King of Gods – Chapter 0951

Chapter 951: Reappearance of the Treasure Glow

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“Hahahaha, although I’m a bit late, I should be able to get a share of the treasures, right?” A loud laughter suddenly sounded from the pathway alongside a surge of extreme coldness.

Everything was changing too quickly. Everyone was still in shock of Zhao Feng’s strength when they suddenly felt several powerful auras appear from above.

“It’s Jiang Hao!” The purple-robed elder’s expression changed.

Jiang Hao came from the Jiang Family one of the Eight Big Families and he was a peerless prodigy that had awakened his bloodline. Although he was also just a Quasi-Sacred Lord, Jiang Hao’s strength easily surpassed the goateed elder, and he was even stronger than normal Sacred Lords.

“It’s the members of the Seventh Prince’s team.” Lei Tong’s heart dropped.

The Jiang Family supported the Seventh Prince in the Crown Prince trial. The Seventh Prince was ranked as the third favorite to become Crown Prince. The three Quasi-Sacred Lords that followed behind Jiang Hao were all on par with the goateed elder.

Although the three groups were about to split up especially Zhao Feng and the purple-robed elder they were all in the same boat now.

“Zhao Feng, stop. Our three groups need to team up for now.” Jing Kai immediately messaged Zhao Feng. Although he was stunned by Zhao Feng’s true strength, he still wouldn’t be a match for Jiang Hao. Even if Zhao Feng’s physical defense was strong and he comparable to a Quasi-Sacred Lord, that wouldn’t be enough.

The Jiang Family had the Ice Demon Bloodline, which was ranked in the top twenty among Imperial Dao Bloodlines. The chance of awakening it was extremely low. Jiang Hao was definitely an unrivalled existence of the Jiang Family against anyone that wasn’t a Sacred Lord yet. Even normal Sacred Lords might not be his match.

“Zhao Feng, let’s stop for now. This Jiang Hao is a peerless genius from the Jiang Family’s previous generation, and he has the Ice Demon Bloodline.” The purple-robed elder’s eyes shifted as he also messaged.

After experiencing Zhao Feng’s punch, the purple-robed elder knew that he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match. Jiang Hao’s arrival gave him an excuse to stop the fight. When Zhao Feng wasn’t paying attention, he would then run off. Since one’s senses were limited in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, it would be basically impossible for Zhao Feng to find him.

“Jiang Hao?” Zhao Feng inspected the handsome white-haired male.

Zhao Feng had met some people from the Jiang Family in the Divine Illusion Dimension, and the one that gave him the deepest impression was Jiang Chen.

At that point in time, Jiang Chen was also pretty strong, but in comparison to this Jiang Hao, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

“You are Zhao Feng, right?” Jiang Hao’s eyes were cold as he inspected Zhao Feng with interest.

He had heard some things about what happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension from the disciples of the Jiang Family. However, since that was a feud between youngsters, he obviously wouldn’t need to care.

He was only interested in Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng was just a King, and yet he dared to enter the center of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground. If it was another King in his place, they would have already been eroded by the black wind and transformed into a Black Wind Yin Ghost.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng actually had the advantage against a Quasi-Sacred Lord. It was incredulous for a King to have the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

“You want a share of the treasures?” Zhao Feng ignored Jiang Hao’s question and asked one of his own.

Jiang Hao was surprised as he looked at Zhao Feng with a smile. “That’s right. Do you think I have the right?”

Hearing the exchange between Zhao Feng and Jiang Hao, the purple-robed elder and company all felt their hearts jump. There were three groups on their side, and if they teamed up, Jiang Hao’s group wouldn’t dare to do anything to them. What was Zhao Feng thinking?

Old Ying was also starting to panic. He didn’t know that things would end up like this.

“It isn’t a question of whether you have the right or not.” Zhao Feng’s expression remained the same as he faced Jiang Hao’s forcefulness.

“Oh? Then tell me, what do I have to do to obtain some treasures?” Jiang Hao laughed coldly. He wanted to hear what Zhao Feng wanted to say.

The three Quasi-Sacred Lord behind Jiang Hao also started to laugh. If the three groups teamed up, they wouldn’t be able to take anything by force. However, it was obvious that there was a great internal feud. On top of that, Zhao Feng was so arrogant that he didn’t even put Jiang Hao in his eyes.

In this situation, the more they decreased the power of the three groups, the more benefits they would be able to obtain.

Everyone’s eyes trained onto Zhao Feng as Jiang Hao asked his question. They didn’t know what Zhao Feng’s words meant.

What is this Zhao Feng thinking? Why is he spewing so much crap to Jiang Hao?The purple-robed elder cursed in his heart.

The Fire of Wind Lightning and the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning within Zhao Feng’s body were suddenly unleashed. A surge of scarlet-golden lightning sped toward the pillar in the center of the hall.

The instant Zhao Feng circulated his True Yuan, Jiang Hao tensed up and circulated his bloodline power, but he was completely dumbfounded. He originally thought that the arrogant Zhao Feng would attack him, but instead, Zhao Feng punched toward an empty hall.

However, the hearts of the purple-robed elder, Old Ying, and the goateed elder jumped. They knew how terrifying Zhao Feng’s action was. Zhao Feng’s punch was headed toward the array on the pillar, and the goateed elder had already shown everyone how terrifying this array was. This gold-and-white array could repel all attacks with an even-stronger force at a speed that no one could react to.

