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Read 100% Love From The Boss zChapter 177 – You Screwed Me

100% Love From The Boss is a web novel created by Wu Mo Xi, 无墨兮.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 177 You Screwed Me

Hearing this news, Ling Tianyi’s face was gloomy, he clenched his fists tightly. Xia Xiaoluo was ignorant of his words, she went to find a job secretly. Didn’t he give her enough money? Or she had no sense of security again? Or she was afraid that he would abandon her so she was preparing for her future?

Ma Qianli didn’t hear Ling Tianyi’s answer. She was so nervous. But she didn’t dare to ask, just waiting for his answer with fear.

Ling Tianyi thought a lot then he said, “It’s all right if she is qualified. But don’t tell her that you called me.”

“She is qualified!” Ma Qianli said immediately. If Ling Tianyi agreed, she could only say that she was qualified. What was more, she was satisfied with Xia Xiaoluo’s good image and character.

“Okay! Please take care of her. I’ll talk to Manager Liu later.” Ling Tianyi hung up.

Ma Qianli was in cold sweat. Ling Tianyi would talk to Manager Liu just for a girl. Manager Liu was the boss of this Western Restaurant. It seemed that Xia Xiaoluo meant a lot to Ling Tianyi.

Ma Qianli sent a ma.s.sage to the Recruitment Manager, asking him to hire Xia Xiaoluo.

“Xia Xiaoluo, on behalf of our restaurant, I inform you that you are employed as a waitress formally. You can come to the restaurant to practice how to be a waitress at nine o’clock tomorrow. Any questions?” The Recruitment Manager asked. Ma Qianli was a Lobby Manager but she was familiar with the other senior managers. He had to listen to her words.

“No problem. I’ll come on time. Thank you!” Xia Xiaoluo was so excited.

Xia Xiaoluo left the Wessey Western Restaurant, then she called Dou Ya immediately. “Dou Ya, good news. I can return your money soon.”

“You win a lottery?” Dou Ya has just finished her cla.s.s. She was sleepy after having the cla.s.s of Marxist Philosophy this afternoon.

“I’m not that lucky. I found a job as a waitress in a Western Restaurant. The salary during the internship period is three thousand yuan a month. And I can get five thousand yuan when I am a formal staff. I will be rich!” Xia Xiaoluo said excitedly.

“Why don’t you introduce me this good job? You are so bad, Xiaoluo.” Dou Ya was so jealous when she heard the salary.

“The working time is long. I have to work twelve hours everyday.” Xia Xiaoluo sighed. She didn’t know how to tell Ling Tianyi.

“How about your study?” Dou Ya thought that it was not suitable for her, she could do it on summer vacation or winter vacation. Now she was preparing for the coming exams. It’s impossible to work for twelve hours everyday. She was a good student. She could do a part-time job, not a full-time job.

“I’m not you. I’m not good at study. I don’t understand what the teachers are saying even I am in the cla.s.sroom. I prefer to earn money.” Xia Xiaoluo didn’t want to be a bad student. However, she didn’t like studying. She had no choice.

“You! I don’t know what to say about you.” Dou Ya sighed. “Are you free now? How about treating me a dinner? You are going to be rich.”

“I haven’t work yet and I have no salary now. But I can treat you with my husband’s money.” Xia Xiaoluo thought that they haven’t had dinner together for a long time. It’s not too late now. Ling Tianyi usually went home after work at half past six. They could have dinner together.

“How about the hot pot? It’s cold today.” Dou Ya said.

“We may have adult acne. And it will cost us a long time. Can you order another menu?” Xia Xiaoluo thought that it would take them at least two hours, her clothes would be smelly. Ling Tianyi would know what she did.

“Nonsense! I want to eat hot pot today. Go with me?” Dou Ya said deliberately.

“Okay. Let’s eat hot pot today. I’ll accompany you, a girl who isn’t afraid of having adult acne.” Xia Xiaoluo said.

“I will wait for you at Lao Zhang’s Hot Pot near our senior high school. See you at six o’clock.” Dou Ya said hurriedly.

“Okay.” Xia Xiaoluo answered but she was worried about how to tell Ling Tianyi.

Xia Xiaoluo hung up. When she was going to call Ling Tianyi, her phone rang. It was Ling Tianyi. “Darling, do you stay at home today?”

“I…Yes, I do…”Xia Xiaoluo said.

“Good girl.” Ling Tianyi praised her unwillingly. In fact, he heard the noise of the traffic.

