King of Gods – Chapter 0961

Chapter 961: Attacking the City

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“Brother Fifth Prince, from the looks of it, the two of us alone aren’t enough.” A handsome young prince sighed.

“Brother Twelfth Prince, you’re correct. We should retreat first and wait for Brother Second Prince to arrive.”

The Fifth Prince had a grim expression and cold eyes. If he teamed up with the Twelfth Prince, they should have been able to defeat a Heaven’s Legacy City. The Twelfth Prince was ranked last among the ten participating princes; was extremely young, and he had no one close to him that made any plans for him. A partner like this would only be used by the Fifth Prince.

However, they weren’t able to even get close to the Eighth Prince’s gate even when they combined their strengths. The beasts in front of the other three city gates made them too scared to even consider fighting. However, the Eighth Prince had members of the Yu Family in his team, and their secret technique could dramatically strengthen their beasts.

“If the Eighth Prince didn’t use his wealth to buy a bunch of beasts from the Heaven’s Legacy City…!” The Twelfth Prince was angry, but there was nothing he could do. The attackers could team up with each other, but the defenders had their advantages as well.

For example, the Eighth Prince purchased a bunch of beasts from the Spiritual Pet Garden within the Heaven’s Legacy City. If one was rich enough, they could even buy ancient beasts that only appeared in legends.

Furthermore, the Eighth Prince also went to the array tower and bought a highly-ranked defensive array. As long as there was an array master in his team controlling it, he would be able to easily defend.

This was the reason why, even if a prince had no intention of becoming the Crown Prince, they would still participate – they wanted to conquer a Heaven’s Legacy City.

The four Heaven’s Legacy Cities in the center of the Imperial Tombs were from the Heaven’s Legacy Era. There was countless fortune here; as long as one could pay the price, they could even obtain a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.

The four Heaven’s Legacy Cities were respectively captured by the Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Thirteenth Princes. Among these four, the Eighth Prince was the weakest.

“Hmph, their wealth and resources are limited. They can’t buy beasts endlessly.” The Fifth Prince harrumphed coldly.

All the experts that entered a Heaven’s Legacy City would use most of their wealth to buy whatever they needed, such as weapons or cultivation resources. Many Quasi-Sacred Lords participated in the Crown Prince trial to come here and buy spiritual pills that could help them break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Yu Tianhao stood on top of the city wall and looked around with his black eyes. He completely ignored the Fifth and Twelfth Prince as he looked into the distance. “Zhao Feng still hasn’t come yet.”

“Hmph, I also want to see how skilled this Zhao Feng is.” Yu Lenghua knew a bit about the situation between Yu Tianhao and Zhao Feng. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had even forced Ji Bai, who was in Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s group, to use the array in his Dragon Jade to escape.

“Zhao Feng!” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was also here behind the walls, and his expression changed after hearing them talk. He had just arrived at the Heaven’s Legacy City, and he hadn’t told everyone else anything about Zhao Feng’s bloodline. He thought that the Yu Family already knew about it.

“Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, you underestimate your opponents too much. Perhaps that’s why you were tricked by a King?” Yu Lenghua joked. Ji Bai had told them about what had happened when he returned to the Eighth Prince’s side.

“You all know that Zhao Feng has the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, right?” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s face went red.

“Of course we do.” Yu Lenghua’s eyes were cold. The Tie and Yu Families both guarded the northwestern borders against the non-humans, and the two families clashed against one another constantly.

Something seemed to have happened between Zhao Feng and the Tie Family before the fights for the positions. However, even if Zhao Feng had the Blood Devil Sun bloodline, that wasn’t an excuse for Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s failure.

“It’s not a normal Blood Devil Sun bloodline.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s tone dropped, and Yu Lenghua and Yu Tianhao instantly started to think. Yu Lenghua’s expression suddenly turned to shock, and Yu Tianhao released a surge of battle-intent.

“Could it be the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline?” Yu Lenghua seemed to remember something and acted differently.

“As expected of Zhao Feng.” Yu Tianhao’s eyes glowed with excitement, and the bloodline within his body started to tremble. He never would have imagined that Zhao Feng would accidentally obtain the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline of the Tie Family. The Tie Family was enemies with the Yu Family.

“Doctor Li, quickly heal the beasts.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined didn’t reply to Yu Lenghua. He was more focused on the current fight.

The Fifth Prince and Twelfth Prince teaming up caused them to expend a lot of beasts. Although the Yu Family had a secret technique that could strengthen beasts, these beasts would become even more tired afterward, and they needed time to rest. It would be bad if the Ninth Prince’s team suddenly came and attacked the Heaven’s Legacy City that the Eighth Prince was guarding on top of that.

“Who’s that…? The Second Prince is here.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s eyes glimmered with surprise as he looked into the distance. The Eighth Prince and the other team members within the metallic buildings all received Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s message.

Opposite the metallic city walls, the Fifth and Twelfth Princes revealed joyful expressions.

“Brother Second Prince, you’re finally here.” The Fifth Prince immediately went forward.

“Brother Second Prince, your team members…?” The Twelfth Prince saw that the Second Prince only had nine people in his team.

