No one even saw how it moved.

Even Zhao Feng’s breathing stopped. Through his left eye, he could slowly replay what happened. However, even when he slowed it down to 0.2 times speed, he could only barely see it.

The goateed elder was experienced and knowledgeable, so he took a few extra steps back after actually unleashing his attack, which is why the palm hit the wall instead of himself.

It seemed like the experience of an elder was extremely useful. Despite his power, Zhao Feng didn’t have such a thing yet.

Everyone else’s eyes bulged out in disbelief.

“As I expected, such a treasure is destined not to belong to us.” Old Ying sighed. From what just happened, they could all tell that the profundity of this array had already exceeded the level of a Mystic Light Realm.

“Look the wall!” Jing Kai suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone’s eyes moved away from the array and toward the handprint on the wall. There was a thin crack within the imprint.

“This is?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically when he saw what was inside with his left eye.

“The aura of substandard God Crystals!” The purple-robed elder’s nose sniffed, and he spoke with certainty.

“Everyone, attack this wall!” The goateed elder revealed a joyful expression. If they were unable to obtain the treasure sealed by the array, it wouldn’t be so bad to find some other stuff.

Boom! Boom!

Ice, lightning, fire, and wind barraged the wall.


Under the combined efforts of everyone’s attacks, the wall shattered.


A surge of fiery hot Wind Lightning suddenly appeared from behind. A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning suddenly formed behind Zhao Feng’s back, and he forced back the three Emperors nearby with his powerful aura of fiery lightning.


Zhao Feng turned into a bolt of lightning and entered the hole in the wall first.

“Zhao Feng!? How is this possible!?” The purple-robed elder was enraged and shocked.

The strength that Zhao Feng displayed right now almost surpassed every peak Emperor in the Imperial Tombs. He didn’t expect that Zhao Feng was hiding himself so deeply.

Now that Zhao Feng had revealed his strength and was the first to charge in, he had obviously discovered some sort of treasure.

Hu~ Hu~

Six Quasi-Sacred Lords charged after Zhao Feng into the other side of the wall.

“This Zhao Feng is indeed strong.” The young Emperor from the purple-robed Emperor’s group was shocked. In the last inheritance when Zhao Feng and Lei Tong fought, he realized that the one at a disadvantage was actually Lei Tong. Lei Tong was a Quasi-Sacred Lord, and his battle-power was comparable to normal Sacred Lords.

The three Emperors didn’t show any signs of weakness, and they charged in as well.

“This is?”

The six Quasi-Sacred Lords were dazed. The dimension was filled with light, and their bodies shook as a surge of ancient aura washed over them.

Various objects, stones, and substandard God Crystals filled the entire place and gave off a bright light that lit up the entire dimension. Countless stones, broken objects, beast skins, pill bottles, and other items formed huge piles, and each object gave off an ancient aura. These items were all spread across the ground as if they were just trash.

“This is God Fallen Metal, Sky Crystal Fire Mine, Purple and Gold Saint Jade!”

Even those from the older generations were only able to recognize a couple dozen of these items, and they started to tremble with excitement. Any random stone or scrap here would cause a war between four-star powers in the outside world.

God Fallen Metal, which was just scattered about in this place, was a carefully-hidden resource kept by the Great Gan Imperials in their secret treasury.

Most of the items here weren’t even recognizable, such as some brown beast skin and some unknown pills.

“Take them all!”

The six Quasi-Sacred Lords instantly abandoned their elegant manners and charged in, taking everything they found.

There were so many treasures here that the three Emperors who followed behind them felt extremely satisfied just picking up some scraps.

Everything here was soon wiped clean. Not even a tiny shard was left behind.

“Zhao Feng, hand over half of what you obtained.” The purple-robed elder instantly appeared before Zhao Feng and released his powerful aura. Lei Tong and another Emperor also arrived.

Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change under the purple-robed elder’s pressure. He simply looked at the elder with a cold gaze.

“What is the meaning of this? We decided that whoever gets it first gets to keep it.” Old Ying immediately stood forward.

