King of Gods – Chapter 0957

Chapter 957: Exchange between Bloodlines

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A forceful and scorching aura spread out in every direction. The dark yellow sand was dyed with a bright red flame, and the temperature caused the air to become twisted like some kind of hellscape.

When one looked from afar, it looked like there were two scorching suns releasing brilliant flames.


The bloodline within Tie Lingyun’s body started to tremble, and the glass-like flames on his body became weaker under the radiance of Zhao Feng’s flames. However, this pressure only made him more excited.

Behind Tie Lingyun, Tie Yunhuo’s bloodline also shook slightly and started to twitch, as if it was going to start burning as well.

“Perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline!” Tie Yunhuo’s eyes were fiery-hot as he looked at the bright glass-like flames covering Zhao Feng’s body. It was like the color of fresh blood, as if he was burning his lifeforce to fight.

This was the first time he had seen the perfect bloodline of the Tie Family. If such a powerful bloodline could return to the Tie Family…

“So, this is the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.”

The two next to Tie Yunhuo obviously knew about this too, but they were still shocked when they saw the power of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. The bloodlines within their bodies became hot and started to burn, and they had to circulate part of their True Yuan to block it.

The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline was a terrifying combat bloodline that could be ranked within the top ten Imperial Dao Bloodlines.

Old Ying and company who were behind Zhao Feng quickly retreated. Some of those with weaker bodies and cultivations, such as Zhou Su’er and Su Qingling, felt their entire body become fiery, and they were unable to breathe.

“How is this possible? Zhao Feng’s bloodline is even stronger than Tie Lingyun’s!” Shi Yulei was stunned, and a loud explosion sounded in his heart.

Tie Lingyun had the strongest bloodline amongst the juniors of the Tie Family. No one in the family was as talented as him. The explosive power that Tie Lingyun displayed left even Shi Yulei, who specialized in defense, unable to cope with it. However, Zhao Feng’s Blood Devil Sun bloodline was faintly suppressing Tie Lingyun’s.

There was only one possibility….

“That’s right – the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.” Old Ying was stunned. This was his first time seeing the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline as well. This bloodline was a terrifying Imperial Dao Bloodline that had almost become extinct.

“How is this possible?” Su Qingling’s face was filled with surprise, and she suddenly remembered what Zhao Feng said before the fights for the positions started.

It was all true. Zhao Feng had the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. This was why an elder of the Tie Family personally came to recruit him. The Zhao Feng who they all underestimated was on par with a peerless prodigy of the Tie Family from the Fourth Prince’s team.

“As expected of Zhao Feng!” The Ninth Prince was extremely excited, and he felt waves coursing through his heart. The strength that Zhao Feng currently displayed surpassed anyone else in his team, and it was comparable to the main combat members of a top-five prince’s team. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was also a beast tamer and could support the entire team. All of this had exceeded what the Ninth Prince originally hoped for.


Tie Lingyun’s faintly suppressed bloodline suddenly erupted, and the glass-like flames were unleashed as he released a force comparable to Zhao Feng’s.

“Hahaha! Let me have a taste of this so-called perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline!” Tie Lingyun was filled with burning battle-intent.

Blood Devil Charge!

Tie Lingyun used this skill once again and transformed into a ball of molten lava that radiated a pressure that could scare Gods and Ghosts alike.

“Hmph!” The perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline suppressed bloodlines that had a lower purity, making Zhao Feng feel like the difference in cultivation had shrunk.


Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Wings of Lightning, which were covered by the glass-like red flames, were like the wings of an immortal crow as it gave off crackles of lightning.

Boom! Shu~~

With the explosiveness of his bloodline, the Lightning Wings Flying Technique surpassed its limits. He was like a blazing fire as he flashed through the air and left behind blossoming flowers.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

They were both like meteorites that clashed against each another, creating a wave of fire that swept across Heaven and Earth like a tsunami.


The two figures quickly retreated as a forbidden fiery power exploded in the center.

The ignition effect has been countered! Zhao Feng sensed this the instant they came into contact.

Since their bloodlines came from the same origin, Zhao Feng’s ignition effect was extremely unlikely to do anything to Tie Lingyun. It was similar to the moment when he had faced Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo’s Scorching Demon Spirit Body.

When Zhao Feng’s flames were about to engulf Tie Lingyun’s body, the glass-like flames on Tie Lingyun’s body would extinguish them. The ignition effect from both sides was unable to be used.

However, while the lifesteal ability of Zhao Feng’s perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline also dropped dramatically, it was still useful, allowing Zhao Feng to recover at least some of his True Yuan.

Boom! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s fist of red lightning clashed against Tie Lingyun’s flaming spear. The two extremely forceful powers caused lightning to howl and fire to surge every time the two clashed.

“They’re on par with each another!”

The two Quasi-Sacred Lords next to Tie Yunhuo had dazed expressions. Zhao Feng was only a King, but he had battle-power comparable to Tie Lingyun? Even if he had the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, he shouldn’t be this strong, right?