The Second Prince’s face became ugly, and the goateed elder in his team revealed a slightly awkward expression; the two missing members had followed him and died in the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground.

“I understand what the two of you want, and it’s not like we can’t team up….” The Second Prince had a steady expression.

“Oh? What other requirements does Brother Second Prince have? You can tell us.” The Fifth and Twelfth Princes had slightly ugly expressions.

The Second Prince’s overall strength was ranked 5th, and his battle-power couldn’t be ignored. He was an important factor that could decide the victor. Therefore, the Second Prince had the right to require something from them. As long as it didn’t affect them too much, they could accept it.

“If we team up, I hope that none of us will attack each another before the Crown Prince trial ends.”

The Second Prince’s requirement made the other two princes falter for a moment.

The Twelfth Prince immediately smiled; “Of course.”

The Fifth Prince lowered his eyes. The Twelfth Prince was ranked last amongst the ten princes, so of course he would agree. What could he possibly do even if he wanted to? The Second Prince was obviously speaking to him.

“Us three will take turns entering the Heaven’s Legacy City.” The Second Prince told them how they would split the Heaven’s Legacy City. The Fifth Prince had to agree in the end; at least this meant they still had the chance to enter the Heaven’s Legacy City.

“Okay, we will start attacking after your beasts recover.” The Second Prince looked at the resting beasts and the two busy doctors.

Half a day later, the Second, Fifth, and Twelfth Princes combined forces and attacked the Eighth Prince’s Heaven’s Legacy City.

Three beast tamers controlled close to a thousand fierce beasts and made them charge toward the city walls. Over half of them were tamed in the Imperial Tombs, and they were extremely deadly and fierce.

The Eighth Prince’s beasts were immediately at the disadvantage, and they retreated to the edge of the defensive array.

“Go!” the three princes roared, and the battle members of the three teams charged out.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince’s entire team of eleven people was present on the city walls.

“We are only going to defend.” The Eighth Prince had a steady gaze; he wasn’t in a rush. Although there were about thirty people attacking him and they had many more beasts, he had two Sacred Lords and a defensive array. The Eighth Prince still had the advantage overall.

“Yu Lenghua, let’s go.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined stepped forward.

“Let me witness the hundred battle techniques of Sacred Lord Hundred Refined.” Yu Lenghua floated out as a surge of battle-intent radiated from his body.

At the same time, within the center of a forest:


Two Sky Shaking Golden Apes clashed with one another.

The other members of the Ninth Prince’s team were cultivating on the side. Everyone had gained a lot after entering the Imperial Tombs. For example, Shi Yulei had obtained a complete inheritance, including an Inheritance Sacred weapon and secrets technique, but he needed time to master it.

Zhao Feng knew that it was time for the beast tamers to perform soon, so he started to search through the knowledge and tips and tricks of beast tamers within his mind. He also controlled and trained beasts within his Little World.

Most beast tamers were weak personally, but they could unleash strong battle-power through their beasts. It wasn’t hard for them to use a group of King beasts to trap several Emperors.

“Enslaving the leader of the beast pack alone means that I can’t control every beast well.” Zhao Feng comprehended. Even if he gave the leader of the pack an order, it would take time for the other beasts in the pack to react and respond.

Therefore, Zhao Feng tried to use the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and merge his thoughts into the bodies of each beast.

He first tested it with a hundred beasts. Two hundred… three hundred… five hundred.

“Five hundred beasts is my limit.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly tired. He could only control five hundred beasts with this method. However, these five hundred beasts were like Zhao Feng’s limbs; they could move as he wished, and their offense and defense were both decided by him.

If the beast tamer knew how to use them wisely, five hundred King beasts would be able to trap at least ten Emperors.

Furthermore, all of Zhao Feng’s beasts were from the Imperial Tombs and had stronger battle-power than normal beasts.


The fight between the two Sky Shaking Golden Ape’s finally came to an end. It was obvious that Zhao Feng’s Sky Shaking Golden Ape had won.

Zhao Feng jumped out and put the other Sky Shaking Golden Ape into the Misty Spatial World while imprinting his Dark Heart Seal into it.

“I’m still lacking two Sky Shaking Golden Apes. I’ll be back soon.” Zhao Feng looked at the other members. Shi Yulei, Su Qingling, and the Ninth Prince were in a state of comprehension and not to be disturbed.

“That’s good.” Old Ying believed in Zhao Feng’s strength. His beast horde was already extremely terrifying. The Ninth Prince and company needed someone to protect them, so Old Ying would stay behind.

Zhao Feng’s left eye scanned over the area, and he avoided some beast packs as he headed toward a solo Sky Shaking Golden Ape.

“What are you following me for?” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Zhou Su’er behind him.

“Zhao Feng, I want to ask; when are you going to kill-”

Zhao Feng immediately shut her mouth before Zhou Su’er could finish speaking.

“You! What are you doing?” Zhou Su’er’s face went red as she struggled out of Zhao Feng’s hand and yelled in anger. No one of the opposite sex had ever touched her face or mouth. Was Zhao Feng purposely trying to take advantage of her?

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