King of Gods – Chapter 0955

Chapter 955: Tie Lingyun

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Everyone looked at Zhao Feng in surprise.

“You can get rid of the mysterious Soul power within his soul?”

Suspicion flashed through Zhou Su’er’s eyes. She still couldn’t understand Zhao Feng’s mysterious method that he used in the Saint Herb Pavilion to get rid of the poison. On top of that, Zhao Feng’s mastery of the soul was not simple.

Old Ying revealed a thoughtful expression. Zhao Feng managed to remove the nine-colored treasure glow from Old Ying’s soul in the Black Wind Canyon, but the situation with Jing Kai was different. Zhou Su’er had spent five days just to force out the air of Yin within his soul; from this, one could see how strong the poison in Jing Kai’s soul was.

Zhao Feng’s method required the target’s cooperation; they couldn’t resist, or it wouldn’t work. Now that Jing Kai was suspicious of everyone, how could he possibly let Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent enter the depths of his soul?

“I can change his personality while I’m at it,” Zhao Feng added. This was what Zhao Feng truly meant in the first place.

Everyone took in a deep breath when they heard that, and they looked at Zhao Feng in confusion.

“You have the ability to change personality?” Zhou Su’er asked.

Now that Jing Kai’s personality had already changed, all Zhou Su’er could think of was to make him enter some Buddhist force and follow some monks in order to slowly change back to who he once was.

The Ninth Prince and Old Ying were both extremely puzzled and surprised. Zhao Feng wasn’t exactly a kind person. They didn’t believe that Zhao Feng could just persuade Jing Kai to change.

“Since none of you can do anything, I can at least make sure that he will try his best when working with us.”

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes. Zhao Feng didn’t think much of Jing Kai’s strength, but like Old Ying said, the Ninth Prince’s team couldn’t lose anyone.

“Give him to Zhao Feng.” Old Ying agreed. They had nothing else they could do anyways. Although he was puzzled, he felt confident in Zhao Feng. He could faintly guess what Zhao Feng was going to do based on what he said, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Jing Kai, who was still resting, found that the expressions of everyone else weren’t right and became suspicious. Zhao Feng then suddenly walked over toward him.

“What do you want?” Jing Kai started to panic. The strength that Zhao Feng had displayed in the Black Wind Canyon was fresh in Jing Kai’s memories, and he was scared.


With a wave of his left hand, Zhao Feng put Jing Kai into the Misty Spatial World.

Zhao Feng was god in the Misty Spatial World, and the laws within the Misty Spatial World bound Jing Kai.

Zhao Feng walked over to Jing Kai and released a surge of powerful Soul Intent.


Jing Kai’s body and soul became heavily suppressed, and he was unable to circulate his True Yuan or Soul Intent.

“Dark Heart Seal!”

A purple-and-golden seal with a faint aura of God Tribulation Lightning formed in Zhao Feng’s left eye and slowly imprinted itself into the depths of Jing Kai’s soul.

Although Jing Kai had the battle-power of an unrivalled Emperor, his soul wasn’t quite as strong. Zhao Feng’s soul was comparable to a Sacred Lord, so he was easily able to imprint the Dark Heart Seal into Jing Kai.

A while later:

“Master, I understand your efforts. Please heal me.”

Jing Kai half-knelt in front of Zhao Feng.

Although Jing Kai’s fundamental personality wouldn’t change after the Dark Heart Seal was imprinted into him, he would believe anything Zhao Feng said. If Zhao Feng was a good teacher, he might even be able to transform Jing Kai into a decent person, but Zhao Feng didn’t have that kind of time.

“I will first remove the mysterious Soul power in your soul. Don’t resist.” Zhao Feng put one hand on Jing Kai’s head, and a surge of Soul Intent that could reach the heavens was unleashed from Zhao Feng’s body.

“Understood, Zhao Feng.” Jing Kai relaxed and changed the title from “Master” to “Zhao Feng.” After all, Zhao Feng was a fellow team member, so calling him “Master” would make the others scared of Zhao Feng to some degree.


Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent passed through his arm and slowly seeped into Jing kai’s soul. Because of the Lightning Soul Body, the God Tribulation Lightning was automatically ingrained into Zhao Feng’s soul power.

At the same time, Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to see where the evil Soul power was hiding in Jing Kai’s soul, and he started to carefully force it out. However, this power was deeply ingrained in Jing Kai’s soul, so Zhao Feng needed a lot of time.

Of course, all of this was done during the breaks on their journey. After all, the first stage of the Crown Prince trial was about to end, and everyone needed to head toward the center of the Imperial Tombs.

Zhao Feng didn’t let Jing Kai out during this period of time. Jing Kai simply stayed in the Misty Spatial World and cultivated.

After the Black Wind Canyon, Jing Kai’s Soul Intent had actually been refined, but Zhao Feng was still not satisfied with his strength. The biggest difference between the Ninth Prince’s team and the other princes was that he didn’t have anyone with the battle-power of a Sacred Lord.

After healing Jing Kai, Zhao Feng finally had time to consolidate his strength. Zhao Feng had experienced countless big and small battles after entering the Crown Prince trial, and he had no time to comprehend everything yet.

