King of Gods – Chapter 0962

Chapter 962: Who should we Attack?

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Although Zhao Feng didn’t understand the Crown Prince trial too well, he knew that the princes could use their pseudo Crown Prince Seal to connect to the Grand Imperial Hall and leave with all of their team members. Zhao Feng could feel that the pseudo Crown Prince Seal in the Ninth Prince’s possession contained complex arrays and abilities.

This meant that the Grand Imperial Hall had a strong control over this dimension.

“Everything we do here might be under the control of the Imperials,” Zhao Feng said through Spiritual Sense. Hearing this, Zhou Su’er instantly held her mouth with her hand and looked at Zhao Feng with some embarrassment. If what Zhao Feng said was true, then she might have almost gotten Zhao Feng killed just now.

The Great Gan Lord Dynasty was a powerhouse that ruled over eighteen provinces, including the Cang Ocean. No one could even joke about killing a prince. On top of that, the Thirteenth Prince was the prince that the current Sacred Emperor liked most right now.

“Go back. There might not be any time to rest later.”

Zhou Su’er would come into play when they were going to attack the city.

Zhao Feng didn’t blame Zhou Su’er. He didn’t expect that the Crown Prince trial would be a game like this. Killing the Thirteenth Prince would be almost impossible in this place.

Zhou Su’er wasn’t really interested in the Crown Prince trial and didn’t know too much about it either, but their actions caused a wave of discussion within the Great Gan Imperial Palace. The two were within range of the Ninth Prince’s seal, and their actions were displayed on the screen in the outside world.

“What’s the relationship between Princess Su’er and Zhao Feng?”

“Zhao Feng managed to trick an Imperial Princess?”

“Why would Princess Su’er like Zhao Feng?”

Many experts in the outside world were stunned. One had to know that, even though Zhou Su’er had left the Imperial Palace, she was still an Imperial Princess and had countless admirers.

“Good. It seems that brat likes someone else now.” The Thirteenth Prince’s uncle and some of the forces supporting the Thirteenth Prince were overjoyed. This meant that they didn’t need to think about how to get rid of Zhao Feng; as long as Zhao Yufei knew about this, she would definitely cut ties with Zhao Feng on her own.

“Zhao Feng is so talented….” In the Ninth Prince’s hall, Old Monster Xu was filled with admiration.

“Zhao Feng…? That’s impossible!” Duanmu Qing shook his head. This one little action couldn’t prove anything.

Although Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er’s actions surprised the forces and experts in the outside world, it quickly calmed down. What they cared about more was Zhao Feng’s strength.

Everyone in the outside world had seen the battle between Zhao Feng and Tie Lingyun in the inheritance. The shock of seeing the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline wasn’t any weaker than seeing the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline.

The strongest bloodlines of two families had appeared in the same era. Was this foreshadowing something?

The strength that Zhao Feng displayed also made the expressions of many forces turn colorful. For example, Nine Darkness Palace, the Tie Family, the Yu Family, and the forces within the Eighth Prince’s hall.

Apart from the scenes of attacking the cities, many people were paying attention to the Ninth Prince. After all, they had all seen the process of the Ninth Prince’s team taming beasts. They believed that the appearance of the Ninth Prince’s team would make this stage more interesting.

However, many Grandmaster Beast Tamers believed that Zhao Feng was only controlling the leaders of the beast packs and didn’t have a strong control over the beast packs themselves. That wouldn’t be enough against the older Grandmaster Beast Tamers.

At this moment, in front of the Eighth Prince’s city wall were the beasts and the battle specialists from both sides.

The Eighth Prince relied on the defensive array and could protect his team for now. Sacred Lord Hundred Refined and Yu Lenghua both had extreme battle-power; they stalled one Sacred Lord and several dozen Quasi-Sacred Lords.

Sacred Lord Lightning Tooth in the Fifth Prince’s team was also very strong for someone at the beginning stages of the Mystic Light Realm, but he wasn’t Yu Lenghua’s match.

“Dammit, if you’re so skilled, then come out and fight.” A Quasi-Sacred Lord from the Fifth Prince’s team swore.

The Eighth Prince’s team members just stood close to the edges of the defensive array and reduced the power of enemy attacks. When they had time to spare, they would occasionally kill the beasts below and reduce the pressure on Ji Bai.

On the other hand, the attackers needed to destroy the defensive array first before they could enter.

“Ji Bai, hold on. Just focus on defense.” The Eighth Prince was slightly worried as he looked at the sweating Ji Bai. After all, even though Ji Bai had the Purple Star Eyes and had become more skillful after entering the Heaven’s Legacy City, he was facing three beast tamers.

“Come help! This Yu Tianhao’s battle-power isn’t weaker than a normal Sacred Lord!” Two Quasi-Sacred Lords became more stunned the longer they fought Yu Tianhao. Yu Tianhao was only an Emperor and hadn’t even completely awakened the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline, and yet he could still suppress the two of them.

“What a unique Little World!” Two Emperors that saw Luo Zun’s Little World of Ice and Fire were shocked. Since the power of Little Worlds were heavily suppressed in the Imperial Tombs, hardly anyone used them.

