King of Gods – Chapter 0960

Chapter 960: Directly Taking Action

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A smile appeared on the Eleventh Prince’s face; “Since Brother Ninth Prince is here to tame the Sky Shaking Golden Ape as well, we can team up and first suppress this Sky Shaking Golden Ape before deciding who it belongs to.

Seeing that the Ninth Prince didn’t immediately reply, the Eleventh Prince started to privately talk with his subordinates.

“Zhu Long, there’s no problem, right?”

“Your Highness, don’t worry. They won’t decline. The Sky Shaking Golden Ape is a beast standing at the peak among Emperor-level beasts. Its battle-power is extremely strong, and it has a powerful Intent. They’ll have to spend a lot of time if they want to restrain it by themselves.”

Zhu Long looked at Zhao Feng. According to what he knew, Zhao Feng hadn’t actually passed the test to become a Grandmaster Beast Tamer, he only relied on the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly that he borrowed to become the beast tamer on the Ninth Prince’s team.

Therefore, after they suppressed this Sky Shaking Golden Ape, he would suggest a battle between beast tamers to decide who the Sky Shaking Golden Ape went to. He wouldn’t make the same mistake that Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang had made by deciding the victor with spiritual pets.

“Brother Eleventh Prince, we want this Sky Shaking Golden Ape,” the Ninth Prince’s voice suddenly sounded.

“What!?” Zhu Long paused. He didn’t expect the Ninth Prince’s team to reject them. No matter how one looked at them, their team was relatively weak. Only Old Ying and Shi Yulei had any true battle-power. Why would they reject them? And in such an arrogant and forceful manner?

“Brother Ninth Prince, neither of us will become the Crown Prince, so there’s no need for us to fight. Why don’t we team up and fight against the Seventh or Eighth Prince? We still might be able to obtain some benefits from the Heaven’s Legacy City.” The Eleventh Prince’s face was green. The Ninth Prince’s actions today were different from normal; he was extremely forceful.

“Eleventh Prince, you have two choices: leave now, or lose all your draconic providence and then leave.” Old Ying stood forward, and his tone was even more decisive.

Hearing this, the Ninth Prince’s team felt extremely satisfied.

“Hmph. Brother Ninth Prince, you’re too confident.” Although the Eleventh Prince’s overall strength was only ranked 9th, the power of his team was definitely not weaker than the Ninth Prince.

At the same time, the members of the Eleventh Prince’s team felt something was wrong, and they started to direct the Sky Shaking Golden Ape toward the Ninth Prince.

“Too much nonsense!” Shi Yulei roared as he charged out. A dark yellow light glittered around his body, and part of his body instantly petrified. Other parts became metallic, and an invisible surge of physical power rose into the sky.

Old Ying, Zhao Feng, and others who could fight immediately followed behind.

The Ninth Prince’s team was about to attack. If they were scared of a mere Eleventh Prince, how were they going to face the Eighth, Seventh, or Fourth Prince?

“You…!” The Eleventh Prince’s heart jumped, and he didn’t know what to do. The Ninth Prince’s team was acting way too differently from normal – they were going to attack!

“Eleventh Prince, don’t rush! Let them witness the beasts of the Imperial Tombs!” Zhu Long was enraged and opened his spiritual pet bag.

A chaotic aura instantly appeared in the forest. Close to a hundred Purple-Striped Black Leopards surrounded Zhu Long and the Eleventh Prince.

“Eh? A beast pack?” Zhao Feng looked at the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King. It wasn’t hard to tell that Zhu Long had enslaved the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King in order to control the entire beast pack.

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as a purple-golden ripple sparkled from his left eye, and a strong surge of eye-bloodline power shot out. In the next instant, a scarlet-red light flashed in the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King’s eyes, and its face started to contort in pain.

“What’s going on? Purple-Striped Black Leopard King!” Zhu Long’s expression changed dramatically. The Purple-Striped Black Leopard King’s personality suddenly changed, and his connection with it was fading.


The Purple-Striped Black Leopard King escaped Zhu Long’s control and turned into a dark figure that suddenly charged at Zhu Long, who was closest to it. At the same time, Zhu Long lost control of the entire Purple-Striped Black Leopard beast pack. When the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King attacked Zhu Long and company, the other Purple-Striped Black Leopards all started to follow.

“Grandmaster Zhu, what’s going on!?” The Eleventh Prince was filled with fear and immediately roared. The two of them were at the very center of the Purple-Striped Black Leopard pack, and after they lost control of it, the Purple-Striped Black Leopards leapt toward them. The Eleventh Prince and Zhu Long were filled with fear and panic as they faced the entire Purple-Striped Black Leopard pack.


The other members of the Eleventh Prince’s team instantly went to his side. Hua Hui punched out a golden fist containing extreme power and forced back the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King, while the other members all radiated a strong pressure and blocked the other incoming leopards.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. I’ll be able to regain control of the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King very soon.” Zhu Long’s face went red as he tried many ways to comfort and communicate with the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King.

“Grandmaster Zhu Long, watch out!” the elder in gray exclaimed and thrust out a palm that blocked Old Ying and company’s attacks.

“Hmph. Shi Yulei, your opponent is me.” Hua Hui charged at Shi Yulei.

While the Eleventh Prince’s team broke into chaos:


A pair of Scarlet Wings of Lightning spread behind Zhao Feng’s back.


Zhao Feng didn’t care about the Eleventh Prince or the Purple-Striped Black Leopard pack. He turned into a bolt of scarlet lightning and sped toward the Sky Shaking Golden Ape.

“Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!”

A golden-blue lightning appeared around Zhao Feng’s body as he charged at the Sky Shaking Golden Ape like a miniature mountain of golden lightning.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye glowed with purple and gold as the faint symbols of God Tribulation Lightning flashed and release a strong surge of flames.


A ball of half-transparent purple-and-gold lightning flames containing the Destructive aura of God Tribulation Lightning exploded on the Sky Shaking Golden Ape’s head.


The already-injured Sky Shaking Golden Ape roared as Zhao Feng’s attack landed on its face. Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Eye Flame contained the power of God Tribulation Lightning, and it burned across its body and soul.


Zhao Feng punched the Sky Shaking Golden Ape in the face. At the same time, a Dark Heart Seal that had already been condensed in Zhao Feng’s left eye imprinted itself into the depths of the Sky Shaking Golden Ape’s soul.

This process was extremely quick; it only used a couple breaths’ time.

“What is that brat doing?”

“He’s going to challenge the Sky Shaking Golden Ape by himself?”

The Eleventh Prince’s team could feel the situation between Zhao Feng and the Sky Shaking Golden Ape while they were fighting.

“How is he so strong? How is this possible?” Hua Hui’s expression was filled with shock. He could feel the strength of Zhao Feng’s physical body even from this far away.

“That brat’s gone crazy.” Zhu Long’s heart jumped when he saw Zhao Feng fight with the Sky Shaking Golden Ape. In his heart, Zhao Feng was just a sham of a beast tamer, but that battle-power wasn’t something that a measly King could possess. From the cries of the Sky Shaking Golden Ape, he could tell how strong Zhao Feng’s attacks were.

“Eleventh Prince, don’t rush. The Purple-Striped Black Leopard King’s emotions are calming down.” Zhu Long had used many beast taming secret techniques to calm down the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King, and he tried to slowly communicate with it.

The leopard pack was slowly calming down as well, instantly decreasing the pressure on the Eleventh Prince’s team.

“Hmph, you’re courting death!” Zhu Long regained control of the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King, and he puffed out his chest as he looked at Old Ying and company as he got ready to direct the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King.

However, in the next instant:


A loud explosion sounded from behind, and a fierce aura made the Eleventh Prince and company feel cold.


The Sky Shaking Golden Ape roared in anger and leapt at the Eleventh Prince and company. Its body was like a giant mountain as it crushed over.


“That brat actually managed to tame the Sky Shaking Golden Ape?”

The members of the Eleventh Prince’s team were stunned. There was such a powerful and strong beast tamer?

“How is this possible? That’s a Sky Shaking Golden Ape!” Zhu Long just stood there, and his mind was blank. In just the couple breaths’ of time he used to comfort the Purple-Striped Black Leopard King, Zhao Feng successfully tamed the Sky Shaking Golden Ape.


The Purple-Striped Black Leopard pack that Zhu Long just regained control of looked at the approaching mountain-like Sky Shaking Golden Ape and started to howl and run away.


The Sky Shaking Golden Ape landed in front of the Eleventh Prince’s team. Wood of Wind Lightning circulated around its body as Zhao Feng stood on top of it and looked over everyone.

“Hand over all your draconic providence or else I’ll make you leave the Imperial Tombs.” Zhao Feng’s voice was cold. The Eleventh Prince’s team shook, and no one fought back at this moment. The three Emperors that Zhao Feng robbed earlier trembled in fright.

“Zhao Feng, you…!” The Eleventh Prince was enraged, and a sparkling bright piece of jade appeared in his hand.

“Eleventh Prince, wait!” Zhu Long immediately stopped him. “Eleventh Prince, even if you use draconic providence to increase your battle-power, the Ninth Prince can do the same.”

The Eleventh Prince gritted his teeth after hearing what Zhu Long said. There was nothing he could do.

“Brother Ninth Prince, fine!” The Eleventh Prince threw over his pseudo Crown Prince Seal angrily, and the other members of the Eleventh Prince’s team handed over their Dragon Jades. They hadn’t gone out of their way to gather draconic providence anyways.

In the center of the Imperials Tombs were four enormous cities made of metal, each in one of the cardinal directions. Within the cities were weird metallic buildings, forming a forest of metal. There were clock towers that reached the sky, mysterious divination towers, an elegant fountain, and all kinds of other buildings.

Each city had a large number of beasts in front of the gates. At this moment in time, in front of the southern city’s gates, two armies of beasts were fighting against each another. Ice Wolves, Flaming Tigers, Giant Bears, and a horde of snakes were all present and causing chaos.

“Dammit, the Eighth Prince’s city is the weakest of the four cities but is already so hard to defeat.”

“That’s so unfair! They bought beasts from the Heaven’s Legacy City.”

Several dozen people stood in front of the city gates. Two of them were beast tamers, and they gritted their teeth as they controlled massive numbers of beasts to charge at the metallic city.

“Not good, members of the Yu Family have come out!”

“It’s Yu Tianhao and Yu Lenghua!”

Two figures appeared on the walls of the city.

“Unparalleled Battle Intent!”

Battle-intent that could scare Gods and Ghosts alike shot out from Yu Tianhao and Elder Yu Lenghua’s eyes. Elder Yu Lenghua was from the previous generation. A faint cold figure appeared behind both of them, and the invisible battle-intent caused the air to twist.


The beasts in front of the city started to howl and roar. Their eyes became filled with excitement, and they released limitless pressure.

“The secret technique of the Yu Family is effective even on beasts!”

“Make our beasts quickly retreat!”

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