“Zhao Feng is not simple. His True Yuan is extremely powerful and pure, and it works perfectly with his Blood Devil Sun bloodline.” Tie Yunhuo stared at Zhao Feng and didn’t even blink his eyes.

The quality of Zhao Feng’s True Yuan surpassed normal peak Emperors.

Boom! Bam!

The defense and strength of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body as well as the lifesteal effect of his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline completely closed the gap in cultivation and the difference in True Yuan quantity. Furthermore, under this pressure, Zhao Feng’s Blood Devil Sun bloodline’s potential was released, and he started to become more and more courageous as they fought.


Tie Lingyun’s eyes were red as his battle-intent surged into the sky. As someone from the Tie Family, he obviously knew the characteristics of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline very well. Therefore, Tie Lingyun burned his True Yuan to increase the power of his bloodline so that he could counter the unique abilities of the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

Hmph, I’ll let you have a taste of the body-strengthening technique that complements the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. After I defeat you, I will go and persuade Elder Hongnan that, no matter how strong a bloodline someone has, it’s meaningless if they don’t know how to use it properly.

Tie Lingyun’s power increased, and the glass-like flames on his body released a red jade-like glimmer, as if he had been reborn from flames. A surge of physical power also appeared.

Boom! Hu~~~

Zhao Feng stood in the air, and his Sacred Lightning Body instantly felt a wave of heat.


Both of their physical forces started to clash, creating explosions in the air.

Bam! Hu~

Zhao Feng took a few steps back and was stunned. The unique body-strengthening technique that Tie Lingyun was using right now perfectly complemented the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. It even managed to suppress his Sacred Lightning Body and his perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

As he thought, the strength of the Eight Big Families wasn’t to be underestimated. They understood a lot about their own bloodlines.

“I didn’t think that Tie Lingyun would use the Scarlet Jade Glass Body this quickly. However, this means that the battle will end very soon.” Tie Yunhuo was stunned.

One had to finish the fight as soon as they could against a user with the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Zhao Feng’s body-strengthening technique had also exceeded Tie Yunhuo’s expectations as well, otherwise Tie Lingyun wouldn’t have needed to use the Scarlet Jade Glass Body.

The Scarlet Jade Glass Body was a supreme body-strengthening technique that the ancestor of the Tie Family had created. It worked perfected with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, and it could release a power that could destroy Heaven and Earth.

Such a heaven-defying skill obviously had its limitations as well; overusing it for a prolonged period of time would harm the user’s bloodline.

“Not good, it’s the Scarlet Jade Glass Body; the supreme body-strengthening technique of the Tie Family!” Old Ying’s heart jumped.

When this technique was used with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, the strength of one’s True Yuan, bloodline, and body would be several times stronger than usual.

Zhao Feng had the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline, but he couldn’t use it very well and had no technique to go with it.

What Old Ying was truly puzzled about though was why Zhao Feng didn’t use his Soul eye-bloodline techniques. That was his forte.

“Sacred Lightning Protection!”

A barrier of lightning made of Fire of Wind Lightning and the physical force of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body appeared in front of him. At the same time, a bloodline power also poured into it, turning the color of the barrier red and making it burn.

“Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!”


Zhao Feng appeared in the sky, and his Scarlet Wings of Lightning released a surge of golden flames that propelled him downward.

Before his punch arrived, a scarlet-red wave had already exploded. The limitless physical pressure suppressed the spectators’ bodies.


The glass-like flames around Tie Lingyun surged into the air as he looked up at Zhao Feng with battle-intent. He wasn’t scared of Zhao Feng’s propelling force.


Tie Lingyun suddenly leapt into the air, and he seemed to become a scarlet-red jade dragon. Wherever he went, the air would burn.


A brilliant red flame shot out and formed a firestorm that engulfed the two figures.


A scarlet arc of lightning flew out.

“What explosive power!”

Zhao Feng was forced back several hundred yards. His Sacred Lightning Barrier was already shattered, and pain coursed through his body. The lightning on the surface of his Sacred Lightning Body was about to flicker and fade away.

The combination of Tie Lingyun’s Scarlet Jade Glass Body and his Blood Devil Sun bloodline completely surpassed Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body, but luckily, Zhao Feng was able to use the lifesteal effect of his Blood Devil Sun bloodline to quickly recover his injuries.


Tie Lingyun was thrown into the ground, and a burning sensation appeared across his body. Even his Scarlet Jade Glass Body couldn’t cope with the counterattack caused by the destruction of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Protection.

“Zhao Feng used his flying technique and defensive abilities to take the damage of Tie Lingyun’s attack head-on.” Tie Yunhuo nodded his head as he looked at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s display of battle instincts wasn’t weaker than some members of the Tie Family. However, Tie Yunhuo became completely dazed the next instant.

“That’s the Blood Devil Charge! How does he know this bloodline secret technique of the Tie Family?”

Tie Lingyun was also stunned. This was the Blood Devil Charge he had used at the beginning.

The glass-like flames around Zhao Feng’s body started to boil, and the sound of explosions could be heard. The image of a bright blood-red sun started to form behind Zhao Feng’s back. In the center of it was a twisting and turning whirlpool.

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