“Hmph, when we teamed up earlier, he concealed his strength and let us do all the hard work. I’m just telling him to hand over half.”

The purple-robed elder’s eyes shone. He saw Zhao Feng take a God Crystal a moment ago.

A God Crystal, not a substandard God Crystal. That was something in the domain of Gods, and it was formed from the power of the Heavenly Divine Realm.

“Junior, a measly King can’t keep all of those treasures safe.” The goateed elder gave a faint smile.

Zhao Feng was the first to go in. He obviously obtained the most valuable treasures in this place. Although Zhao Feng might be able to use the array to leave, he wouldn’t be able to run away anymore afterward.

Old Ying had a grim expression. He didn’t think that the goateed elder would also participate in this. Old Ying wasn’t scared of the purple-robed elder’s group, but the goateed elder had three Quasi-Sacred Lords, and they were all stronger than the purple-robed elder.

If there was nothing they could do, they could only resort to using the array in their Dragon Jades, while Zhao Feng would be able to escape with the Misty Spatial World. It would still be worth it for all the treasures.

“Hmph. I don’t have the habit of spitting out what I’ve eaten.” Zhao Feng smiled in disdain.

Hearing that, the expressions of the purple-robed elder and the goateed elder changed dramatically, and everyone else’s eyes bulged.

“Arrogant junior! Even if you don’t have the habit of spitting out what you’ve eaten, I’ll teach you how!” The purple-robed elder’s face went green as he started to circulate his dark purple True Yuan.

“Stop!” Old Ying immediately called out.


The goateed elder immediately appeared before Old Ying and blocked him.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!” Zhao Feng stepped forward and suddenly became taller as a layer of gold-and-blue light covered his body. The pressure of the peak fifth level Sacred Lightning Body instantly crushed over.


The purple-robed elder, who was still circulating his True Yuan, was instantly interrupted. The blood within his body boiled and almost spewed out. The young Emperor next to him fell to the ground trembling and wasn’t able to stand up at all.

Is this his true strength?Lei Tong struggled, and he obviously didn’t feel very well either.

The members of the goateed elder’s group also felt their hearts shake. The pressure that Zhao Feng’s body displayed made them feel heavy even though they were rather far from him.

“Hmph, Zhao Feng, if you don’t hand over half of your treasures today, I will force you and everyone else in your group to use your Dragon Jades.”

The purple-robed elder was filled with anger and surprise. Even if Zhao Feng cultivated a profound body-strengthening technique, he was still just a King. The elder couldn’t forgive Zhao Feng for going against his will.

“Zhao Feng, just hand over half of your stuff!” Jing Kai was filled with panic, and he found it difficult to even breathe when facing the purple-robed elder’s group and the Second Prince’s group together.

“You’re courting death!” Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body suddenly released a wave of lightning as he punched out with his Fire of Wind Lightning. The physical force that was suppressing everyone suddenly shot toward the purple-robed elder like a storm of fire and lightning.

We can’t solve the array in the hall, so there’s nothing left to scout in the Black Wind Canyon. It’s time to get rid of this old bastard.

“What!?” The purple-robed elder didn’t expect Zhao Feng to be the first to attack, and the power within this fist actually made him feel a sense of life-and-death danger.


A blue shield appeared in the purple-robed elder’s hand.


Zhao Feng’s fist slammed onto the blue shield, and a storm of fire and lightning exploded.


The blue shield instantly broke apart, and the purple-robed elder retreated several dozen steps as his hands went numb.

“How is this possible? How can a measly King have such terrifying power?” The purple-robed elder was stunned. His blue shield was destroyed just like that?

The spectators were completely dazed. Zhao Feng’s physical strength alone was comparable to a Quasi-Sacred Lord?

“Hand over all your treasures or use your array and fuck off.” Zhao Feng’s expression was cold as he slowly approached the purple-robed elder.

“Hahahaha, although I’m a bit late, I should be able to get a share of the treasures, right?” A loud laughter suddenly sounded from the pathway alongside a surge of extreme coldness.

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