Those of the older generation were experienced. For example, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s close combat techniques were the essence of the Cao Family.

At the same time, Zhao Feng would occasionally enter the Ancient Dream Realm. Zhao Feng realized that he was starting to adapt to the Ancient Dream Realm even better now.

One day, Zhao Feng enslaved another flying beast in an ancient forest. An Emperor-level black male eagle landed on Zhao Feng’s head.


After leaving the Ancient Dream Realm and returning to the Imperial Tombs, Zhao Feng stood on a mountain cliff and let the black eagle fly in the sky.

“That’s the fifth,” Zhao Feng murmured softly with a smile.

Under the cliff, everyone had entered a state of cultivation. They all felt that they were extremely weak in the Crown Prince trial. They needed to take every moment possible to cultivate.

The Ninth Prince was extremely hardworking, and since he was talented as well, his progress was extremely fast.

Over the next couple days, apart from resting and heading toward their destination, everyone only had one other thing to do – help Zhao Feng tame beasts.

“Zhao Feng, we tamed the Winged Wolf pack and the Night Wolf pack last time. You have enough agility and offense-type beasts,” Old Ying analyzed.

Over the last two encounters, Old Ying understood Zhao Feng’s beast taming ability. All he could say was that Zhao Feng was perfect in every aspect, as if he wasn’t a human.

Zhao Feng could’ve taken any position in the team. Old Ying even felt that Zhao Feng could’ve taken his own spot. When it came to analyzing weaknesses and foreseeing danger, Old Ying had to admit that he wasn’t as good as Zhao Feng.

“We now need power-type beasts.” Old Ying’s eyes sparkled.

After learning about Zhao Feng’s beast taming abilities, Old Ying’s plan changed.

Zhao Feng’s beasts would be a critical point in the Crown Prince trial. Old Ying placed great importance on this, and he was willing to spend a lot of time and effort to help expand Zhao Feng’s beast collection.


Zhao Feng remembered his Ice Crystal Giant Bear, but Old Ying obviously needed a much larger number. Zhao Feng never expected the Crown Prince trial to be so complex. From the looks of it, the position of Beast Tamer wasn’t simple either.

“It’s here.”

Everyone stopped in front of a dimly-lit forest. A chaotic, wild, and bloodthirsty aura instantly swept toward them.


There was an occasional crash and some beats howling from within it. Everyone could sense that this place wasn’t simple.

“We’ve arrived at the center regions of the Imperial Tombs. This is a place where beasts gather, and there are many powerful beast packs here,” Old Ying introduced.


A figure flashed and appeared next to Zhao Feng. It was Jing Kai.

“Jing Kai?”

Everyone closely inspected Jing Kai. They couldn’t feel any signs of that wicked power from Jing Kai’s body. It was obvious that Zhao Feng had successfully gotten rid of it.

“En. I’ve been cultivating in Zhao Feng’s Little World.”

Jing Kai didn’t feel much when he saw everyone else, but he still followed Zhao Feng’s orders and interacted with everyone else. Zhao Feng let him out to make everyone feel safer.

The group of five then headed toward the center of the forest. In the depths of the forest, there was a big and quiet black cave.

The inside of the cave was another place, as if it was a brand-new world. There was an ancient castle made from sandstone in the center of some barren grounds, and sandstorms filled the sky.

“Shi Yulei, hand over your wealth and draconic providence and we will let you go.” There was a red-haired male covered in gold-and-red flames and holding a long spear in his hands, and he spoke in a forceful tone.

There were three more people next to the red-haired male. In front of them was a wall formed from sand, which also had arrays on it.


The red-haired male lashed out with his spear, and a ball of flames shot out like a blood-red flaming dragon. At the same time, a Destructive flaming aura was unleashed.


The sand on the wall rippled like water. The blood-red flaming dragon merged into the center and exploded. The wall then returned to normal.

“Tie Lingyun, it’s useless. We won’t be able to break through the inheritance’s defenses as well as the Shi Family’s bloodline in a short amount of time.” A red-haired male stood on the side while two others stood behind him with an obedient expression.

”This defensive array is also extremely profound. As expected of Shen Jizi.”

The eyes of an array grandmaster behind the red-haired elder flashed. Every time Tie Lingyun’s attack landed on the wall, a mysterious array would weaken it.

Within the wall of sand, Shi Yulei held a giant dark yellow shield that had a giant dragon carved onto it. This shield was in the center of the wall, and it couldn’t be moved around.

“What powerful offense! As expected of the peerless prodigy of the Tie Family’s younger generation. His Blood Devil Sun Bloodline is terrifying.”

Shi Yulei groaned. If it wasn’t for the fact that his Inheritance Sacred weapon could utilize part of the Little World inheritance’s power, how could their group reach a stalemate against the Fourth Prince’s group?

“Senior Zhen Jizi, why don’t we use the arrays in our Dragon Jades and escape?” Su Qingling’s face was pale-white. It was obvious that she was heavily injured.

“There’s no need. Someone’s here to save us.”

An old elder sitting in the middle suddenly opened his eyes. They were like stars in the night, and they seemed to contain a profound philosophy.

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