“I have an appointment with my friend tonight. I may come home late. I’ll order a take-out for you so you can stay at home.” Ling Tianyi said gently. He didn’t like her lying to him. He hates it.

“Darling, don’t order take-out for me.” Xia Xiaoluo said hurriedly.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ling Tianyi asked.

“Darling! Dou Ya invites me to eat hot pot. I want to go. So… may I … may I go with her?” Xia Xiaoluo asked cautiously.

“Only you two? No other boys?” Ling Tianyi asked sensitively.

“Absolutely not. Only Dou Ya and I. I swear.” Xia Xiaoluo said hurriedly. She told the truth, so she said confidently.

“Okay. Don’t be too late. Call me if it’s late. I will arrange someone to pick you up if I am busy. Safety is the most important thing!” Ling Tianyi said. He checked the address of the restaurant repeatedly, and then hung up.

Xia Xiaoluo was happy now. She was employed by the Western Restaurant and she could have dinner with Dou Ya. She forgot all the troubles now.

Xia Xiaoluo arrived at Lao Zhang’s Hot Pot earlier than Dou Ya. She ordered a spicy soup base and some dishes they liked. She sat on the chair, drinking water and waiting for Dou Ya.

Dou Ya came with Ouyang Ziqian.

“Xiaoluo, do you mind my having dinner with you?” Ouyang Ziqian asked gently as usual. He always made others feel warm.

“Of course, Ouyang senior. Which dish do you like? I will treat you today.” Xia Xiaoluo said and handed the menu to Ouyang Ziqian. But she was anxious. She promised Ling Tianyi that there was no boy. But now there was a male cla.s.smate, Ouyang Ziqian. Ling Tianyi hated him most. If Ling Tianyi knew it, she would be punished.

Xia Xiaoluo winked at Dou Ya. Dou Ya knew what Xia Xiaoluo meant. She said, “I met Ouyang senior at the school gate. He didn’t have dinner, so I invite him. We will be happier then.”

“You screwed me!” Xia Xiaoluo murmured. She just said to herself.

“What are you talking about?” Dou Ya asked.

“Nothing. Let’s order something! I’m hungry. I wish I could eat something right now.” Xia Xiaoluo said. She thought that they must eat quickly and leave early, for fear that Ling Tianyi would come to pick her up. That would be a big trouble.

Although Xia Xiaoluo was anxious, she did not forget to match Ouyang Ziqian and Dou Ya. During the meal, Xia Xiaoluo praised Dou Ya and Ouyang Ziqian again and again. Dou Ya was very happy, but Ouyang Ziqian always smiled. n.o.body knew what he was thinking about.

While Xia Xiaoluo was eating and playing in the hot pot restaurant, Ling Tianyi and Manager Liu of Wessey Western Restaurant were having dinner in a luxury hotel.

“Manager Ling, why are you interested in my Western Restaurant?” Manager Liu smiled and asked. Although Manager Liu was powerful in A City, but Ling Tianyi was more powerful. He still respected Ling Tianyi, though Ling Tianyi was at least ten years younger than him.

“Manager Liu, you have so many Western Restaurants and you also have business in real estate, shipping, supermarket chains and so on. The Wessey Western Restaurant won’t affect the development of your business if you sell it to me. Moreover, if you do me a favor, I will help you in the future.” Ling Tianyi was very confident of the acquisition of Wessey Western Restaurant. He thought Manager Liu would agree with him and the price he offered was high enough.

“Manager Ling likes the restaurant. That’s good. I am generous, too. Since you like it, I am willing to sell it to you. Wessey Western Restaurant is yours.” Manager Liu said. Ling Tianyi said that he owed him a favor, so he would help him in the future. He would not miss the opportunity. It was a great thing to obtain the support of Ling Tianyi and Huasheng Group in A City.

“Manager Liu is really outright! Tomorrow I’ll ask the a.s.sistant and the lawyer to deal with it together. I hope we can cooperate happily!” Ling Tianyi said, cheering with Manager Liu. It was settled.

Ling Tianyi planned to ask Manager Liu to take care of Xia Xiaoluo at the beginning. But after thinking about it, he preferred to buy the Wessey Western Restaurant rather than handing over Xia Xiaoluo to someone else. He arranged her job personally, so that she could enjoy the pleasure of earning money. At the same time, he could keep her away from the men in the restaurant.

When Ling Tianyi made the purchase, he wanted to pick Xia Xiaoluo up from the hot pot restaurant. “Manager Liu, I have ordered a VIP room in Haitian Entertainment City. My a.s.sistant will accompany you to relax. I have something to do, so I go first.”


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