Everyone shook and instinctively took a few steps back.

Not good, Zhao Feng wants to kill me!The purple-robed elder felt a life-and-death danger. He never would have thought that Zhao Feng still wanted to kill him even though they had reached this stage. There was no time to use the array in his Dragon Jade at all.

Retreat!The purple-robed elder instantly took a step back.


The next instant, his head exploded. The stunned expression on his face was destroyed as well. A fist mark was left behind on the wall behind the purple-robed elder.


Everyone was dead-silent. All that could be heard was the weird whistle of the black wind.

“Dead!?” Lei Tong’s heart trembled.

“How is this possible? He took a step back!” The goateed elder was in disbelief.

When Zhao Feng attacked, the purple-robed elder reacted in time and took a step back. Only then did Zhao Feng’s attack land on the array and get reflected. Then why did the attack still hit the purple-robed elder?

Jiang Hao’s eyes went wide as well, and he took a deep breath. The three behind him were all stunned, and their minds went blank. They didn’t understand how a casual fist from Zhao Feng toward an empty hall resulted in the purple-robed elder’s head exploding.

A Quasi-Sacred Lord died just like that.

“He used the array!” An elder with white hair in Jiang Hao’s group looked toward the center of the hall with sparkling eyes, then black wind covered the hall once more.

“Sorry, but I calculated that you would take a step back,” Zhao Feng said in a low tone toward the body of the purple-robed elder, as if that would allow him to rest in peace.

“How is this possible?”

Hearing what Zhao Feng said, the people who were familiar with array theory were stunned. Firstly, just calculating the projection of the rebound was extremely difficult. It definitely couldn’t be done with one glance. However, Zhao Feng also said that he calculated the purple-robed elder’s one step back as well? No one believed him, and yet reality was right in front of them.

Only now did everyone feel how terrifying this youth was. He killed someone effortlessly by taking advantage of the array, and the victim didn’t even have any time to react to his death. Even if the purple-robed elder had been able to start up the array in his Dragon Jade, he wouldn’t have been able to escape in time.

“This is Zhao Feng?” Jing Kai looked at Zhao Feng with a stunned look, as if this was the first time he was meeting Zhao Feng.

Just one person alone managed to scare everyone present, including the famous Jiang Hao. He took control of the entire situation.

The goateed elder was extremely regretful. He shouldn’t have taken a side so quickly.

Zhao Feng took the purple-robed elder’s interspatial ring before looking at Jiang Hao.

“One has to put in effort to receive compensation,” Zhao Feng finally replied to Jiang Hao’s question.

Jiang Hao’s eyes were grim. The array grandmaster in his group had just told him the theory of how Zhao Feng killed the purple-robed elder.

Jiang Hao had to admit that Zhao Feng’s punch just now had stunned everyone, including himself. This youth wasn’t simple.

“You’re right. Receiving compensation without effort is indeed not acceptable,” Jiang Hao suddenly said, and everyone else let out a breath.

The strength of Jiang Hao’s group couldn’t be ignored, but Zhao Feng’s display had scared them. Now that Jiang Hao had given in, everyone realized that they should thank Zhao Feng.

“There is a profound array in the hall, and my group has an array grandmaster,” Jiang Hao said.

“It’s Grandmaster Wu Yu from the Yuan Province, right?” Old Ying looked at the white-haired elder.

“It is indeed this old man.” Wu Yu slowly walked forward from behind Jiang Hao and looked deeply at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He originally thought that this journey had come to an end, but an array grandmaster suddenly jumped out.

Zhao Feng’s left eye inspected the green bronze pillar in the hall, then looked downward. For some reason, he felt that something was off.

“If Grandmaster Wu Yu can contribute, this will be yours.” Zhao Feng waved the interspatial ring that he just took off the purple-robed elder.

“Many thanks, Grandmaster Wu Yu.” Jiang Hao’s eyes twinkled.

“I’ll go over and have a look.”

The black wind around them was too concentrated, and almost nothing could be seen in the center of the hall. Wu Yu slowly walked into the hall, but he soon came back out and looked at Jiang Hao before shaking his head; “This is the most mysterious and complex array I have ever seen in my life. I can do nothing about it.”

Jiang Hao’s group revealed a disappointed expression. Grandmaster Wu Yu was the most famous array expert in the Yuan Province. If he said there was no way, then there was really no way at all.

“Let’s go, Zhao Feng. Our journey has come to an end.” Old Ying slowly walked over.

They were unable to solve the array, so they were destined to not be together with the treasure. There were no other paths after this hall.

“I’ll be going as well.” The goateed elder led his group and was about to leave as well. They had obtained enough treasures just now. All they needed to do was find a safe spot and wait for the Crown Prince trial to come to an end.

Lei Tong and the young Emperor looked at each another. The purple-robed elder died, and they glanced at Jiang Hao’s group with wariness. The two followed behind Old Ying and company and hoped that Jiang Hao wouldn’t trouble them.

Just as they were about to leave:

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground beneath them started to shake.

Hu~ Boom!

A nine-colored light shot out from beneath the green bronze pillar and into the sky. The entire hall was covered by a nine-colored light, and a ripple of light washed over everyone. The dark dimension turned into a magnificent and dazzling hall.

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