“Come!” Luo Zun was filled with battle-intent. His Little World of Ice and Fire was only just formed before entering the Imperial Tombs. He then started to perfect it after entering the Imperial Tombs, so it was somewhat adapted to this dimension.

“Brother Second Prince, the situation isn’t looking good.” The Fifth Prince’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at the battle. While it seemed like they had the advantage, they actually didn’t.

“The strength of everyone in the Eighth Prince’s team has become stronger after entering the Heaven’s Legacy City.” The Second Prince’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the experts fighting in the air.

The members of the Eighth Prince’s team were stronger and had more potential.

“How about we fight as well?” The Twelfth Prince had an impatient expression, and he clenched his fists. Princes could use the draconic providence to increase their battle-power. If the three princes started to fight, the tide might turn.

“Wait for a bit first.” The Second Prince stood with his hands behind his back. There was still some time before the “attacking the city” stage ended. They couldn’t use their draconic providence so rashly.

The three princes decided to retreat after half a day. They couldn’t do anything against the Eighth Prince, who decided to only guard the city.

The three princes and their team members discussed what to do behind a giant rock.

“The critical point is the defensive array.”

“The Eighth Prince’s defensive array was bought from the Array Tower. It’s too strong.”

“We only have one array master. We can’t deal with it.”

Everyone found the critical point of this battle.

At this moment, four figures flew over. A fiery hot aura descended before entering the Heaven’s Legacy City in the eastern direction.

“That’s a group from the Fourth Prince’s team.”

“It’s the group led by Sacred Lord Tie Yunhuo.”

Everyone sighed after the surprise passed. Although the city that the Fourth Prince captured only had two groups guarding it, no one dared to attack them.

The three princes then made another plan. They would use the defense-type and power-type beasts to expend the energy of the defensive array. Only then would the array master be able to destroy the array.

The three princes then sent out their beast tamers and some battle members into areas that were densely packed with defense-type and power-type beasts in order to tame some.

Two days later, another group of people arrived at the four Heaven’s Legacy Cities, but they weren’t sent out by the three princes.

“The four Heaven’s Legacy Cities.” Shi Yulei was extremely excited.

“From the looks of it, only the Eighth Prince’s side has fought so far,” Old Ying looked down and said.

“Era of the Heaven’s Legacy Race….” Su Qingling’s cold expression changed slightly.

“It is indeed a Heaven’s Legacy City.” Joy and surprise flashed through Zhao Feng’s eyes.

Back at the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land, Zhao Feng had entered the hidden Heaven’s Legacy City in the bottom of the ocean. Zhao Feng had spent all his wealth back then but was still unsatisfied. He didn’t expect to see a Heaven’s Legacy City again. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile; he would probably be able to buy a lot with his current wealth.

“Ninth Prince.” The Second Prince started to think as he looked at the Ninth Prince.

“Second Prince, us three are enough to take down this Heaven’s Legacy City,” the Fifth Prince immediately said. He knew that the Second Prince was considering whether or not to team up with the Ninth Prince.

“Zhao Feng!” Xue Yuan and three other members from the Fifth Prince’s team called out. At the same time, an elder in white and three other members from the Twelfth Prince’s team also yelled out Zhao Feng’s name in frustration.

“Zhao Feng, Old Ying, and Jing Kai didn’t die!” The goateed elder and another member from the Second Prince’s team felt incredulous. All the groups that entered the Black Wind Canyon had lost several members, but Zhao Feng’s group had all survived.

“Xue Yuan, what is it?” the Fifth Prince asked.

“Your Highness, we met Zhao Feng in the Imperial Sky Inheritance after being kicked out by Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, and he extorted us for a Dragon Jade.” Xue Yuan’s face went red with embarrassment.

Hearing that, everyone in the Fifth Prince’s team that didn’t already know became angry.

Several Divine Senses scanned out from the four Heaven’s Legacy Cities.

“Zhao Feng!” Yu Tianhao flew to the top of the city wall as battle-intent surged from his eyes.

“Yu Tianhao, come back!” Yu Lenghua’s voice sounded in Yu Tianhao’s mind.

Yu Tianhao hesitated for a moment before stopping on the city wall. He knew that the Eighth Prince’s situation wasn’t very good, so he couldn’t just leave the Heaven’s Legacy City.

“If the Ninth Prince attacks us, leave Zhao Feng to me,” Yu Tianhao suddenly said.

The Eighth Prince and the other members all paused for a moment. They somehow felt like Yu Tianhao wanted the Ninth Prince to attack them.

The Ninth Prince’s team slowed down.

“Old Ying, who should we attack?” Shi Yulei asked and looked at the Eighth Prince’s city.

From the current situation, the Eighth Prince was already facing three princes and was in the most danger. There were no signs of battle at the other three Heaven’s Legacy Cities, so all of their strength was perfectly preserved.

“Shen Jizi, Zhao Feng, what do you think?” Old Ying asked after thinking for a moment.

Shen Jizi closed his eyes and started to calculate while Zhao Feng started to think as well.

“The Seventh Prince,” Zhao Feng and Shen Jizi said at the same time.

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